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Laserdisc version contains an alternative ending. After Oscar leaves Charity, he starts to go crazy in his apartment. He then realizes that despite Charity's faults, he really can't live without her. He finds Charity on the bridge in Central Park and, thinking she's going to jump, falls into the river. Charity jumps in after Oscar and forgives him. The two then walk off together, soaking wet, through the park. Bob Fosse thought this ending was too corny, and decided to use the depressing, yet more inspirational, ending for the film's major release.
Also cut from the television prints (at least on the 16mm collectors prints that are floating around) are the second of the three dance sequences in The Aloof, the majority of the vocals from "Better Than This" (the number starts with Charity going 'Me too! Me too!'), the overture, part of the dance sequence of If They Could See Me Now, a portion of the elevator scene, the interval cue card, the entr'acte music, and the exit music.
The version shown on British TV has the alternate 'happy' ending (available as a special feature on the DVD release) instead of the normal 'depressing' ending.
Some European DVD editions included a cut film with only a few musical numbers and both opening and end credits in their original its original 2.35:1 aspect ratio. The rest of the film was modified to 1.78:1.
On its release to what were then called "neighborhood theatres" (i.e., theatres that showed films that had ended their first runs), the film's running time was shortened by trimming or eliminating several scenes. In the shortened version, the montage between the dance hall dressing room scene and the sidewalk scene where Charity sees Vittorio was cut; the dance section of "I'm a Brass Band" was shortened; "I Love to Cry at Weddings" faded out and ended as Charity and Oscar leave the dance hall; and the scene in the phone booth at the end of the film (Charity lying to Nickie and Helene about being with Oscar and the conclusion of "Where Am I Going?") was entirely cut. For several years, this was the version that was shown on television.

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