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2 Jan. 1971
Howard's Girl
Mary's budding romance with Paul Arnell hits a roadblock -- Paul's parents, who insist that Mary belongs with their favorite son, Howard.
9 Jan. 1971
Party Is Such Sweet Sorrow
Mary is offered a job to produce her own show at another television station.
16 Jan. 1971
Just a Lunch
A globe-trotting journalist returns to WJM and catches Mary's eye, but she can't see beyond the fact that he's still married.
23 Jan. 1971
Second Story Story
Mary's apartment is burglarized, twice.
30 Jan. 1971
We Closed in Minneapolis
Frustrated playwright Murray has his play accepted by the Twin Cities Playhouse, and Ted and Mary join the cast.
6 Feb. 1971
In the hospital for a tonsillectomy, Mary must share a room with a very grumpy patient.
13 Feb. 1971
The Boss Isn't Coming to Dinner
Mary discovers the real reason Mr. Grant has been turning down her dinner invitations -- he and his wife have separated.
20 Feb. 1971
A Friend in Deed
A forgotten pal from summer camp turns up as WJM's new receptionist and wants to be Mary's best friend again.
27 Feb. 1971
Smokey the Bear Wants You
Rhoda's generous new boyfriend has no apparent source of income, and Mary grows suspicious.
6 Mar. 1971
The 45-Year-Old Man
To get Mr. Grant back his job, Mary pays a visit to the outrageous station owner, Wild Jack Monroe.
18 Sep. 1971
The Birds... and... um... Bess
Mary agrees to explain the "facts of life" to Phyllis's daughter, Bess.
25 Sep. 1971
I Am Curious Cooper
Lou breaks his "not fixing people up with Mike Cooper" rule and sets up Mary with his best friend. But there's no chemistry.
2 Oct. 1971
He's No Heavy... He's My Brother
Mary and Rhoda live to regret allowing a waiter arrange for their Mexican hotel accommodations when he asks them to deliver a mysterious package.
9 Oct. 1971
Room 223
Frustrated with her lack of progress at WJM, Mary decides to sharpen her skills with a class in television journalism. Naturally, she catches the teacher's eye.
16 Oct. 1971
A Girl's Best Mother Is Not Her Friend
Rhoda's visiting mother decides to become Rhoda's "friend."
23 Oct. 1971
Cover Boy
Ted receives a visit from his super-competitive brother, a male model.
30 Oct. 1971
Didn't You Used to Be... Wait... Don't Tell Me
Assuming that the relentless Howard Arnell won't be going, Mary decides to attend a high-school reunion, and Rhoda comes along.
6 Nov. 1971
Thoroughly Unmilitant Mary
The television newswriters union goes on strike, other guilds and unions follow, and Mary has to cross the picket line.
13 Nov. 1971
And Now, Sitting in for Ted Baxter
Not without reason, Ted is worried that his mandatory vacation might become a permanent one.
20 Nov. 1971
Don't Break the Chain
Mary conjures up a few men from her past when she reluctantly continues Mr. Grant's chain letter.
27 Nov. 1971
The Six-and-a-Half-Year Itch
Lou catches his favorite son-in-law at a movie theater with another woman.
4 Dec. 1971
Is a Friend in Need
Rhoda's not having much luck finding a new job, and Mary lies to her about an opening at WJM.
11 Dec. 1971
The Square-Shaped Room
Mary arranges for Rhoda to redecorate Mr. Grant's living room.
18 Dec. 1971
Ted Over Heels
Ted is in love, with the daughter of Chuckles the Clown.

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