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Every Day Magic


Season 41

8 Oct. 2010
Music Magic
Abby's wand is being cleaned, so she and Telly have to postpone their magical playdate and learn to find the extraordinary in some ordinary tools. Actress Emily Blunt explains the word "explore." Cookie's Crumby Pictures parodies the dinosaur classic in "Jurassic Cookie."
The Happy Scientists
On Sesame Street: Elmo, Telly, and Rosita investigate Sesame Street like scientists. Abby's Flying Fairy School: The fairies' stuff mysteriously disappears. Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: The Three Ducketeers settle a birthday cake dispute. Elmo's World: Elmo makes a splash about the bath. Word of the Day: "Journal". Wanda Sykes' journal reads itself. Guest Starring: Wanda Sykes, Brought to You By: F and 14
Up in the Air
On Sesame Street: Big Bird and Snuffy float over Sesame Street after Abby casts an anti-gravity spell. Abby's Flying Fairy School: Abby and friends find out what it takes to be a Tooth Fairy. Murray Has a Little Lamb: Murray and Ovejita slide and glide at ice skating school. Elmo's World: Elmo goes up and down with yo-yos, hippos, and more. Word of the Day: "Float." Natalie Morales goes up in the air. Guest Starring: Natalie Morales Brought To You By: B and 1
Twins Day on Sesame Street
On Sesame Street: Abby and Zoe pretend to be twins at the Twins Day party. Abby's Flying Fairy School: Blogg discovers the importance of being half-troll. Murray Has a Little Lamb: Murray and Ovejita play baseball. Elmo's World: Elmo meets different families. Word of the Day: "Identical." Abby conjures identical Sherri Shepherds. Guest Starring: Sherri Shepherd Brought To You By: S and 2
Sesame Street Fairy Tale Science Fair
On Sesame Street: Telly and Baby Bear help fairy tale characters solve problems with science. Abby's Flying Fairy School: Gonnigan puts on his dancing shoes. Super Grover 2.0: Super Grover 2.0 helps a sheep and an elephant balance a boat. Elmo's World: Elmo explores flowers, plants, and trees. Word of the Day: "Reporter." Samantha Harris and Elmo report. Guest Starring: Samantha Harris Brought To You By: W and 18.
Zoe Loves Rocco
On Sesame Street: Elmo accidentally loses Zoe's pet rock while playing astronauts with Baby David. Abby's Flying Fairy School: The fairies chase Niblet after he takes off with Blogg's wand. Super Grover 2.0: Super Grover 2.0 helps robins move a piano into their nest. Elmo's World: Elmo imagines himself as pets. Word of the Day: "Celebration." LaDainian Tomlinson does a touchdown dance. Guest Starring: LaDainian Tomlinson Brought To You By: R and 19
On Sesame Street: Oscar starts a dirty business of dumping dirt all over Sesame Street. Abby's Flying Fairy School: The fairies climb an enchanted plant to rescue Peck from a giant. Super Grover 2.0: Super Grover 2.0 helps a chicken get to the other side of a wall. Elmo's World: Elmo opens and closes doors, bags, books, and boxes. Word of the Day: "Volunteer." Elmo volunteers to help Usher. Guest Starring: Usher Brought To You By: D and 17
Grouch's Mothers Day
On Sesame Street: On Grouchy Mother's Day, Oscar gives his mother the worst rotten day ever. Abby's Flying Fairy School: The fairies switch places with Gene the Genie. Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Bert and Ernie drift onto a deserted island. Elmo's World: Things get fishy in Elmo's World. Word of the Day: "Dozen". Rachel Griffiths sings with penguins. Guest Starring: Rachel Griffiths Brought to you by: Y and 12
Abby Tries & Tries Again
On Sesame Street: Abby creates magical mayhem for Leela who is on her way to a party. Abby's Flying Fairy School: Abby and Gonnigan help Blogg get to the ball. Super Grover 2.0: Super Grover 2.0 helps a cow down the stairs. Elmo's World: Say cheese! Elmo plays with cameras. Word of the Day: "Transportation." Zoe Saldana pretends to be a train. Guest Starring: Zoe Saldana Brought To You By: Z and 15

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