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Season 3

14 Sep. 1971
Tender Comrade
Welby's widowed neighbor embarks on a new relationship but her children aren't the only complication.
21 Sep. 1971
A Portrait of Debbie
A few months following the death of their daughter, a couple decide to adopt a young girl of the same age in order to help solve their building marital problems. The child's medical problems though only make things worse for all concerned.
28 Sep. 1971
In My Father's House
After his father suffers a stroke, Steve and the Kiley family are confronted with some arduous decisions with regard to their sire's care.
5 Oct. 1971
I Can Hardly Tell You Apart
A burn victim's recovery is delayed due to problems finding a skin-graft donor.
12 Oct. 1971
This Is Max
Welby agrees to host an old friend's son unaware that the boy is a Japanese child.
19 Oct. 1971
Men Who Care: Part 1
Welby has a patient whose overprotective father is accused of murdering her boyfriend, so he asks Owen Marshall to defend the man.
26 Oct. 1971
Ask Me Again Tomorrow
A brilliant but stressed neurosurgeon seeks help from pills and alcohol.
2 Nov. 1971
Don't Phase Me Out
A man who has become obsessed with his work to the exclusion of everything else, including his wife and son, is forced to re-evaluate his priorities when a mild coronary is found to be caused by a potentially fatal heart condition.
9 Nov. 1971
Echo from Another World
A hot shot neurologist from the East, Kiley's old friend, endangers Welby's patient.
16 Nov. 1971
The Best Is Yet to Be
A wealthy widow falls prey to a charming gigolo at her new retirement hotel unaware that he is seriously ill.
23 Nov. 1971
A Yellow Bird
Consuelo comes to the aid of an asthmatic neighbor child.
30 Nov. 1971
They Grow Up
A young English professor develops hypertension while caring for his mentally challenged younger sister. His condition worsens when he realizes she has matured into a young woman and has fallen in love with one of his students.
7 Dec. 1971
Of Magic Shadow Shapes
An aging film director puts off surgery on a potentially fatal heart condition in order to satisfy his ego and the ruthless ambitions of a young graduate student.
14 Dec. 1971
A carefree Vietnam vet has to learn about personal responsibility when his rare blood type is the only thing that can keep a young boy suffering from insecticide poisoning alive.
4 Jan. 1972
The Basic Moment: Part 1
Dr. Welby is surprised when his daughter and grandson show up from South America unexpectedly.
11 Jan. 1972
The Basic Moment: Part 2
Dr. Welby, his daughter Sandy, and her husband Ray face some difficult decisions.
25 Jan. 1972
All the Pretty People
Kiley's friend, a well-known tennis player faces a career change.
1 Feb. 1972
I'm Really Trying
As a child an army officer transmitted a virus to his younger brother that left him mentally handicapped and led to his death. Now he refuses to accept that his oldest son may have minimal brain damage in case it turns out to be his fault.
8 Feb. 1972
Is It So Soon That I Am Done for - I Wonder What I Was Begun For?
After the death of their baby from SIDS, a young couple agree to take in a four year-old as a foster child but it soon becomes apparent that the mother is not ready to move on from her baby's death.
15 Feb. 1972
Just a Little Courage
A professor's plans to quit teaching and return to writing change when his brother needs assistance.
22 Feb. 1972
Don't Talk About Darkness
A middle-aged couple expecting a child face other issues when he begins to loose his vision.
29 Feb. 1972
Once There Was a Bantu Prince
A young married social worker seeks custody of an abandoned child who shares the same illness.
7 Mar. 1972
A Taste of Salt
A middle-aged Couple must learn to deal with the fact that their new-born son has cystic fibrosis.
14 Mar. 1972
Solomon's Choice
Welby's niece/god-child has a difficult pregnancy.

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