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Season 2

7 Oct. 1971
The Engagement
A 2am phone call from Beryl to Geoffrey means a lot more to Beryl than Geoffrey and leads to an argument in a record shop. They decide to call it all off. However, they decide that they are right for each other and decide to get engaged.
14 Oct. 1971
Breaking It Off
Geoffrey is having second thoughts about the engagement and looks for a way out. However, it is not easy when the engagement is advertised in the paper and Beryl's mum is organising an engagement party.
21 Oct. 1971
The Birthday
After Beryl has broken off the engagement, she seems particularly happy. However, Geoffrey is not happy and realises that he misses her. He tries to get the engagement back on.
28 Oct. 1971
A Joint Bank Account
The engagement is back on and Beryl becomes frugal as she starts saving for the future. It culminates when she wants to open a joint bank account. The idea of sharing his wages becomes a stumbling block for Geoffrey.
4 Nov. 1971
The Better Homes Exhibition
Going to the Better Homes Exhibition was not uppermost in Geoffrey's mind when Beryl takes him there. And the thought of buying a house along with all the furnishings starts to make Geoffrey wonder if he is doing the right thing.
11 Nov. 1971
A Trial Marriage
Beryl's mum is away for the night, Geoffrey deliberately misses the last bus and does his best to persuade Beryl to have a one night trial marriage. However, she is one step ahead of him and has organised a chaperone.
18 Nov. 1971
The Best Laid Plans
The pressure's building on Geoffrey as the wedding gets closer. A possibility of a year-long promotion away from Manchester offers him hope. Beryl has other ideas but wants him to take the job to further his career.

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