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Season 36

4 Apr. 2005
Banana in the Stone
When Baby Bear forgets to bring his sister an apple with lunch, he and Telly make up a story about bananas to get her to try other healthy foods. Celebrity guest Lang Lang
6 Apr. 2005
The Healthy Foods Game
It's time to play "The Healthy Foods Name Game!" with Mr. Healthy Food as the game show host. Elmo has to find four healthy foods of various colors on Sesame Street before the mouse climbs to the top of the refrigerator.
11 Apr. 2005
How Many Balloons to Raise Snuffy?
When Snuffy wishes that he could float like a cloud in the sky a Fairy Balloon Person appears to grant his wish.
12 Apr. 2005
American Fruit Stand
Miles watches Alan's fruit stand for the day and gets everyone excited about fruits and vegetables.
14 Apr. 2005
Snuffy Thinks He's Too Big
As Super Chicken quickly comes to the rescue and solves everyone's problems, Super Grover begins to feel sad and useless as a superhero. He thinks that perhaps his friends on Sesame Street don't need him anymore. Celebrity guest Maya Angelou.
Sep. 2005
Baby Bear's First Day of School
Baby Bear has his first day at the Story Book Community School and misses his family. Celebrity guest Shirley Jones.
Who'll Replace the Big Bad Wolf?
The Big Bad Wolf feels so exhausted from having to chase pigs and dress up like a Grandma all the time that he decides to take a vacation. Celebrity guest Harvey Fierstein.
28 Sep. 2005
Grouch Apprentice
Donald Grump, the grouch with the most trash in the world, is looking for a new apprentice. Oscar, Grundgetta, and Elmo can't wait to meet him because if they get chosen, they will get to keep some of Grump's trash. Celebrity guest Larry King.
Bob's Deaf Niece Visits Sesame Street
When Bobs deaf niece visits Sesame Street Telly, Rosita and all of their friends learn how to speak with their hands. Celebrity guest Evelyn Glennie.
29 Dec. 2005
The Adventures of Little Big Bird: Part 1
When Mumford's magic trick goes awry Big Bird is turned into little Big Bird.
30 Dec. 2005
The Adventures of Little Big Bird: Part 2
When Mumford shrinks Big Bird, his new friend, Mike the Lady Bug helps him on his quest to be big again. Celebrity guest Alicia Keys.

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