Medium Cool (1969) Poster


Plot Keywords

violence tv news
protest ghetto
chicago illinois white briefs
hairy chest briefs
male rear nudity bare chested male
historical event fired from the job
flashback political activism
female nudity magnifying glass
washington monument vending machine
telephone call snake
jeep horn
clock tower cigarette smoking
bottle bicycle
bench basket
banana west virginia
war game vietnam war
vandalism trophy
theft television crew
teenage boy taxi driver
target practice tank
strobe light sports fan
speech song
singing sheet
sex sexism
schoolteacher rock music
rock band river baptism
riot rifle
revolution reading
race relations politics
playing card pigeon
photograph peace
obscene finger gesture nudity
reference to norman mailer meal
marching male underwear
maid magazine
love lightning
kiss journalist
injury handheld camera
gas mask flight
firing range finding money
fight fighting
fiber optics demonstration
democratic party death of husband
dancing concert shell
coal miner civil disobedience
chanting cameraman
boxer book
bobble head doll bird
bed bayonet
barricade baptism
banjo music army national guard
amphitheater 1960s
washington d.c. television reporter
tear gas target shooting
survey sound man
single mother shower
self reflexivity rooftop
political protest police
nurse national guard
mother son relationship missing child
military training male frontal nudity
homing pigeon gun range
father son relationship el train
chase car accident
boxing gym african american
female frontal nudity roller derby
political convention hippie
journalism death of father
actor shares first name with character surprise ending

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