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Season 1

17 Apr. 1969
A college grid star, potential Heisman trophy recipient and big pro football draft choice, is plagued by a mysterious ailment, but refuses treatment in fear of jeopardizing his career.
24 Sep. 1969
The Last Ten Yards
An aspiring football star (O.J. Simpson) refuses treatment that may harm his budding career.
1 Oct. 1969
Gannon believes a young boy is the victim of a beating rather than a fall.
8 Oct. 1969
Emergency in Ward E
A college student stumbles into the hospital with a bullet in his neck and emotional problems.
15 Oct. 1969
A Life Is Waiting
A heart condition threatens a woman's pregnancy. She wants to risk the pregnancy while her husband wants her to have a therapeutic abortion.
22 Oct. 1969
The Battle of Lily Wu
An injured Vietnamese girl is brought to the United States for treatment, then resists it.
29 Oct. 1969
The Crooked Circle
A college student about to undergo surgery for an abdominal condition is also addicted to shooting up methamphetamine (speed).
12 Nov. 1969
Thousands and Thousands of Miles
A young pregnant woman with a hemorrhaging kidney is rejected by her angry father and gets little support from her feckless boyfriend.
19 Nov. 1969
The Sharpest Edge
Gannon butts heads with the new acting chief of surgery (John Marley), believing he is too quick to schedule surgeries.
26 Nov. 1969
A student (Michael Burns) violently attacks a psychology professor (Lloyd Bochner). Gannon suspects the student has a neurological disorder.
3 Dec. 1969
The Fallen Image
A U.S. ambassador (Walter Pidgeon) has a heart condition that could jeopardize a crucial meeting.
10 Dec. 1969
The Loner
A reclusive widow (Lee Grant) tentatively reaches out to a newly orphaned Mexican boy.
17 Dec. 1969
24 Hours
Gannon comes to the aid of a student nurse who is efficient but resented by some for taking her own initiative too often. When a bus crash brings in a couple dozen patients, it puts her even more to the test.
31 Dec. 1969
The Adversaries
Two interns (Patricia Quinn and Christopher Stone) are both being considered for a much-prized residency. And one of them is not above manipulation and sabotage to get it.
7 Jan. 1970
The Deceived
A young woman (Carrie Snodgress) is is need of a kidney but family secrets prevent a donation from her parents (Inga Swenson and Pat Hingle)
14 Jan. 1970
Moment of Decision
Dr. Paul Lochner (James Daly) must tell his daughter Jennifer (Tyne Daly) that she has a serious arterial condition which may require surgery and possibly delay her upcoming wedding.
21 Jan. 1970
Gannon tries to bridge a gap between a homeless17-year-old (Richard Thomas) suffering blackouts and his immigrant father (Simon Oakland).
4 Feb. 1970
Fright and Flight
Gannon suspects a blind girl recovering from a motorcycle accident may have hysterical blindness.
11 Feb. 1970
A Duel with Doom
A young minister needs to undergo heart surgery as soon as possible, but he wants to put it off because he is more concerned with keeping one of the parolees he is working with out of trouble.
25 Feb. 1970
A Matter of Tomorrow
Nurse Marge Bowen (Mercedes McCambridge) successfully convinces a young singer (Cliff Potts) to have surgery that could affect his voice. But she steals pain pills rather than face her own health problems.
4 Mar. 1970
Care Is No Cure
An overworked Dr. Gannon is forced to take a vacation. He travels to Mexico and falls in love with a woman with a terminal disease.
11 Mar. 1970
The Professional
Former football legend Ollie Wayne checks into the hospital and told that his legs need vascular surgery. If postponed, it could lead to amputation. But he keeps stalling surgery.
18 Mar. 1970
The Combatants
A determined researcher is overly eager to test a promising new drug on a 19-year-old patient with Hodgkin's Disease, but Gannon is reluctant because of a lack of information about the possible side effects.
25 Mar. 1970
The V.D. Story
Gannon protects a young student wife suffering from VD and faces a medical board hearing for violating hospital code.
1 Apr. 1970
His Brother's Keeper
Dr. Martin Lambert is so proud of his eldest son Jerry, a diving champion aiming for the Olympics, that he refuses to believe the boy may have a muscular disorder. And because of his obsession with Jerry's future, he has neglected his younger son.
8 Apr. 1970
The Rebel in White
A young, ambitious black resident thinks that Gannon is too reluctant to allow him to perform surgery, and that his assignment to a low income elderly white Southern patient is somehow meant as an insult.
15 Apr. 1970
Between Dark and Daylight
After going through four spontaneous abortions in two years, a young woman wants to be sterilized, but her husband is ambiguous and Gannon feels she is acting too hastily in making her decision.

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