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Season 42

26 Sep. 2011
Failure to Launch
Hubert the Human Cannonball will be launched from a cannon into a bucket of blue gelatin. Baby Bear, Elmo, and Telly are there to help, but things don't go as planned!
27 Sep. 2011
Rocoo's Boat
Zoe wants Rocco the rock to float, but he's too heavy. Leela proposes a group experiment, so she, Elmo, and Zoe attempt to invent the perfect boat to keep Rocco afloat.
28 Sep. 2011
The Bubble Fest
It's Bubblefest and Alan and Chris are running the show. They've created some fun challenges, but it's Abby and Elmo who blow everyone away with one really big bubble!
29 Sep. 2011
Observe, Record, Annoy
Oscar's professor in Grouchology class gives an assignment that includes three important objectives: observing, recording, and annoying. This will be the easiest A ever!
4 Oct. 2011
The Latinization of Marco
Marco and pals celebrate Latin culture through song, dance, and more. As Rosita says, when there's música, baile, and comida, it's time to fiesta with your amigos!
7 Oct. 2011
Humpty Dumpty's Big Break
Humpty Dumpty gets his big break, but Telly's in a tizzy because Eggs + Football just don't mix. Will Humpty be able to play and save the day?
18 Oct. 2011
Big Bad Wolf Huffs and Puffs Slimey
When the Big Bad Wolf finds out he isn't the best at everything he learns that it's okay to lose some times. Celebrity guest Whoopi Goldberg helps Baby Bear learn different ways to deal with his anger.
Getting Centered
Telly missed Leela's yoga class, so Rosita and Elmo offer to teach him what they learned. Can Telly find his balance point? Ohhmm.
26 Dec. 2011
Super Maria
Things keep breaking at 123 Sesame Street, but Gordon refuses all help. Everyone thinks Gordon should hire a super--but do they mean a superintendent or a Super Grover?
29 Dec. 2011
The Flood
123 Sesame has sprung a leak. While Susan runs to tell Maria and Luis about the flood, Ernie and Bert's beds become sailboats. Help, Gordon, help!
30 Dec. 2011
Falling Leaves
It's a windy autumn day and Stinky is under a pile of leaves. Chris, Elmo, and Rosita dig him out and then try to figure out what type of tree the leaves are from.
4 Jan. 2012
The All of Our Senses Club
Telly, Elmo, and Rosita are using their five senses to help their friends by spotting lost gloves and sniffing out sour milk. What else will they discover?
19 Jan. 2012
What's in Big Bird's Nest
Nighty Night! Big Bird is excited to sleep in his new pajamas but he can't seem to get comfortable. This is a problem that only a sleep consultant can solve.

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