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Season 5

11 Sep. 1973
The Panic Path
Welby gets dragged into a difficult situation after a friend confides he has lost sexual attraction to his wife. To cover the problem the friend tells his wife he is being treated by Welby, while all the time evidence mounts he is actually having an affair.
18 Sep. 1973
A Joyful Song
A young nun is brought into the hospital and faces a life threatening illness in leukemia. She struggles to come to terms with the situation and her faith, while continuing to try to inspire those around her to be positive.
25 Sep. 1973
For Services Rendered
A coronary bypass may be the only thing that can save the life of dry-cleaning store operator Fred Pulaski. But Pulaski, determined to retire with his wife to a ranch in Southern California, is determined not to have the surgery - he doesn't have health insurance or savings to fund both the surgery and the ranch - and instead keeps his health a secret.
2 Oct. 1973
Blood Kin
An Italian family become concerned when their daughter is diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. The secret to treating the girl is found in her parents blood, but they have a fear of doctors and hospitals in general.
9 Oct. 1973
The Light at the Threshold
A teenage girl suffers from a catastrophic eye condition that could leave her blind. Welby searches for answers while the girl tries to adapt to her situation.
16 Oct. 1973
A Question of Fault
A young boy looses his arm due to poor treatment. The boys father struggles to deal with his perception the boy wont grow up to be a man. To complicate matters the ugly notion of a malpractice is raised.
23 Oct. 1973
Friends in High Places
A man dying of cancer is frustrated that his youngest son continues to pursue an acting career despite a lack of success and resents the fact that he has returned to LA for acting opportunities and not just to see him.
30 Oct. 1973
The Endless Moment
A former girlfriend comes back into Kiley's life and they quickly decide to get married but when she is diagnosed with lupus, Steve's natural reticence to impart bad news makes it difficult to let her know she will become an invalid.
6 Nov. 1973
The Tall Tree
A talented psychotherapist working with trouble tackles problems with his health and his job.
20 Nov. 1973
The Circles of Shame
Welby is puzzled when a young woman and bride-to-be being treated for an ulcer tries to give herself an abortion, unaware that she is trying to conceal the fact that a co-worker had raped her.
27 Nov. 1973
A soldier returns from an extended tour in Vietnam with an adopted orphan in tow. The child's presence causes unintended tensions with his wife, child and mother-in-law.
11 Dec. 1973
A Cry in the Night
A marine biologist refuses to take even routine medical exams because she fears the effect test results will make on her professional and personal life.
18 Dec. 1973
Death Is Only a Side Effect
A young woman with chronic kidney disease lapses into a coma from complete renal failure and her husband blames Kiley for improperly prescribing the drug she was taking while Welby and Kiley race against time to find the actual cause.
1 Jan. 1974
The Comeback
A recovering alcoholic orthopedic surgeon tries to rebuild her reputation.
8 Jan. 1974
A Full Life
A medical researcher, despondent when his grandson's decides to become a professional athlete rather than follow in his footsteps refuses treatment for a fatal form of malaria so Welby hires a headstrong nurse to enforce treatment.
15 Jan. 1974
No Charity for the MacAllisters
An impoverished Appalachian family have moved to Los Angeles looking for work but they are hesitant to get medical treatment for looming health problems because tradition says to not accept anything they can't pay for.
22 Jan. 1974
Each Day a Miracle
Nancy Riggs has been in remission for her leukemia for six years and with the blessing of Welby and her oncologist wants to move back into the outside world but her father wants to keep her in a sterile cocoon the rest of her life.
29 Jan. 1974
The Fear of Silence
An air traffic controller faces a career-threatening illness.
5 Feb. 1974
Angela's Nightmare
Consuela becomes the only person who can communicate with a young, malnourished and frightened girl known only as Angela who has been brought to Juvenile Hall for stealing food.
12 Feb. 1974
The Mugging
Welby's neighbors struggle to recover when the wife is attacked outside their home.
19 Feb. 1974
The Latch-Key Child
Kiley befriends a struggling waitress and her children.
26 Feb. 1974
Out of Control
An aspiring race car driver refuses to find out what is causing severe headaches because it may endanger his career but the headaches send him into uncontrollable fits of rage that endanger him and everyone around him.
5 Mar. 1974
I've Promised You a Father: Part 1
The sister of a nurse who's attracted to Kiley accuses him of getting her pregnant, so Welby asks Owen Marshall to defend him.
12 Mar. 1974
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