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Season 24

9 Nov. 1992
Episode #24.1
It's Grandma's Day, so Big Bird and Snuffy dress in capes and go visit their grandmothers with baskets of treats for them in the Little Red Riding Hood tradition. This show is sponsored by the letters G and X and the number 12.
25 Nov. 1992
Episode #24.13
Baby Bear spends the day in daycare, but no matter what goes on there, it always reminds him of Golilocks and the trouble she's caused him in the past, and he can't keep his frustration with her hidden.
1 Dec. 1992
Episode #24.17
Today, the Grand High Triangle Lover is coming to visit the street to name off the triangle lover of the year. Telly is determined to conquer that title, no matter what extremes he has to go to to achieve it.
18 Dec. 1992
Episode #24.30
Elmo shows his special hat, which he calls his imagination hat, in that he likes to imagine while wearing it. But then, on a bike ride with Mike, the hat disappears. So they go to the Bureau of Lost Hats to look for it.
23 Dec. 1992
Episode #24.33
Today, Chicago is feeling sad about being different from other lions, until Mr. Handford and some kids point out that it's a good kind of different. Then, Prairie Dawn tries to explain to Monty that pineapple do not need dentists.
25 Dec. 1992
Episode #24.35
Legendary actor Sir John Feelgood pays a visit and shows Big Bird and Snuffy his ways of pretending. He even cheers Oscar up- by arguing with him.
28 Jan. 1993
Prairie Dawn Is Chased by Sheep
Today, Prairie Dawn is having a very woolly problem. Three sheep confuse her with their owner, the famous Little Bo Peep, and won't stop following her around Sesame Street.
26 Feb. 1993
Episode #24.80
Oscar couldn't sleep a wink last night and is absolutely worn to a frazzle. In trying to catch up on his sleep, he dreams of having "Sound-Off" spray, which keeps everything quiet. He soon realizes that complete silence would be a problem.
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S24, Ep115
16 Apr. 1993
Episode #24.115
Today Oscar is appearing on the Sally Messy Yuckael show, recalling the painful story of the time when he got "involved" with a kitten.
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S24, Ep119
22 Apr. 1993
Episode #24.119
Bob conducts his band of students, who increase the pace as they go along, and Telly makes a hobby out of playing the triangle, which attracts a young Dinger's attention. Sesame Street is sponsored today by the letters K and Y and the number 4.

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