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Season 38

13 Aug. 2007
The Bookaneers
Elmo and Alan are reading in Hooper's Store, when the storefront is boarded by a group of Bookaneers. An Anything Muppet and a salty dog are led by their pirate captain, played by guest star Tina Fey. They demand that Elmo hand over his book, but Elmo explains that he loves to read. The pirates invite Elmo to become a Bookaneer, but he must first pass a series of tests. After pointing out three words that start with F while dancing a jig, and saying the alphabet with a squid, the Bookaneers set Elmo on a quest with a treasure map. Following a short trip down Sesame ...
14 Aug. 2007
A New Helper At Hoopers Store
Gordon and Susan's nephew moves to Sesame Street.
15 Aug. 2007
Word 'Dog' Escapes Abby's Book
Wanda the Word Fairy (Andrea Martin) visits Sesame Street to demonstrate the meanings of certain words; a pair of flowers sing a song about how they came to be; Kermit tries to give Little Red Riding Hood directions to her grandmother's house (but she's preoccupied); the TwoHeaded Monster needs a new pair of shoes; and Bert tries to track down just who is playing his favorite instrument, the tuba, in the park. This was brought to you by the letters C and P, and the tiptop number 3.
16 Aug. 2007
Lucy the Lazy Lizard
Elmo is in love with his favorite book.
21 Aug. 2007
The Tutu Spell
Zoe borrows Abby's wand and wishes that everyone would wear a tutu and dance ballet.
23 Aug. 2007
Big Bird Breaks Elmo's Tricycle
Elmo lets Big Bird ride his tricycle, but as soon as Big Bird sits down on it, it breaks! Elmo is sad about his broken tricycle and Big Bird feels bad because he didn't mean to break it. Gordon helps them both feel better by reminding them that they can take the broken tricycle to the Fix-It Shop!
27 Aug. 2007
Big Bird Helps Zero
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29 Aug. 2007
Sleeping Grouchy
Oscar reads Grungetta's favorite fairy tale "The Tale of Sleeping Grouchy".
4 Sep. 2007
Fairy Tale Emergencies
Rosita and Zoe are so excited to play Rosita's favorite game of hide and seek. Just as they are about to start, Abby appears and she knows a really great game to play too- Jumping Rhymes!
12 Sep. 2007
Chris Helps Elmo Write a Letter
Rosita receives a card from her grandmother in the mail. Abby is very impressed because she has never received a letter before.
14 Sep. 2007
Big Bird, Elmo & Abby, Song for 3
Big Bird and Elmo sing a special song that only two friends can sing together. As they get ready to sing the song again, Abby appears. She asks if she can sing too, but Big Bird realizes they can no longer sing their song about two friends because they are no longer two friends- two friends plus one friend makes three friends!
18 Sep. 2007
Telly Helps Gordon Play Golf
Telly finds Gordon practicing outside for a game of golf he is going to play with Alan. When Telly learns how golf is played, he decides that if Gordon really wants to practice he should do it as if he were on a real golf course.
20 Sep. 2007
The Worm Cup Games
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8 Oct. 2007
Elmo Shows Abby How to Pretend
Abby learns how to pretend. Elmo learns about cameras.
10 Oct. 2007
Elmo Is Jealous of Marco
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12 Oct. 2007
Rosita Gets Upset at Zoe & Abby
Rosita wants to play hide-and-seek with Abby and Zoe but they keep playing other games instead of hiding.
16 Oct. 2007
Grouch News Network!
Oscar hosts Grouch News Network.

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