The Italian Job (1969) Poster


[Arthur blows up a truck]

Charlie Croker: You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

[last lines]

Charlie Croker: Hang on, lads; I've got a great idea.

Charlie Croker: Just remember this - in this country they drive on the wrong side of the road.

Garage Manager: You must have shot an awful lot of tigers, sir.

Charlie Croker: Yes, I used a machine gun.

Tailor: [Charlie is being measured for a suit after his release from prison] We haven't seen you for a while, sir.

Charlie Croker: No, I've been away.

Tailor: Well, I'm glad you're out- er... back.

Charlie Croker: It's a very difficult job and the only way to get through it is we all work together as a team. And that means you do everything I say.

Keats: They say he's going to do a job in Italy.

Mr. Bridger: Well, I hope he likes spaghetti. They serve it four times a day in the Italian prisons.

Mr. Bridger: You must learn, Keats, there are more things to life than breaking and entering.

[Lorna picks Charlie up from prison]

Charlie Croker: This car belongs to the Pakistani ambassador!

Lorna: It does?

Charlie Croker: Typical, isn't it? I've been out of jail five minutes, and already I'm in a hot car.

Lorna: Charlie, I just wanted you to come out in style, baby.

Charlie Croker: You wouldn't hit a man with no trousers on, would you?

Mr. Bridger: We've come here to pay our respects to Great Aunt Nellie. She brought us up properly and taught us loyalty. Now I want you to remember that during these next few days. I also want you to remember that if you don't come back with the goods, Nellie here will turn in her grave, and, likely as not, jump right out of it and kick your teeth in.

'Camp' Freddie: But Mr. Bridger, what if the Professor's not bent?

Mr. Bridger: Camp Freddie, everyone in the *world* is bent!

Charlie Croker: What's the matter.

Yellow: He says he wants to sit up in front with the driver!

Coco: I always get sick in the back.

Yellow: Listen, if I go in the back, I'll get me migraine, I'll be out like a light.

Charlie Croker: You are not going to be sick. You are not going to have your migraine. And everybody is gonna sit in the back of the motor!

Arthur: Charlie, me in the back of the motor with my asthma?

Miss Peach: [Camp Freddy has one of Miss Peach's cats on his lap] I shouldn't let her do that, dear. Gives them ideas.

Mr Bridger: Does he really NEED all this equipment?

'Camp' Freddie: He SAYS he does...

Professor Simon Peach: Are they big? I like 'em big!

Charlie Croker: You'll be making a grave error if you kill us.

Charlie Croker: There are a quarter of a million Italians in Britain and they'll be made to suffer. Every restaurant, cafe, ice-cream parlor, gambling den and nightclub in London, Liverpool and Glasgow will be smashed.

Dominic: Shouldn't we synchronise our watches?

Charlie Croker: Nuts to your watches! You just be at the Piazza at a quarter to...

Charlie Croker: Bill?

Bill Bailey: Yes, Charlie?

Charlie Croker: Bill!

Bill Bailey: Yes, Charlie?

Charlie Croker: Burn this for me, will 'ya?

Bill Bailey: Yes, Charlie.

Charlie Croker: Oh, Bill?

Bill Bailey: Yes, Charlie?

Charlie Croker: Get rid of this, lot.

Bill Bailey: Yes, Charlie.

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Lorna: [after hearing a rapid knock at the door] It's the Law, Charlie!

Charlie Croker: What you tell 'em?

Lorna: Charlie, would I tell them anything?

Charlie Croker: ...Yes you would.

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