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9 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10638
Cara tricks Kendall and Griffin into a blind date. Bianca admits to Kendall that she is falling in love with Marissa. Liza is persuaded to go easy on Griffin. Scott punches JR in the mouth. Colby and her housekeeper, Maya, become friends.
10 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10639
Erica's imposter mystifies Jackson by reveling in her stolen celebrity at the yacht club. Bianca considers giving Marissa a gift. JR bribes his contractor to avoid getting Scott's gatehouse finished. Griffin decides to start a clinic.
13 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10640
Madison flies into a rage at Scott; Ryan comforts her as Greenlee frets. Bianca lets JR give Marissa the music box. The kidnapped Erica tries to talk to Ben. Erica's impostor arouses worry from Jack. Kendall shares memories with Griffin.
14 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10641
Lucy is christened. Ryan overhears when Greenlee lashes out at Madison. Amanda asks Jake if the outpatient tent reminds him of Cara. Opal recommends hair dye to Tad.
15 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10642
Tad ends up with blue hair after Opal's dye job. Liza tries to reconcile with Colby. Jake is uncomfortable when Amanda wants to make love in the outpatient tent. Bianca gives JR advice on wooing back Marissa.
16 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10643
Amanda discovers that Jake and Cara have been keeping a secret from her. Jane reveals her past to David. JR continues to impress Marissa with Bianca's secret help.
17 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10644
Amanda feels even more insecure as Jake and Cara are quarantined together. JR ruins his date with Marissa as Bianca has second thoughts about playing secret matchmaker. Erica continues to try to get Ben on her side.
20 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10645
On impulse, Amanda sleeps with JR and then regrets it. The fake Erica shocks everyone by announcing that David is her new business partner.
21 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10646
Pine Valley reels when David and the fake Erica announce that they own the hospital.
22 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10647
After learning that nothing happened between Jake and Cara, Amanda wants to confess what happened between her and JR, but JR nixes the idea. Madison is seized with bad memories during her presentation. Greenlee confronts David.
23 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10648
Griffin and Kendall find Madison wandering around disoriented in the park. Jesse is skeptical of David's promise to bring back Angie's sight. Maya is nervous about the prospect of being a nanny. Jackson buys cotton candy for Greenlee.
24 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10649
Bianca admits to Marissa that she is attracted to her. Kendall counsels Greenlee to ignore Madison. JR convinces Amanda to keep their secret. Colby suspects Maya has a boyfriend who is beating her.
27 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10650
Marissa feels awkward after Bianca confesses she is attracted to her. Amanda's guilt prevents her from laughing at Jake's pirate costume. JR looks through a box of his old toys. Dixie dreams of her past. Cara takes Tad on a date.
28 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10651
Ryan and Greenlee suspect something is wrong with Erica. JR credits Bianca for his reunion with Marissa, little guessing the full story. Griffin announces he is leaving Pine Valley, but Kendall can't bring herself to ask him to stay.
29 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10652
Ryan conspires with Tad and Emma, and later Jackson and Kendall, to give Greenlee a surprise wedding. Madison rushes into work late excited her about her new ideas for Fusion. Cara says goodbye to Griffin.
30 Jun. 2011
Episode #1.10653
Amanda worries her one-night stand with JR made her pregnant. Jesse's persistent questions upset the fake Erica. Angie is furious at what David has in mind to restore her sight. Maya's black eye leads Asher and Colby to investigate.
1 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10654
Greenlee puts on a suit of armor for Ryan. Jane is worried after having given up her virginity to David. Erica trashes the room in which she isimprisoned. Tad makes a mess trying to cook for Cara. Madison has a wild new look for Fusion.
5 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10655
Erica knocks out Jane and nearly manages to escape. Ryan informs Greenlee and Kendall, and later Jesse, that Erica may have slept with David, no one guessing that this "Erica" is a fake. David gives Madison some fierce advice on how to beat Greenlee. Amanda is desperate to confirm the unpleasant fact that her baby will not be Jake's. Marissa is inordinately angry when JR suggests they have another child.
6 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10656
JR and Marissa encounter Bianca on a date with an attorney named Sienna. Amanda learns from Cara that she may have a sexually transmitted disease. Liza gets fired as D.A., but then Caleb offers her a job.
7 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10657
Maya is frightened when Mookie takes a job with Scott. JR reveals to Marissa that Bianca has been guiding him. Asher becomes addicted to his pain medication. Tad and Cara discuss their marriage. Ryan investigates Griffin's disappearance.
8 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10658
Griffin comes back to Pine Valley for Kendall. Angie catches Ryan in David's office. Jane is furious when David refuses to go to bed with her again. Amanda tells JR she may have an STD; later, Cara confirms it.
11 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10659
Cara suspects the truth about Amanda and JR. Griffin and Kendall finally reveal their feelings. David reveals a painful memory to Angie. Greenlee and Jackson discuss whether Erica may have post-traumatic stress.
12 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10660
Marissa begins to wonder how she really feels about Bianca. Tad dreams of Dixie. JR and Scott clash over Marissa and use their fathers as means of insulting each other. Opal counsels Amanda. Jake gives Cara advice regarding Tad.
13 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10661
Griffin tells David that Ryan found out about Project Orpheus. Marissa reveals to Bianca that she wants her, but Bianca refuses to believe she isn't straight. Amanda tells JR she confessed their one-time affair to Jake, who forgave her.
14 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10662
JR accuses Bianca of manipulating Marissa. Greenlee gets the chills from the Project Orpheus logo. Kendall suspects Griffin is hiding something from her, not guessing that he and David are colluding. The fake Erica endures an intervention.
15 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10663
The fake Erica announces to everyone, including Jackson, that she in love with David Hayward. Angie, Frankie and especially Jesse are happy when Maya agrees to be their nanny. JR takes a drink. Erica continues to tell Ben her life story.
18 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10664
A montage of flashbacks tell the eventful life of Erica Kane. Bianca and Kendall are furious when David proposes to the fake Erica. Maya's reaction to baby Lucy worries Frankie. Marissa confesses to Krystal her love for Bianca.
19 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10665
Jesse fears Maya may be Lucy's mother, especially when he sees Mookie. Amanda gets her test results. After learning Marissa is a lesbian, Scott is happy that at least she's free of JR. Dixie thwarts David's efforts to keep her unconscious.
20 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10666
Dixie's childhood diary releases a flood of memories for Tad. Opal comforts Amanda, who may have cancer. Greenlee has a dream about Project Orpheus. A drunken JR screams at his father's picture. Caleb confronts Asher about his addiction.
21 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10667
Erica and Ben are trapped together as she hears Dixie Cooney beating on the pipes and he denies that there is anyone else in the building. Jane disguises herself in scrubs and a surgical mask and eavesdrops on David and Greenlee.
22 Jul. 2011
Episode #1.10668
Jane and Ben allow Erica to go free. First Brot and then Angie try to help Dixie, not knowing who she is. Tad makes a goodbye speech to his supposedly dead wife. A drunken JR shouts at Bianca and Marissa, dismaying AJ.
19 Sep. 2011
Episode #1.10708
Jesse and Angie celebrate her regaining her sight. Liza gets tough with Maya and enacts a curfew. Colby wonders why Liza is acting like this with Maya and Liza reveals she hopes that Maya will return to the Hubbards if she is unreasonably tough. Maya visits Angie and Jessie with Lucy and asks if she can return to their place and they completely agree. Randi, Frankie, Brot and Natalia are celebrating Natalia and Brot's engagement when Jesse shows up and tells them Angie has regained her sight. David asks Griffin to take care of a patient in his Orpheus project. Cara ...
20 Sep. 2011
Episode #1.10709
JR continues his downward spiral and breaks the restraining order by sneaking into Kendall's house where everyone has gathered for a family BBQ. Kendall is upset by Erica's book revealing private details of her and everyone's life. Ryan and Zach move forward on their new business venture. JR gets a visit from Babe.
21 Sep. 2011
Episode #1.10710
Tad is concerned when he cannot get a hold of either of his parents but is surprised when Ruth shows up at his door step. Joe surprises Jake at work and everyone ends up back at Tad's to celebrate. Joe and Ruth announce they plan to move back to Pine Valley. Tad wonders when he will be getting bad news when the door bell rings but it is more good news as Jamie has arrived home. Tad and Dixie sneak off after each receiving a text message from the other. Tad and Dixie both propose to each other unaware that everyone back to the house is listening because Tad ...
22 Sep. 2011
Episode #1.10711
Adam and Brooke rush to the hospital after receiving a call from Angie thinking it is JR. They are shocked to discover that Stuart is one of David's patients. Things are touch and go until Angie convinces David to let Adam see Stuart. Scott asks Madison to move in with him and she says yes and as they are celebrating Scott gets a text message and the two take off for the hospital. Scott is also shocked to find his father alive and goes to break the good news to Marian. Kit tells Erica that an Oscar winning screenwriter wants to work on her screenplay with her. Jack ...
23 Sep. 2011
Episode #1.10712
Angie and Cara talk to Jesse about all the good David has done for Pine Valley by bringing back important loved ones. Jesse is grateful but he can't ignore that David broke the later. Later, Jesse is able to bond David out when Adam pulls strings with a judge. Marian and Stuart are reunited. Dixie and Tad stop JR before he leaves to tell him about Stuart but JR refuses to believe them. Jamie is at the airport and JR thinks he came back to see if Babe was alive. Jamie notes that he is glad Babe isn't around to see who JR has turned into. Opal finds Erica and tells her ...

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