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1 Jan. 1972
The Five-Minute Dress
Mary's new love interest, an assistant to the governor, keeps breaking their dates.
8 Jan. 1972
Mary feels so guilty for getting an incompetent waitress fired that she gets her a job in the newsroom.
15 Jan. 1972
The Slaughter Affair
Murray's been moonlighting to earn extra money for a special anniversary gift, but his lack of sleep is starting to affect his performance in the newsroom.
22 Jan. 1972
Baby Sit-Com
Mary's committed to watching Bess over the weekend, so when an old flame unexpectedly comes to town, she turns to an unlikely baby-sitter - Mr Grant.
29 Jan. 1972
More Than Neighbors
There's a vacant apartment in Mary's building, and Ted wants to move into it.
5 Feb. 1972
The Care and Feeding of Parents
Pressured by Phyllis, Mary reluctantly agrees to ask the publishing company in her office building to consider Bess's school composition for "Teen Topics' magazine.
12 Feb. 1972
Where There's Smoke, There's Rhoda
A friendship is put to the test when Rhoda temporarily moves in with Mary.
19 Feb. 1972
You Certainly Are a Big Boy
Mary knew the architect she's interested in had a son, but she didn't know the son's all grown up.
26 Feb. 1972
Some of My Best Friends Are Rhoda
Mary's new friend, Joanne, is attractive, successful, polished...but she doesn't seem to take to Rhoda.
4 Mar. 1972
His Two Right Arms
Mary helps the staff of a incompetent councilman prepare for his appearance on WJM's "Face the People" show.
16 Sep. 1972
The Good-Time News
Mary and Mr. Grant stand off over her salary and over WJM's new, informal news format -- she's for it, he's not.
23 Sep. 1972
What Is Mary Richards Really Like?
Mary may live to regret agreeing to be interviewed by a hypercritical newspaper columnist.
30 Sep. 1972
Who's in Charge Here?
When Lou is promoted to program manager, Mary has to decide whether she wants to be promoted to producer.
7 Oct. 1972
Enter Rhoda's Parents
Rhoda's parents' visit takes a left turn when Rhoda's suspicious mother, Ida, walks out on her her husband, Martin - to make him 'happy'.
14 Oct. 1972
It's Whether You Win or Lose
Murray doesn't seem interested in joining the poker game that Mary's arranging for the guys.
21 Oct. 1972
Rhoda the Beautiful
A slimmed-down Rhoda is selected as a contestant for her store's beauty contest, but she's having trouble accepting her new attractive self.
28 Oct. 1972
Just Around the Corner
Mary finds herself to be less than overjoyed about her parents' moving to Minneapolis.
4 Nov. 1972
But Seriously, Folks
Mary tries to be supportive when her new boyfriend quits his job writing for Chuckles the Clown.
11 Nov. 1972
Farmer Ted and the News
Ted may have outsmarted Lou when he convinces him to strike the clause from his contract which forbids him from doing outside work; things like movies and Broadway. And cheesy commercials.
18 Nov. 1972
Have I Found a Guy for You
Mary's thinks her friends the Fosters are the perfect couple. When they split up, Mary wonders what the rules are about dating Jack Foster.
25 Nov. 1972
You've Got a Friend
When Mary decides that her retired father needs a friend, she tries to pair him up with Mr. Grant.
2 Dec. 1972
It Was Fascination, I Know
Mary's latest admirer is younger than she is...a lot, lot younger. And Mary must find a way to let him down gently.
9 Dec. 1972
Operation: Lou
With Lou in the hospital, Mary and Murray are at odds in the newsroom; meanwhile, Ted's thoughtful behavior has Lou reconsidering his opinion of the buffoonish anchorman.
16 Dec. 1972
Rhoda Morgenstern: Minneapolis to New York
Rhoda is offered a job at Bloomingdale's in New York City, and much to Mary's surprise, she accepts it.
23 Dec. 1972
The Courtship of Mary's Father's Daughter
Mary runs into her old journalism teacher, and boyfriend, Dan Whitfield. Things get complicated when Mary and Rhoda show up at his engagement party.

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