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Released without a flap.
ptb-86 April 2004
How do I break this weird news to you all.........well here goes: ...this excellent family film was released in Australia for ONE WEEK in March 1970 on a double feature with the equally excellent but radically different COLOSSUS THE FORBIN a double feature (!) in a crumbling 2500 seat palace called the Capitol. There was NO display advertising, just a directory listing and the whole program was whisked away never to surface again.

What a weird thing for Universal to do! I guess they were just played off and wasted.........well I was one of the few there that fateful Saturday morning and thought both films were a big surprise. ANGEL as others will tell you here is a rural charmer and belongs to the YOURS MINE AND OURS or WITH SIX YOU GET EGGROLL type of family film. COLOSSUS of course is literally a scary and fantastic political drama. See both if you can find them. I did and I was still very happy about it 34 years later.
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Classic Andy
Rick-2453 February 2000
This was written by the same team that wrote all the classic "Andy Griffith Show" episodes- Jim Fritzell and Everett Greenbaum, so you get the same simple and folksy humor you got in Mayberry and again, it works well for Andy's comic style. This time out, though, Andy plays the newly-appointed pastor of a small-town church that's got a few problems. Along the way you 'll see several familiar character actors (including Hope Summers- "Clara" from the Griffith show) and Ellen Corby ("Grandma Walton"). If you love the folks from Mayberry, you'll enjoy this movie. Unfortunately, I don't think this has been released on home video yet, but it occasionally pops up on TBS or The Family Channel.
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Ajtlawyer18 April 2001
This is an overlooked, but endearing, Andy Griffith movie. After he and Don Knotts achieved fame on TV both made movies that drew on their Mayberry personas. Knotts's movies became tiresome but Griffith's turn here is terrific. Griffith is Rev. Samuel Whitehead, fresh out of seminary and sent to a small Kansas town where two warring families dominate the church and the town. Every other minister at the church has been driven out or has fled (of course Whitehead isn't told any of this). Very quickly Whitehead finds himself in the middle of the feud which leads to hilarious confrontations. The movie plays very well and has a very dramatic scene late in the movie when Whitehead's patience is finally at an end and the church has been literally destroyed. The movie suddenly shifts from a comedy to a drama and is very poignant. It makes me wonder if the story would've been as good if it had been a drama from the start. The supporting cast is excellent with Miss America Lee Merriweather as Sam's wife and Jerry Van Dyke as his useless brother-in-law. Of course Jack Dodson (Howard Sprague, the Mayberry town clerk)is instantly recognizable and he actually does a very good job. Another thing that makes this movie stand out is that it is such a positive portrayal of someone trying to follow a Christian walk. How many movies have been made in the last couple of decades where ministers or priests are portrayed so realistically and so positively? Rev. Sam Whitehead is such a great character that his story could've easily have carried a TV series.
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Great funny feel-good movie. Andy Griffith's best work ever!
Hermit23 October 1999
I can't honestly say I remember all the details of this movie. It's been a very long time since I've seen it, and I've been keeping my eye out for a copy for a while. I do remember that I was completely taken back by Andy's performance, and the story was very sensitive, funny, and believable. It's sort of like "It's a Wonderful Life" in some ways, but funnier. Andy plays a do-gooder that has a special flair for handling other people's problems. I don't want to give it all away, so that's all I'll say about it. Definitely see this movie if you get a chance to. It won't let you down one bit. A five-star pic all the way.
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One of my favorites of all time.
Ron Collins20 June 2002
This film is most certainly a rare gem. Not only does it have all the elements of a fun family film. But it has lots of great actors & a great director. I remember this film when it came out in 1969. Andy Griffith as a minister in a town of fighting families. Jerry Van Dyke as the lovable lush brother in law. Lee Meriweather looks good as a pregnant wife.I remember watching this on KTLA's Family film festival years ago. If you can find this film, it's worth a relaxing couple of hours. I hope it will be released soon on DVD. It will be well worth the money. My Ijust watched it again on AMC with my kids and they loved it also.
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One of My Favorite Movies
gohlson6 September 2007
Angel in My Pocket is a delightful family friendly comedy about a newly ordained minister who is sent to a small-town Kansas church dominated by two feuding families. Most of the comedy results from Andy Griffith's interactions as the minister with these two groups. Griffith is ably backed up by a cast that includes Lee Merriweather, Jerry Van Dyke, and a cast of character actors very familiar to anyone who watched TV in the 1960;s. Lee Merriweather is excellent as Griffith's very pregnant wife. Jerry Van Dyke and Kay Medford are very good as Griffith's neer do well brother in law and meddlesome mother in law, both of whom are supported by Griffith.

All in all, its a very uplifting comedy that can be enjoyed over and over by young and old.
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One of the best family movies ever, we would like so much to see it back on TV or find it available in a DVD or VHS copy.
mhess23724 September 2006
We just loved this movie and have been searching for a very long time for the DVD or VHS copy of this. Can you, please help us find it, or transfer our deep wish to get this? We viewed this with our children way back when and they also would like to get it.

We loved the story and the actors were so perfect for the characters. It is so wholesome and family appealing. It moved along and kept our interest and our children also.

Is Andy Griffith hindered legally in making this movie available in DVD or VHS? Can we help in any way to request this to the original source? We would at least like to see it on our television channels and maybe that is the route we should take.

We will so very much appreciate your help in any way. This is a great movie !!

Thank you, Marian Hess
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Griffith brings his Andy Taylor Personna to the Big Screen....
Isaac585518 September 2006
ANGEL IN MY POCKET was a charming and folksy 1969 comedy that took Griffith's Sheriff Andy Taylor persona and brought to the big screen in the form of a devoted minister named Reverend Samuel Whitehead, who has just been assigned a new church in a rural area and all the various problems and troublesome townsfolk he has to deal with. This role is not much of a stretch for Griffith and fits him like a glove. Jerry Van Dyke is very funny as his useless brother-in-law as is Kay Medford as his meddlesome mother-in-law. Lee Meriwether makes a lovely Mrs. Whitehead. A few years later she would play Andy's wife in a CBS TV series called HEADMASTER. This old fashion comedy is predictable as they come with several film and TV veterans in supporting roles (including Andy's TV co-star Jack Dodson). Take special notice of the wonderful scene where the Reverend goes to a burlesque house to purchase an organ for the church. A light and amusing family comedy that goes a long way on Andy Griffith's considerable screen charisma.
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Andy Griffith Does it Again
temlakos25 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This film makes great fun of small-town secrets, family feuds, politics, and gossip. The warfare (often physical) between the Sinclairs and the Greshams, and the sign at the town hall showing that the two families have bounced the mayor's office between them like a volleyball for the last sixty years, suggest a deliberate satire on the Democrats and Republicans. Say--one year after an election in which George Wallace said that there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties--sure, why not? And yes, it does give an excellent portrait of a minister trying to *be* a good minister. His retort to those two old biddy gossips was dead-on. It also shows why a church ought to get along fine without bishops. Baptist life, anyone?
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