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Season 19

18 Nov. 1987
Episode #19.3
Gina is looking for a job so she can buy a birthday gift for her mother. Meanwhile, David is in desperate need of some help at Hooper's Store. But it takes all day for them to realize they can both accommodate each other.
14 Dec. 1987
Episode #19.21
It's a hot day on Sesame Street and everyone is trying to keep cool. Our sponsors are the letters H and N and the number 11.
17 Dec. 1987
Episode #19.24
Teri Garr plays a student at Oscar's Grouch School.
1 Jan. 1988
Episode #19.35
Telly, struggling to improve his writing, is paid a visit from his Fairy Godmonster, who bequeaths him with a magic pencil, which gives him writing abilities he never thought he'd have. But how long will it last?
11 Jan. 1988
Episode #19.41
Today, at breakfast and lunchtime, Big Bird is delayed at getting a bite to eat, because his friends keep forgetting the keys to the store and birdseed boxes. Sesame Street is brought to you today by the letters J and P and the number 6.
14 Jan. 1988
Episode #19.44
Grouch builder Ronald Grump comes to build Grump Tower on Oscar's property. Oscar loves it until he learns his pets will have to go. Oscar refuses to part with them and wants his old can back. The catch is it will cost forty bags of trash.
19 Jan. 1988
Episode #19.47
Maria is babysitting Oscar's niece, Irvine, who the Count wakes up with his thunder and lightning. Now Irvine is whining and screaming and making quite a scene. And Maria can't figure out how to get her to go back to sleep.
26 Jan. 1988
Episode #19.52
Today, the Count has painted pictures of bats, which are hidden for people to find. Later, Mumford needs a rabbit to pull out of his hat. The one who shows up agrees to be pulled out if Mumford will return the favor afterwards.
1 Feb. 1988
Episode #19.56
Observing how Maria and Luis behave when they're together, Big Bird gets the real scoop on the meaning of love. This episode is sponsored by the letters E and Z and by the number 9.
2 Feb. 1988
Episode #19.57
Snuffy wants to take Barkley for a walk but can't communicate with Linda to ask permission. So he shows her the picture he had drawn of him doing what he wants to do for real, and it works.
4 Feb. 1988
Episode #19.59
After Big Bird delivers a false alarm that Maria and Luis are getting married, Bob gets all excited and writes a song for the occasion, which he entitles "Love in the Fix-It Shop". Today's sponsors are the letter J and N and the number 7.
9 May 1988
Episode #19.126
With Maria and Luis's wedding coming up, Bob and Don Music have co-written a special song just for the occasion, which features the word Amor. The engaged, couple, however, is not thrilled by it.

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