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6 Jan. 1973
Lou's Place
Lou buys a friendly little bar, a lifelong dream. He comes to realize, though, that he might not have the right personality to be a friendly little-bar owner.
13 Jan. 1973
My Brother's Keeper
Phyllis's beloved brother Ben comes to town for a visit and, much to her dismay, hits it off not with Mary but with Rhoda.
20 Jan. 1973
The Georgette Story
Mary and Rhoda give Georgette some sisterly advice when Ted starts taking her for granted.
27 Jan. 1973
Romeo and Mary
One rotten date turns into extended agony and embarrassment for Mary when the boorish clown just won't give up.
3 Feb. 1973
What Do You Do When the Boss Says 'I Love You'
WJM has yet another new program director, but this time it's a woman. And she's got a crush on Lou.
10 Feb. 1973
Murray Faces Life
Murray falls into a major funk when an old schoolmate of his wins the Pulitzer Prize. His workmates, even Ted, try to make him appreciate the life he has.
17 Feb. 1973
Remembrance of Things Past
The one man capable of breaking Mary's heart shows up in Minneapolis, and Mary is very reluctant to see him.
24 Feb. 1973
Put on a Happy Face
A stained dress, a sprained foot, a bad cold, and a hair bump -- what else is going to wrong for Mary before the annual Teddy Awards banquet?
3 Mar. 1973
Mary Richards and the Incredible Plant Lady
Mary lends money to Rhoda so she can open a plant store, but when the store takes off, Rhoda doesn't seem anxious about paying the money back.
15 Sep. 1973
The Lars Affair
Phyllis struggles to accept the idea that her husband, Lars, might be having an affair with the saccharine Sue Ann Nivens, WJM's Happy Homemaker.
22 Sep. 1973
Angels in the Snow
Mary thinks there's nothing wrong about dating a younger man, but her friends and co-workers think otherwise.
29 Sep. 1973
Rhoda's Sister Gets Married
When Rhoda takes Mary along to her younger sister's wedding in New York, both of them have to cope with Rhoda's overbearing parents.
6 Oct. 1973
The Lou and Edie Story
The newsroom rallies around Lou when he tells them about his troubles at home -- he and his wife are seeing a marriage counselor.
13 Oct. 1973
Hi There, Sports Fans
Mary asks for more responsibility and Mr. Grant gives it to her: hire a new sportscaster, and fire the old one.
20 Oct. 1973
Father's Day
Ted's long-lost father has come to Minneaoplis, and Ted doesn't want to see him.
27 Oct. 1973
Son of 'But Seriously, Folks'
When Mary's old beau Wes Callison takes a job in WJM's newsroom, she worries that his feelings for her will interfere with their jobs. And they do.
3 Nov. 1973
Lou's First Date
Mary finds Lou a date for the broadcasters' dinner, but she's not anything like what Lou was expecting.
10 Nov. 1973
Love Blooms at Hemples
Mary cautions Rhoda about taking her new relationship too fast. But Rhoda's not inclined to listen to advice.
17 Nov. 1973
The Dinner Party
It's time for another one of Mary's dinner parties. She has six chairs at her dining-room table and exactly six portions of veal Prince Orloff.
24 Nov. 1973
Just Friends
Sent by Mr. Grant on a surveillance mission, Mary returns from his estranged wife's apartment with a dinner invitation for him.
1 Dec. 1973
We Want Baxter
Against everyone's better judgment, Phyllis taps Ted Baxter to run in the city council primary.
8 Dec. 1973
I Gave at the Office
Murray remains blind to his daughter's shortcomings when she's hired to help out in the newsroom.
15 Dec. 1973
Almost a Nun's Story
Frustrated by Ted's errant ways, Georgette decides to live it up. And then she decides to become a nun.
22 Dec. 1973
Happy Birthday, Lou!
Worried that Mr Grant will be alone on his first birthday separated from his wife, Mary throws together a surprise party for him.

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