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12 Jan. 1972
A Little Plot at Tranquil Valley
A very successful mortician has a sideline robbing legitimate drug shipments--he waters them down and puts them in caskets destined for South America. Usually, his two squabbling associates carry out the robberies, but this time he's convinced by his wife to include her dull-witted brother, who goes on a daylight heist and murders a security guard. The associates kidnap McCloud at the Statue of Liberty and hold him for ransom in exchange for the brother.
2 Feb. 1972
Fifth Man in a String Quartet
A former student (Rick Weaver in the first of five annual appearances) is accused of the fatal stabbing of his ex-violin teacher, but the murder was actually a hit -- a "reformed" mobster and his lawyer, ambitious for political office, are trying to smoke out the violinist's identical twin brother, a thug with almost no redeeming qualities, to waste him before he goes honest and spills the beans about other crimes.
23 Feb. 1972
Give My Regrets to Broadway
When a police patrol officer is killed in a grenade ambush, McCloud finds out the cop was using blackmail -- including a Broadway theatrical producer to advance the career of his daughter.
1 Oct. 1972
The New Mexican Connection
When McCloud, on stakeout at a grocery store, spots a suspect in a three-year-old Taos bank robbery-bombing and arrests him, the thief's accomplices pull every trick in the book to spring or kill the robber.
3 Dec. 1972
The Barefoot Stewardess Caper
Flight attendants on the European beat assemble a jewelry collection by stealing it piecemeal, and murdering anyone who stands in their way.
24 Dec. 1972
The Park Avenue Rustlers
McCloud and an undercover policewoman infiltrate a huge ring of car thieves and chop shops.

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