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7 Jan. 1975
Dark Fury: Part 1
Kiley's medical and personal lives come into conflict after he takes Susan Davis (a former patient of his) out to dinner. Susan has been harassed by her ex-boyfriend, Wayne, who stalks her undeterred as Kiley repeatedly warns him off. On the night of Kiley's dinner date, Wayne breaks into Susan's apartment and attempts to rape her. Kiley runs in and scares Wayne off, then goes after him. As Kiley is going after Wayne (to get a license and car description so he can contact the police), Wayne loses control of his car and crashes into a concrete barrier, seriously ...
14 Jan. 1975
Dark Fury: Part 2
Kiley finds himself fighting for his medical career after Wayne Trent - the man who was stalking his ex-girlfriend, who was now dating Kiley - files a medical malpractice lawsuit against him, all in the aftermath of a car chase and subsequent accident in which Wayne was seriously injured.
11 Feb. 1975
Jake's Okay
Kiley becomes a mentor-of-sorts to a teen-aged boy named Jake, who - thanks to a disorder caused by undetected minimal brain damage - has poor social skills and does poorly in school.
16 Sep. 1975
The Fruitfulness of Mrs. Steffie Rhodes
Dealing with meager means, a woman expecting quintuplets due to fertility treatments is berated by a disapproving landlord, harassed by the media and besieged by companies wanting to benefit from the woman's circumstances.
23 Sep. 1975
The Lie
14 Oct. 1975
To Live Another Day
A Jewish boy named Simon, who is suffering from a series of illnesses, longs to recover in time for his Bar Mitzvah. But his parents quarrel over whether he should go through with the ceremony, complicating his recovery.
28 Oct. 1975
The Tidal Wave
The Kileys' seemingly amicable plumber suffers from a series of uncontrolled violent outbursts, and it's up to Kiley and Welby to find out why and prescribe treatment ... before the man kills someone.

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