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Season 1

23 Sep. 1970
Murder by Proxy
A famous race car driver and his car are fished out of the ocean after he drove into the drink while driving recklessly. The cause of death, however, was a bullet to the head. Dan investigates the murder and discovers an insidious plot where a retarded man was tricked into committing the crime.
30 Sep. 1970
The Murder of a Small Town
A sabotaged school bus is involved in an accident that kills Rivera's niece. Dan wonders if a migrant worker's strike is connected.
7 Oct. 1970
Love Is a Nickel Bag
A teenage boy fatally overdoses at a wild party. In order to find the drug supplier, Dan 'sweats out' the heroin-addicted host of the party in an attempt to gain information.
14 Oct. 1970
The King Is Dead
The philanthropist who put Dan through college is found shot to death, and Dan doesn't buy the 'scared burglar' theory.
21 Oct. 1970
In the Eyes of God
Dan and the department must investigate a murder at a church, and a former priest is the prime suspect because he refuses to reveal everything he knows about what happened.
28 Oct. 1970
The Color of Fury
Dan tries to help a black activist accused of the murder of a councilman's sister.
4 Nov. 1970
Invitation to Murder
The spoiled brat of a daughter of a famous newspaper columnist is found dead on the beach. Dan's investigation is complicated by the columnist, who uses his forum to virtually convict the girl's hippie boyfriend.
11 Nov. 1970
The Union Forever
A union leader is assassinated, and his rival, who has a police record, is suspected of setting him up to be killed.
18 Nov. 1970
Epitaph for a Swinger
Dan checks out the residents of a swinger's apartment complex after a gigolo is murdered.
25 Nov. 1970
When the Shouting Dies
A beautiful blackmailer dies in a fall from an apartment balcony, and the prime suspect is Dan's old friend, Heap Canfield.
2 Dec. 1970
The Soldier
Dan's attempt to clear an AWOL soldier of an MP's murder is hampered by the suspect's uncooperative friends.
16 Dec. 1970
Quadrangle for Death
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30 Dec. 1970
Passing Fair
A missing file from a murdered psychiatrist's office is the key to solving both the doctor's murder and a blackmail plot.
7 Jan. 1971
The Titan
Dan deals with a millionaire, his wife and his right-hand man, all suspects in the murder of a low-level drug pusher.
21 Jan. 1971
Death Chain
One murder leads to more killing...Dan's initial investigation is the rape and murder of a young, recently divorced socialite, but as he looks into the case, a mysterious sniper is picking off the suspects, all young men she was last seen with. Dan must now not only search for the sniper, but whomever it was that tipped him off.
28 Jan. 1971
Dead Witness to a Killing
An Assistant D.A. refuses to cooperate with Dan, who's looking into the murder of the lawyer's wife.
4 Feb. 1971
The Law
Retired Judge Anderson lives with his daughter and son-in-law. The judge, who may be suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's disease, is increasingly paranoid and tormented. One day, the daughter asks the son-in-law to take the judge for a drive. Both agree. As the son-in-law drives through open country with the judge in the back seat, they notice a car behind them getting ready to pass. The son-in-law slows down. As the car comes alongside, the judge suddenly whips out a revolver and fires three times point-blank through the window. The other car careens wildly into a...
11 Feb. 1971
The Worst Crime
After a young waitress is brutally raped and killed in a city park, Dan orders a round-up of all known sex offenders in the area. When a second body is found nearby, that of a young housewife who apparently died in a car accident, he wonders whether the waitress saw something she shouldn't have seen.
18 Feb. 1971
Circle of Lies
A hot-tempered automobile designer is accused of killing his boss after being fired.
25 Feb. 1971
Dan pursues a gang of race track robbers after a patrolman friend of his is gunned down.
4 Mar. 1971
Bullet for a Hero
Dan wonders if the murder of a soldier who recently returned from Vietnam has anything to do with his marriage to a Vietnamese girl.
11 Mar. 1971
The Manufactured Man
The political arena forms the background for Dan's investigation into the brutal murder of a young campaign worker. Among the suspects are the candidate, his son, a reporter and a couple of the candidate's aides.
18 Mar. 1971
The Meal Ticket
A young boxer is done in by a needle full of drugs hidden in an opponent's glove.
25 Mar. 1971
Days of Rage
Dan catches up to a radical wanted for killing a cop, but the man is killed by a sniper before Dan can make the arrest. The question is, was it someone else in his radical group who fired the fatal shot, or was it the millionaire husband of the dead man's lover, or could it have been someone totally unexpected?
1 Apr. 1971
Prognosis: Homicide
A surgeon receives a gift of a bottle of whiskey, which he doesn't need, so he passes it on to a couple of nearby winos, who die from drinking the poisoned spirits inside the bottle. The question is, who is out to kill the surgeon, and Dan gets no help from the uncooperative doctor.
8 Apr. 1971
The Assassin
A sniper fires upon Chief Untermeyer and a friend of his whom he'd been visiting, wounding him and killing her. Dan is led to a couple of suspects, an embezzling employee of her company, who is quickly dismissed as a suspect; her grandson, whose only concern seems to be inheriting the old lady's money; and her mysterious boarder, who harbors a deadly secret that he may be willing to kill to keep quiet.

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