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1 Jan. 1970
There's No Business Like Snow Business
The members of C.H.U.M.P. hatch a plan to steal the $3 Million Star of Karachi Diamond. It's up to Lance and Mata to stop them at the Big Mountain Ski Resort.
8 Jan. 1970
The Lone A.P.E./Missile Beach Party
Lance and Mata attempt to foil a chicken rustling scheme planned by the Baron, Creto and the dreaded Bonana Bunch. The Baron and Dr. Strangemind are secretly launching missiles at a beach and making them explode in flight.
15 Jan. 1970
The Mysterious Motorcycle Menace/The Great Beauty Contest
A motorcycle gang working for C.H.U.M.P. is stealing A.P.E.'s payroll money. The Miss Globe Beauty Contest is taking place and one contestant considers defecting from her home country and moving to America. But the Baron has his own plans.
5 Feb. 1970
Lance of Arabia/The Doctor Goes A.P.E.
Lance and Mata both set out to rescue Prof. Sir Reginal Ressis, archaeologist and A.P.E. agent on assignment to discover the hiding place of CHUMPs ill-gotten horde of gold. But CHUMP gets word of this and sends all their Agents to kidnap him. CHUMP has taken pictures of all their agents and it's up to Lance and Mata, disguised as doctors, to steal the microfilm from Dr. Strangemind.,
12 Feb. 1970
The Surfin' Spy/The Missing Link
Lance has been posing as a lifeguard to aid in figuring out how Spy Dragon Lady and Wang Foo are smuggling silver into the country. Lance begins to worry that his Uncle Mortimer may have met with foul play when it takes longer then it should for his arrival and they find his briefcase.
19 Feb. 1970
Bonana/The Greatest Chase in the World
Lance and Mata go undercover at a dude ranch to foil the Baron's latest plan to take over the world, then go on a great chase all over the world to try to catch the Baron and his cohorts.
26 Feb. 1970
The Reluctant Robot/The Royal Foil
C.H.U.M.P's Dr. Strangemind has invented a robot to kill A.P.E. secret agent Lance, but it turns out to be defective. A visiting King who is in the country for a medical procedure is under protection of Lance and Mata.
3 Mar. 1970
The Great Great Race/The Great Plane Plot
A.P.E. challenges C.H.U.M.P. to an automobile race. Mata goes undercover as an airplane stewardess to stop the Dragon Lady from kidnapping a foreign dignitary.
11 Mar. 1970
Landlubber Lance/The Temporary Thanksgiving Turkey Truce
To foil the Dragon Lady's plan to kidnap Commander Darwin Lance goes undercover as a sailor on her boat. Lance goes on the hunt for secret microfilm on Thanksgiving.
18 Mar. 1970
The Dreaded Hong Kong Sneeze/The Great Bank Robbery
The Baron plans to infect the world with an Asian virus called the Dreaded Hong Kong Sneeze. Lance decides to steal the money back from Bank Robbers
25 Mar. 1970
The Golden Sword/The Chilling CHUMP Chase
A.P.E. discovers that C.H.U.M.P. Agents plans to steal a sword that is an Arabian country's symbol of authority. A.P.E. Agents Lance and Mata sneak into C.H.U.M.P. Head Quarters to retrieve nuclear power pills stolen by the Baron.
8 Apr. 1970
The Chump Code Caper
C.H.U.M.P. agents discover that Lance and Mata's band "The Evolution Revolution are transmitting coded messages to other A.P.E. agents. Lance and Mata must destroy Dr. Strangemind's latest invention, a machine that control the weather.
15 Apr. 1970
The Evolution Revolution/The Great Water Robbery
C.H.U.M.P. has just deciphered the secret coded messages to other A.P.E. agents in the music of Lance and Mata's rock band "The Evolution Revolution." Holding the city's water supply hostage C.H.U.M.P. demands a huge ransom to be paid.


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