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Season 6

13 Sep. 1975
Edie Gets Married
Lou has to face the fact that is ex-wife Edie is getting married.
20 Sep. 1975
Mary Moves Out
Looking for a change in her life, Mary moves to another apartment.
27 Sep. 1975
Mary's Father
While Mary is working with a priest, he announces that he is leaving the priesthood. Is it because of Mary?
4 Oct. 1975
Murray in Love
Murray wants to confess to Mary that he loves her.
11 Oct. 1975
Ted's Moment of Glory
Ted is tempted with an offer to host a game show in New York City. Do Mary and Lou really want to see him go?
18 Oct. 1975
Mary's Aunt
Mary's Aunt Flo a hard-nosed famous newswoman flies into town and rubs Lou the wrong way.
25 Oct. 1975
Chuckles Bites the Dust
Mary thinks that the death of Chuckles the Clown is nothing to laugh about--until she attends the funeral.
1 Nov. 1975
Mary's Delinquent
Mary adopts a teen-aged shoplifter as a little sister. Sue Ann does the same adopting a black teenager which influences her in a major way.
8 Nov. 1975
Ted's Wedding
Ted and Georgette get married in Mary's apartment on an hour's notice.
15 Nov. 1975
Lou Douses an Old Flame
Lou runs into a woman who sent him a "Dear John" letter during World War II.
22 Nov. 1975
Mary Richards Falls in Love
Mary is in love and wants to hear the same from her boyfriend.
29 Nov. 1975
Ted's Tax Refund
Ted Baxter is being audited by the I.R.S.
6 Dec. 1975
The Happy Homemaker Takes Lou Home
Mary sets up a blind date for Lou with Sue Ann Nivens.
13 Dec. 1975
One Boyfriend Too Many
Mary has to choose between her current boyfriend and an old flame that returns to town.
20 Dec. 1975
What Do You Want to Do When You Produce?
When SueAnn needs a new producer, for her show, the Happy Homemaker, Murray jumps at it - thinking a chance to 'step up,' and a salary increase. Only after agreeing, does he find out working for SueAnn who wants him to call her 'Miss Nivens,' is a step down.
3 Jan. 1976
Not with My Wife, I Don't
Ted won't see a marriage counselor unless Lou goes with him.
10 Jan. 1976
The Seminar
At a seminar in Washington Lou tries to impress Mary with all his former contacts that just don't seem to exist anymore. Betty Ford makes a cameo.
17 Jan. 1976
Once I Had a Secret Love
Lou spends the night with Sue Ann and Mary can't keep the secret.
24 Jan. 1976
Lou is putout when his old girlfriend shows up at Mary's party with a date. He then quickly asks out Mary's neighbor Paula.
31 Jan. 1976
Murray Takes a Stand
Murray gets fired when he stands up to the policies of the new station owner.
7 Feb. 1976
Mary's Aunt Returns
Mary is at odds with Lou over a public television documentary.
21 Feb. 1976
A Reliable Source
Mary threatens an old friend with revealing a secret when he decides to run for office.
28 Feb. 1976
Sue Ann Falls in Love
Sue Ann falls in love with a jerk.
6 Mar. 1976
Ted and the Kid
Ted and Georgette adopted after they are told they can't have children. Then Georgette makes a startling announcement.

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