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Season 21

16 Nov. 1989
Episode #21.4
Hoots the Owl hosts a talk show about nighttime on Sesame Street. A highlight is a special version of "The People in Your Neighborhood", all about people who work after dark. Sponsors include the letters D and K and the number 11.
17 Nov. 1989
Episode #21.5
Today we are introduced to Mr. Handford, the new owner of Hooper's Store. After plumbing for half the night, he is anxious to take a nap, but first he has to get Alice Snuffleupagus to fall asleep.
20 Nov. 1989
Episode #21.6
After learning from Luis and Susan that everyone begins life as a child, Big Bird begins imagining what his other grown up friends may have been when they were little.
21 Nov. 1989
Episode #21.7
Shelley the Turtle is afraid of Barkley. Gordon and Gina try to get Shelley to overcome his fear, and if possible, talk to Barkley, pet him, and rub his head. Sesame Street is brought to you by the letters H and M and by the number 6.
22 Nov. 1989
Episode #21.8
Today, having read both "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "Cinderella", Telly decides to see if he can make magic with a real-life pumpkin and beans, and Miles joins in the fun. Today's sponsors are the letters G and U and the number 1.
15 Dec. 1989
Episode #21.25
Maria is trying to teach Gabriella to speak. Oscar claims to have heard the baby say his name. Maria dismisses this as nonsense, but then some other friends say they heard her say "Oscar" as well.
18 Dec. 1989
Episode #21.26
Sonny Friendly gets Maria to play on one of his game shows and gives her a big pile of sand as a prize. She and Luis make use of it by building a sandbox and filling it with the sand. Today's sponsors are the letters P and X and the number 7.
22 Dec. 1989
Episode #21.30
Today, Maria helps Ruby with one of her many experiments, this one concerning finding out what it's like to be blind. Ruby wears a blindfold and tries to use her other senses to figure out what's happening around her.
2 Feb. 1990
Episode #21.60
Big Bird and Snuffy have a play date. Their games involve Snufy blowing on things with his snuffle. Later, Elmo sleeps over at Big Bird's nest. Sesame Street is sponsored by the letters N and S and by the number 2.
9 Feb. 1990
Episode #21.65
Telly, struggling to improve his writing, is paid a visit from his Fairy Godmonster, who bequeaths him with a magic pencil, which gives him writing abilities he never thought he'd have. But how long will it last?
20 Feb. 1990
Episode #21.72
Sesame Street is paid a visit by Bob's brother, Minneapolis, an explorer and archaeologist, who is searching for the Golden Cabbage of Snuffertiti. He knows it is somewhere in a nearby cave, and the only cave around for miles is Snuffy's.
7 Feb. 1990
Episode #21.73
It's Luis's birthday, and Big Bird has a tie and poem for him. Maria helps him wrap them, but keeps having to start over because he keeps forgetting certain details. Later, Elmo gazes at the sky all day just to get a good look at the stars.
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S21, Ep118
26 Apr. 1990
Elmo in Numberland
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