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Season 2

16 Sep. 1971
Episode #2.1
Flip enlists everyone in a Peanuts parody. Ed Sullivan surprises everyone by crooning "Strangers in the Night." Flip's Geraldine is a rival carhop who tangles with Lucille Ball over the affections of Ed.
23 Sep. 1971
Episode #2.2
Flip starts with a shell game con on George Gobel and Joan Rivers, then Joan is a cabbie with Flip as passenger. Flip and George do a corn pone duet then Mahalia Jackson inspires with a gospel number.
30 Sep. 1971
Episode #2.3
Flip mentions some of his stories don't make it on air. Stevid Wonder accompanies himself on the piano on several songs. Flip as Freddie crashes a opera attended by highbrow types Raymond Burr and Ruth Gordon.
7 Oct. 1971
Episode #2.4
Flips gives advice to a confused Tim in a sketch. Then as Geraldine, Flip is the new secretary in Tim's office, upsetting an uptight Ruth Buzzi.
14 Oct. 1971
Episode #2.5
Flip is a ice cream salesman serving the Boone family, George Carlin and legend Sugar Ray Robinson. Flip and George report wacky news items. The guests spoof To Tell The Truth with Pat, Flip and Ray all claim to be the boxing great.
21 Oct. 1971
Episode #2.6
Flip and David Frost discuss interview techniques. The Supremes harmonize on "Stoned Love" and "We've Only Just Begun." Ventriloquist Willie Tyler entertains with his dummy Lester.
28 Oct. 1971
Episode #2.7
Flip tries to warn Melba, an innocent South Carolina girl, about the dangers of visiting the big city. Tom and Dick Smothers do their comedy routine in between songs, accompanying themselves on the banjo and bass fiddle.
4 Nov. 1971
Episode #2.8
Flip interviews Dr. David Reuben on his best selling sex book. Lily is a shopper in a hurry who enters Flip's grocery store where a discussion slows her down. The Jackson Five perform a medley with energetic dancing.
11 Nov. 1971
Episode #2.9
Kermit the Frog claims to be Flip, telling Diahann Carroll a kiss will turn him back. Diahann sings "I Feel the Earth Move." Flip and Dom compete for the same work position. Flip and some Muppets perform "I'd Do Anything."
18 Nov. 1971
Episode #2.10
Flip and Andy Griffith are firefighters who can't prevent the burning of Tim Conway's possessions. Clara Ward and her singers perform a medley of Gospel hymns. Tim attempts to sell Flip a very pricey car.
25 Nov. 1971
Episode #2.11
Flip and Carl Reiner get economic advice from Sid Caesar's professor. Flip joins Lena Horne in a duet. Flip overhears Lena rehearsing and thinks she needs rescuing but is confused when a real burglar Sid shows up.
9 Dec. 1971
Episode #2.12
Flip's guest Phyllis Diller opens with her standup routine. Flip is a pilot about to sent on a dangerous flight by his boss Tony Randall. Classic baritone Billy Eckstine is joined in a medley of classic tunes by Flip, Tony, and Phyllis.
16 Dec. 1971
Episode #2.13
Flip and Redd trade comedy tips in an one upmanship fashion. Flip, Petula, Roy, and Redd join in performing "Let's Fall in Love" in an old English madrigal style with updated lyrics.
23 Dec. 1971
Episode #2.14
Flip is a bookstore owner who deals with oddball customer Marty Feldman. Flip joins Jimmy Osmond is an old English song "Pitch a Penny." Marty sets up diner owner Flip on a date with Melba Moore.
30 Dec. 1971
Episode #2.15
Flip explains how TV works with Carol and David's help. Carol sings "The One Who Done Me Wrong." Flip, Carol, and David are Cold War Spies. The Modern Jazz Quartet sets a mood with a hip number.
6 Jan. 1972
Episode #2.16
Flip is a returning astronaut who needs sex explained to him by Dan Blocker. Flip, as Reverend Leroy, clarifies contest rules to his congregational ladies. Ray Charles has a unique interpretation of "Look What They've Done to My Song."
13 Jan. 1972
Episode #2.17
Flip opens with a funny story about prison phone calls. Flip is then a stand up comedian and Redd Foxx a heckler. Tim Conway teaches a class on caring for babies to Flip and Bobby Darin.
20 Jan. 1972
Episode #2.18
Flip cracks up Dom DeLuise selling him ice cream, George Carlin and Aretha Franklin are also customers. Aretha sings "Rock Steady" with her backup singers. Unconventional reporters Flip and George relay unusual news.
27 Jan. 1972
Episode #2.19
Flip is Marvin looking forward to a romantic evening when Jim Brown shows up as an overprotective brother. Jim also meets Geraldine when she delivers his chicken bucket. Johnny Cash sings "Me and Bobby McGee."
3 Feb. 1972
Episode #2.20
Flip interferes with his friend Phil Silver's seduction of Barbara Feldon. Flip attempts to direct temperamental star Barbara in a soup commercial. B.B. King does the tune "Ain't Nobody Home" in his unique style.
10 Feb. 1972
Episode #2.21
Flip and Sandy Duncan play with Flip's invisible dog. Flip starts a song but Slappy takes over. Sandy solos "Inchworm" then Jim Nabors joins the rest for "Anything Goes." Flip shares a funny ghost story about his friend Deke.
17 Feb. 1972
Episode #2.22
Flip pays tribute to cows and milk then is joined by Roy Clark in "Walking the Floor Over You." Anne Meara is a nice Irish girl meeting a suitable Jerry Stiller, who's Jewish. Barbara McNair joins Flip, Anne, and Jerry in singing "It's De-Lovely."
24 Feb. 1972
Episode #2.23
Flip unites with George Carlin to create their newscasters presenting unique news. Flip is taught a new card game by George and Joe Namath. George and Joe host a fashion show with Flip's Geraldine as one of the contestants.
2 Mar. 1972
Episode #2.24
Flip becomes Marvin who joins with Sammy Davis Jr. to run their own car rental business. Sammy sings and dances Mr. Bojangles. Ed McMahon tries to fix things between Flip and Sammy, a former entertainment duo.
9 Mar. 1972
Episode #2.25
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16 Mar. 1972
Episode #2.26
Guests: Bing Crosby, Melba Moore and Tim Conway. Crosby performs "Personality" and Moore does "Never Can Say Goodbye."

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