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Season 7

24 Oct. 1976
Bonnie and McCloud
When Bonnie Foster shoots her ex-boyfriend, the boss of a trucking company, and flees to Oklahoma with McCloud, the trucking company's goons send an entire fleet after them along with numerous Oklahoma state troopers eager to avenge the goons' murder of a cop.
26 Dec. 1976
'Twas the Fight Before Christmas...
The final "Alamo" episode is set during the Christmas holidays, as McCloud helps a suicidal woman on a window ledge, deals with a psychotic stalker, and tries to rescue "Santa" Clifford and Chris, who are held hostage in a children's ward at a hospital by three drug thieves.
16 Jan. 1977
The Great Taxicab Stampede
Framed for killing a taxicab driver -- actually, the driver's boss, who is being investigated by the police for drug trafficking, did it-- McCloud must deal with the victim's Israeli Army sister, who's coming after him with a gun.
23 Jan. 1977
The Moscow Connection
When a country-singing buddy of McCloud's freaks out and nearly kills a woman just before a scheduled trip to Russia, McCloud and Clifford accompany him to Moscow, hoping both to nab Russian mafiya drug pushers and help a scientist and his daughter -- who's involved in the heroin ring -- defect.
6 Mar. 1977
London Bridges
Lord Charles Bridges, a noble cat burglar, swipes his party host's prize ring and hides on a balcony just in time to witness the owner's murder; on inspecting the ring, he discovers it contains microfilm plans of Buckingham Palace and places where Irish terrorists plan to plant bombs on the Queen's birthday.
17 Apr. 1977
McCloud Meets Dracula
While trying to get on a squad tracking down a sniper (which he ultimately does, by accident), McCloud happens onto a series of murder scenes where the victims' blood was drained from them through bite marks in the neck, leading him to a retired horror-film actor who seems to live as Dracula.

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