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Loads of fun, sexy 60s outfits and hair styles
roland-sinn11 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I taped this film when I was still at school in 1990. I loved it then, and still haven't taped over it, though of course, the quality of the tape is degrading. The very day it comes out on DVD (please God) I'll be at my local outlet happy to pay full retail. Moon Zero Two has to contain some of the most Far-out-man!! Yeah-baby!! ladies fashion and hair sculptures of the late 60s. This point alone demands the film be brought back to life on DVD. The story itself is an adventurous romp (it doesn't try to be deep) and has been billed by many critics as being the first Space Western. What struck me the first time I saw MZ2, was the fact that all the actors appeared to really enjoy playing in this film. This is just one of many reasons why the film immediately endeared itself to me and continues to do so. As for the special effects?


Well, they're not too bad. There's a scene in a moon canyon where a moon buggy's driving along and it's obvious beyond reason the buggy's a Tonka Toy. But really, there's a lot of impressive attention to detail in this modest budget film. Some of the sets are truly fascinating.

Overall, I'm very surprised that this film has received such low ratings overall. MZ2 is a unique science fiction film which I believe would be included in serious sci-fi fans DVD collections (when it does come out on DVD, please God). The story is original (how many of todays sci-fi films can serious claim this??) and - I have to say it again - the ladies fashion and hair sculptures are so good they take on a life and personality of their own.
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It May Not Be A Classic, But It's Fun!
ClassixFan16 August 2003
OK, I've read several reviews of this film in books, online and from sci-fi fans and usually the overall feeling of the film is split down the middle. I really enjoy this film, it has a very good cast; James Olson, Catherine Schell (Who would go on to star in the classic sci-fi series; Space: 1999), Adrienne Corri, Warren Mitchell, Michael Ripper (Hammer regular) and Sam Kydd, it had some great looking sets, a very capable director in Roy Ward Baker and the opening tune is one I can't get out of my head for days, after watching the film or listening to that track. Hailed as the first space-western, the film does it's best to combine a futuristic look with the ideals and wild ways of the old west. To sci-fi fans looking for something really serious and up on the technical feel of a straight-from-the-hip science fiction story, chances are you're going to be disappointed with the overall effort of the film, but if you like a film that can be serious at times and still poke fun at itself, then this is a film you're probably going to enjoy.....just don't go into viewing this in a serious mood! Have fun with it and relax.....the anti-gravity fight scene in the saloon is not to be missed!
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Saw it in 1969 when I was 11 years old...enjoyed it a lot.
tailchaserXL511 August 2001
Ah, the year was 1969. Apollo 11 had landed on the moon. I was 11 and eating up any science fiction I could. When I saw the advertisement for this movie I HAD to see it. So I had my mom take me and a friend to see it.

Yeah, it was kind of hokey, but I didn't notice that when I was 11. I simply thought it was plain cool. Besides, the larger Lunar Module looked pretty darn impressive. And the main actor, James Olsen, had been in Andromeda Strain a year earlier.

So, is it worth checking out now, circa 2001? Yeah, if you can catch it on cable or maybe the Sci-Fi Channel, it'd be worth a look. Just to see how events were extrapolated from the reality of 1969. Sadly, the politicians killed Apollo just when they were getting good at going to interesting places on the moon, i.e. Apollo 17 at Taurus-Littrow - incredible scenery. So we never established a moon base like the one in the movie. Sad.

It is indeed a "Western" set on the moon. You'll love the bar scene and all the women. Sorry if that sounds sexist, but hey, this was the sixties, and even 11 year old boys liked girls in mini-skirts. So, if you ever have a chance to catch it, grab a six-pack, sit down, and enjoy.
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Groovy SF/western from Hammer
jenkinsm12 April 2001
"Moon Zero Two" was the most expensive film ever produced by Hammer Studios and is one of the oddest they ever created: a psychedelic western set on the moon in 2021 complete with claim-jumping, gunfights, zero gravity bar fights, candy colored space suits and go-go dancers. SF fans will enjoy early appearances by James Olson ("The Andromeda Strain") and Catherine Schell ("Space 1999"). Also Hammer alumnae Warren Mitchell as the chief villain, Adrienne Corri as a cop (loved her boots), Bernard Bresslaw as a heavy and, of course, Michael Ripper scarfing up distilled rocket fuel at the saloon. The special effects are not that bad. Great '60s kitsch and fun if you don't take it seriously, "Austin Powers" fans may dig it.

When you see Eddie Murphy's upcoming "Pluto Nash" you'll be surprised just how many ideas were taken from this film.
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Austin Powers set in space
doctardis1 November 2003
I saw this movie once on TV years ago, and loved it. It has a good cast with sci-fi credentials like James Olson from the Andromeda Strain and Catherine Schell from Space:1999. It had a great over the top 1960's pop score. It was one of the first movies I saw that tried to turn space into a western except with women in miniskirts and everything in bright euro 60's colors. Olson plays a down and out astronaut who once was famous for commanding the first mission to mars. He and his Russian partner run a charter space ship business on the moon. Their space ship, moon zero two, is old and barely up to code. But Olson is an old hand on the moon. He accepts two jobs that turn out to be related. A beautiful woman from Earth wants him to find her brother who is missing from his mining claim. Second a rich bad guy with a plan to crash an asteroid into the moon. This movie more then anything else was fun with a great deal of style.
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Brings out the kid in me
ubercommando20 January 2004
First saw it when I was 12 and it has a place in my heart still after all these years; unlike a lot of other movies I enjoyed as a kid but can't stand today like "Battle of the Bulge" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

Anyway, back to the movie. Today, it's the kitsch value that I really like, I mean, there's something incredibly cute and sexy about 60's women in futuristic garb. There is a conflict in the movie about the tone; is it a sci-fi thriller with action and danger, or a tongue in cheek effort (with Moonopoly even)? The effects are good in some areas and really poor in others; but apart from 2001 you can say that about most sci fi films of that era. It shares something else with 2001 that other more famous sci-fi movies don't and that's no sound in a vacuum. Full credit to the film makers that they paid attention to their science. In fact, the movie script has some basis in real science about conditions on the moon and in space (groovy sequence of a spacesuit puncture causing the crushing of a hired goon). So we have no noise in a vacuum, but do they give us just silence? No, they fill the soundtrack with what can be only described as the kind of music known as Porno-Jazz. No matter, I actually like that kind of stuff. C'mon everyone "Moooooooonnnnnn Zero Twooooo, let's all go to the Moon nowwwwwwwwwwwww, Mooooooooonnnnnnnn Zero Twoooooooooo".
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A unique SiFi movie
bielatpj29 June 2002
The storyline was a realistic tale about mining on the moon. Why else would people go there and live long-term?

The things I look for in a SiFi movie are unique concepts not presented by other films. This movie is filled with unique concepts. My favorite part in this film is the bit where James Olson and Catherina Von Schell travel across the moon surface by bug (moon car) to investigate what happened at a remote mine. During the trip, cold from the dark, heat from the sun, and worry about loosing environmantal systems were realistic. Also other unique items included a moon city with periodic shuttle flights from Earth, moon bar with dancers for entertainment, quick trips into space in a lunner lander space ferry, gun fights in space, and ultimatelly attempting to fly an asteroid made of sapphire to the moon surface where it could be mined. In 1969 there was limited technology available to implement special effects and the technical details of this space western plot of May 9 2021. The calculator (box) was adding machine like, and ship controls were simplistic.

It would be interesting to see plot enhanced with new technology.
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Great film with believable plot on lunar science that works
Shelby G. Spires7 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have nothing bad to say about this movie. Other than the fact it is (as of July 2013) an on demand DVD, meaning it has NO special features (even though the two principals, James Olson and Catherine Schell are still alive to provide an interview and commentary track, and any number of film historians would take about $50 and a shot of scotch to review it). Set in 2021, the plot concerns Olson's Capt. William H. Kemp, an aging astronaut-hero who runs a space salvage operation on the moon where he scratches out every buck for survival. He gets involved with (the stunningly lovely) Schell's Clementine Taplin, who is trying to find a lost miner brother on the far side of the moon. Throw in a no nonsense, do anything for a Lunar Dollar businessman and an asteroid made of sapphire and there is the standard action conflict. This movie has been described as a Space Western, and I see the tropes and along with what would be called homage today - six shooter, bad guy vs. good guy, aging hero, and show downs. But the same plot devices are used in Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, Ben Hur, Hornblower etc., and were long before Akira Kurosawa provided a shorthand for lazy film critics. This film is closer to "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" than "Seven Samurai." And it gets the science and technology of the moon down right, and explains it in a way that even Kubrick could have learned from on 2001 - make it simple and don't drag it out. The science is pretty bang on. That is the problem with a lot of 60s productions about space, they were slightly a notch above the bug eyed monster craze of the 50s in terms of believable science. But audiences were savy by 1969/1970 having been exposed to coverage of the real NASA lunar program and other space exploration efforts. I would say this movie owes a little to Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's "Journey to the Far Side of the Sun" and the then in production television show "UFO," in terms of realism and look. Stylistic look, with props that make sense, and good looking 60s women in future clothes. It all makes one long for the future we were promised but never realized in the late 60s. Now, where is my food in a pill and hover car?
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At Last!
Mark-1297 September 2008
I saw Moon Zero Two in a theater as a little kid in 1970. Time passes, but I always remembered bits and pieces of the story, especially, a bar fight, a moon rover and a shootout on the surface of the moon.

After decades, the movie is finally available and proves to be much better than I thought.

James Olson, not the most charismatic of actors projects a certain dignity, suggesting Neil Armstrong. Appropriate considering the character he portrays is the first man on Mars.

The story involving a very unusual asteroid is well done. Only the

outdated 60s inspired wardrobe and music gives the production a camp flavor which the story is not. Produced a few years later without these over the top trapping, Moon Zero Two could have been a substantial hit.

This is one of those rare films that satisfied both my childhood memories and adult expectations.
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Another "above average" Hammer Film.
grochomarx200216 January 2009
Hammer Films had a uncanny ability of making good movies cheaply, ( or making cheap films of good quality,), and Moon Zero Two is a fine if for them somewhat offbeat example of their craftsmanship. Billed as a "space western" it hit's it's bullseye "dead on", with just the sort of Hammer "budget quality" you have come to expect in their costume horror features. Yes it is dated somewhat, and the costumes look somewhat silly today, but the plot is a good one and the entertainment value of the film is still high. If you enjoy the Hammer style of film-making you should add this feature to your must see list. If Peter Cushing or Cristopher Lee, ( both Hammer contract players), had been cast for this project it might have been a minor classic - as it is however - it's just good fun - and there's nothing wrong with that.
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