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6 Jan. 1970
The Soft Phrase of Peace
Dr. Welby treats the son of a black leader who is injured by police during a demonstration.
13 Jan. 1970
Fun and Games and Michael Ambrose
A diabetic threatens to stop taking his insulin shots to get even with his father, whom he blames for his mother's suffering.
27 Jan. 1970
The Legacy
Consuelo's mother is diagnosed with a malignant tumor, and although she accepts the doctor's diagnosis, she finds it hard to accept her roommate, a sour woman dealing with a heart condition.
3 Feb. 1970
Dance to No Music
A newly married man asks Dr. Welby to perform a vasectomy. The man believes he has Huntington's Chorea and fears passing the disease down to his children. Welby and Kiley calm the heartbroken wife while attempting to confirm the diagnosis.
10 Feb. 1970
Go Get 'Em, Tiger
While visiting a drug rehab clinic, Dr. Kiley is shocked to see that one of its patients is Mr. Chambers, who used to own an auto repair shop and gave Kiley his first job in order to save money to go to college. Chambers' life fell apart after his daughter was killed in a car accident--he lost his business, became addicted to heroin, turned to crime to support his habit and served a stretch in prison. Kiley is determined to help Chambers get is life back on track, but he runs into unexpected difficulties.
17 Feb. 1970
Nobody Wants a Fat Jockey
Dr. Kiley's old friend Dinty is a jockey endangering his life by abusing diet pills as a desperate measure to maintain an impossibly low weight.
24 Feb. 1970
The Other Side of the Chart
Kiley undergoes a bout with chicken pox, and the young physician deals with an oil field worker who worries over the prospect of having bladder cancer.
3 Mar. 1970
The "Merely" Syndrome
Though she underwent a successful heart surgery as a young girl, a newlywed suffers heart seizures as an adult. Wanting a full life, she pushes the limits despite an overprotective husband.
10 Mar. 1970
Sea of Security
An oceanographer diagnosed with caisson disease (aka "the bends") insists on one last dive, despite Dr. Welby's warnings that just one dive might kill him.
17 Mar. 1970
The Daredevil Gesture
A hemophiliac begs Dr. Welby to keep his condition secret from his new schoolmates. Dr. Welby is concerned that he risks his health to achieve a normal teenage existence.
24 Mar. 1970
Dr. Kiley rescues a young boy with asthma and meets Enid Cooper, a compassionate counselor at an orphanage whose medicine cabinet suggests a dependence on prescription drugs.
14 Apr. 1970
Rebel Doctor
Dr. Welby steps in to help a former classmate of Dr. Kiley's, a maverick young doctor who is fighting to keep his neighborhood clinic operational.
22 Sep. 1970
A Very Special Sailfish
Cathy Cullen is a pretty high school senior girl comes out of her shell after a successful diet. Shedding her former wallflower self, Cathy quickly becomes popular with boys ... too popular, as she soon contracts a venereal disease. Welby presses for answers as Cathy continually resists treatment and refuses to reveal from where she may have transmitted VD.
29 Sep. 1970
The Worth of a Man
A brilliant trial attorney named Corday - an old Navy friend of Welby's - refuses to interrupt a landmark case for treatment of cancerous lymph nodes. Corday's stubbornness rubs off on his junior partner, who is also suffering from health issues of his own ... and it may cost them much more than a judgment in their favor.
6 Oct. 1970
Warn the World About Mike
Dr. Kiley's brother believes he is dying and refuses to seek help.
13 Oct. 1970
The efforts of Welby and Kiley to battle a flu epidemic are complicated by a rich hypochondriac.
20 Oct. 1970
To Get Through the Night
A psychiatrist discovers he is the victim of a fatal form of sclerosis.
27 Oct. 1970
Daisy in the Shadows
The mother of a mentally handicapped child is forced to realize that she must allow the child to live with foster parents.
10 Nov. 1970
Scientist Rick Rivera suffers from the physical and psychological after-effects of ingesting hallucinogenic drugs during a trip to Mexico. It is up to Welby to help Rivera cope and force him off the drugs.
17 Nov. 1970
The Girl from Rainbow Beach
Just before her marriage, a young woman discovers she is a victim of a form of leprosy.
24 Nov. 1970
Aura to a New Tomorrow
A young epileptic's effort to hide his affliction endangers his life.
1 Dec. 1970
Sounding Brass
A proud young father refuses to bring his supposedly mentally challenged son to a free clinic for treatment.
8 Dec. 1970
To Carry the Sun in a Golden Cup
Dr. Welby suspects a young nurse is suffering from a hereditary muscular disease.
15 Dec. 1970
All the Golden Dandelions Are Gone
A father with mononucleosis endangers his life by not following Welby's advice.
22 Dec. 1970
Brave on a Mountain Top
Dr. Welby urges a young American Indian with emphysema to return to the clean air of the reservation.

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