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1 Jan. 1974
The Comeback
A recovering alcoholic orthopedic surgeon tries to rebuild her reputation.
8 Jan. 1974
A Full Life
A medical researcher, despondent when his grandson's decides to become a professional athlete rather than follow in his footsteps refuses treatment for a fatal form of malaria so Welby hires a headstrong nurse to enforce treatment.
15 Jan. 1974
No Charity for the MacAllisters
An impoverished Appalachian family have moved to Los Angeles looking for work but they are hesitant to get medical treatment for looming health problems because tradition says to not accept anything they can't pay for.
22 Jan. 1974
Each Day a Miracle
Nancy Riggs has been in remission for her leukemia for six years and with the blessing of Welby and her oncologist wants to move back into the outside world but her father wants to keep her in a sterile cocoon the rest of her life.
29 Jan. 1974
The Fear of Silence
An air traffic controller faces a career-threatening illness.
5 Feb. 1974
Angela's Nightmare
Consuela becomes the only person who can communicate with a young, malnourished and frightened girl known only as Angela who has been brought to Juvenile Hall for stealing food.
12 Feb. 1974
The Mugging
Welby's neighbors struggle to recover when the wife is attacked outside their home.
19 Feb. 1974
The Latch-Key Child
Kiley befriends a struggling waitress and her children.
26 Feb. 1974
Out of Control
An aspiring race car driver refuses to find out what is causing severe headaches because it may endanger his career but the headaches send him into uncontrollable fits of rage that endanger him and everyone around him.
5 Mar. 1974
I've Promised You a Father: Part 1
The sister of a nurse who's attracted to Kiley accuses him of getting her pregnant, so Welby asks Owen Marshall to defend him.
12 Mar. 1974
A fashion designer's fainting spells send her to Dr. Welby with unexpected results.
10 Sep. 1974
The Brittle Warrior
A veteran police sergeant (and new grandfather) tries to hide the debilitating effects of arthritis from his superior officers ... in particular, his son-in-law.
17 Sep. 1974
The Faith of Childish Things
The mother of a young boy is a strong believer in a religious group called The Satan Fighters. When he becomes fatally ill, she believes he is being taken by his guardian angel to heaven and refuses medical treatment to allow this miracle to happen. Dr. Welby must do everything in his power to save the boy.
24 Sep. 1974
Last Flight to Babylon
A young pilot who successfully undergoes treatment for bladder cancer becomes suicidal when his medical history prevents his employment and causes his girlfriend to shun him.
1 Oct. 1974
To Father a Child
A political candidate becomes prone to sudden fits of temper, irrationality and forgetfulness.
8 Oct. 1974
The Outrage
Welby tries to get a high school student, who was raped by his pedophile teacher, to reveal his assailant.
15 Oct. 1974
The Fatal Challenge
Kiley is frustrated by a resident at Lang Memorial's Family Practices Clinic who is prone to making rash and non-medical diagnoses.
22 Oct. 1974
A Fevered Angel
Because of her religious beliefs, a mother refuses to get medical help for her seriously ill son even though the inattention may lead to his death.
29 Oct. 1974
Life outside the ring - permanently - is not easy for Danny Williams, a promising young fighter who shields the fact that he is epileptic from his wife. Williams struggles with having to adjust to a new life, despite the best efforts of Welby, Kiley and Williams' wife, Laurie.
12 Nov. 1974
No Gods in Sight
A doctor who has spent years in medical research has trouble adjusting to family medicine because of a lack of interpersonal skills and because he cannot deal with pain in other people.
19 Nov. 1974
Hell Is Upstairs
A young couple has a daughter who has unexplained attacks and keeps her hidden. Welby and Kiley diagnose her as having tortion dystonia, a disease similar to muscular dystrophy. The surgical process to releave her symptoms is shown.
26 Nov. 1974
The Last Rip-Off
Dr. Welby's patient dies in the night and her daughter agrees, under grieving duress, to a $5000 funeral. In the meantime, Dr. Kiley's long-time friend develops problems with his kidneys, and is unable to attend the opening of his art exhibit. Not to worry, Marcus Welby, M.D. is on both cases!
3 Dec. 1974
Child of Silence
Dr. Welby treats a young girl who almost drowned. His biggest challenge is getting through to the girl's mother who adamantly will not let her hearing-impaired daughter be seen by a specialist.
10 Dec. 1974
The 266 Days
A career woman, delighted to be pregnant at last, joins Consuelo's medical care group for pregnant women.
17 Dec. 1974
The Resident
Welby is concerned with a young resident shows more concern with the clinical aspects of his cases than with the patients themselves.

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