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7 Jan. 1972
House Made of Dark Mist
Billie is a Native American student, new to Whitman High, befriended by Jason. Mr. Dixon's class is studying Indian treatment and Billie is sensitive to anything calling attention to his heritage, lashing out at classmates.
14 Jan. 1972
Where Is It Written?
Liz McIntyre has two students needing guidance. Craig feels unable to live up to his family's academic achievements and become a minister while Judy acts out in anger over her home life. A chance meeting cutting class helps both of them.
21 Jan. 1972
And in This Corner...
Teacher, Pete Dixon, invites a young student (Champion) into the ring to test his boxing skills. If he can beat his teacher (Dixon), then he will drop out of school to pursue a boxing career.
28 Jan. 1972
We Hold These Truths
Alice Johnson meets an older man who is a new American citizen and has firm ideas concerning the display of the US flag. When a student art exhibit uses the flag, he vandalizes it then tries to explain why.
11 Feb. 1972
I Gave My Love
Veteran teacher Vivian Higgins answers student Joe Bob honestly when he has questions regarding sexually transmitted diseases. That angers his father and is against school policy which could cost Miss Higgins her job.
18 Feb. 1972
The Witch of Whitman High
Andrea has moved around as a student and she immediately stands out at Whitman by claiming mystical powers. Her classmates are either intrigued or bothered and Miss Johnson tries to convince her that she doesn't need a gimmick.
25 Feb. 1972
The Quitter
Donnie is the outstanding swimmer at Whitman's but decides to quit because he wants time for other things. His father Sid reacts badly and blames Pete. Donnie joins too many groups and finds new pressures.
3 Mar. 1972
There's No Fool Like...
Pete is concerned about the number of students who smoke and decides to do something about it. He gets a clinic started to get the kids to kick the habit but none of them are interested in attending.
15 Sep. 1972
A Little Flyer Than Most
A class lesson on the stock market inspires Miss Johnson and some students to invest so they can buy extra school equipment. But the fluctuations preoccupy them and Mr. Kaufman tells them to sell.
22 Sep. 1972
I Wonder If January 15th Will Ever Come Again?
A series of thefts at school concerns the staff and Pete thinks he knows the culprit. Then they catch Jimmie red handed and find his home life is the cause. Mr. Kaufman hopes to have a day that nothing occurs like one January 15th.
29 Sep. 1972
Just Call Me Mr. Shigematsu
A student is sold a defective motorcycle and the class decides to do something about it.
6 Oct. 1972
And He's Not Even Lovable
Tommy Burns and Jason are working on a school project but at Tommy's home Jason is racially insulted by the father. Mr. Burns insists the boys not work together and Tommy learns it's time to stand up against his prejudiced dad.
13 Oct. 1972
Hands Across the Sea
Jason comes up with a fund raising idea but the arrival of Marshall, a polished student from England gets his classmates's attention. Marshall takes over the carnival project which Jason resents and he lashes out.
20 Oct. 1972
The Imposter
Mr. Kaufman puts popular science teacher Mr. Galvez up for a different position and a background check reveals he has no degree. After resigning the Whitman students, led by Joe, try to get their favorite instructor his job back.
27 Oct. 1972
Lift, Thrust and Drag
Pete Dixon teams with pilot Fred to help at risk students but Principal Kaufman has his doubts. It particularly works for almost drop out Eddie who is angered when administrator Cramer has no funds available for it's continuance.
3 Nov. 1972
You Don't Know Me, He Said
Student Carey Whittaker begins skipping class and behaving uncharacteristically irresponsibly. Mr. Dixon ultimately finds out why - Carey has leukemia.
10 Nov. 1972
Walt Whitman Goes Bananas
Herbie has come up with another scheme, this one involving jobs that is tied to eating a record number of bananas. Kaufman has his doubts but Miss McIntyre is encouraging. The media shows up turning it into an event.
17 Nov. 1972
The students protest against a word being censored out of a fictional story written for the school newspaper.
24 Nov. 1972
Shoestring Catch
Otis is a new student at Whitman who has spent years in foster care and now lives with Mrs. Fowler. Miss Johnson learns he has a brilliant mind but reads at a 4th grade level. She tries to get him help to improve but he resists.
1 Dec. 1972
Elizabeth Brown Is Failing
Beloved teacher Miss Brown is starting to decline mentally because of her age with faculty and students starting to notice. Mr Kaufman faces one of his toughest dilemmas in deciding what to do.
8 Dec. 1972
Mr. Wrong
Frank is a new teacher at Whitman and takes an interest in Alice. She keeps accepting dates with him but finds him dull and doesn't know how to turn him down. Pete, thinking of a principal's job, learns about the paperwork involved.
22 Dec. 1972
The Nichols Girl
Stretch is hit by a basketball, breaking his braces, while looking at Phyllis Nichols who is cheerleading braless. The incident leads to an uproar over the school's lack of a dress code and student freedom.

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