Where Eagles Dare (1968) Poster

Plot Keywords

american general
british mission
germany major
parachute agent
prisoner nazi
castle airplane
fortress parachute drop
commando cable car
ss three word title
bird in title reference to dwight d. eisenhower
neck breaking swastika
exploding truck conspiracy
exploding airplane exploding building
exploding car martial arts
fight exploding body
bus chase
impostor undercover agent
undercover female assassin
female spy female agent
secret agent captain
sergeant corporal
colonel admiral
special forces british army
commando unit cabin
mountain german army
train sabotage
machine gun oil lamp
corpse soldier
pilot alpine
military airfield
fall from height water hose
shot to death forged document
small town reference to dwight d eisenhower
suicide destruction
bridge spy
code alarm
espionage o.s.s.
stabbed actor
fireplace disguise
rope face slap
dancing tavern
impersonation motorcycle
kubelwagen control tower
airplane on fire sledge hammer
fall to death rappelling
hands tied behind back impersonating an enemy soldier
radio room ice axe
climbing a rope driving through fire
dynamite time bomb
motorcycle with a sidecar infiltrator
mi6 car fire
ejected from a moving car car crash
nazi salute helicopter
barracks doberman pinscher
suspicion binoculars
lantern snowing
parachuting army ranger
flashback flying nap of the earth
bomb knife
gunfight shootout
explosion bolt action rifle
rifle mexican standoff
steel helmet helmet
bar dual wield
prisoner of war violence
fistfight brawl
hand grenade battlefield
battle love
passionate kiss kiss
silencer semiautomatic pistol
pistol mp 40 machine gun
blood blood spatter
boyfriend girlfriend relationship blonde
escape duel
wrestling commando raid
commando mission behind enemy lines
war violence two man army
quick draw disarming someone
war hero tough guy
hero evil man
title based on shakespeare snowplow
suicide of villain stabbed in the neck
uniform nazi soldier
gunfire elite team
double agent combat
british agent animal in title
alps shot in the hand
kicked in the face kicked in the stomach
1940s woman with a gun
traitor shot in the neck
secret mission rescue mission
broken neck assumed identity
gestapo world war two
snow austria
deception based on book
based on novel surprise ending

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