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Season 2

22 Sep. 1970
A Very Special Sailfish
Cathy Cullen is a pretty high school senior girl comes out of her shell after a successful diet. Shedding her former wallflower self, Cathy quickly becomes popular with boys ... too popular, as she soon contracts a venereal disease. Welby presses for answers as Cathy continually resists treatment and refuses to reveal from where she may have transmitted VD.
29 Sep. 1970
The Worth of a Man
A brilliant trial attorney named Corday - an old Navy friend of Welby's - refuses to interrupt a landmark case for treatment of cancerous lymph nodes. Corday's stubbornness rubs off on his junior partner, who is also suffering from health issues of his own ... and it may cost them much more than a judgment in their favor.
6 Oct. 1970
Warn the World About Mike
Dr. Kiley's brother believes he is dying and refuses to seek help.
13 Oct. 1970
The efforts of Welby and Kiley to battle a flu epidemic are complicated by a rich hypochondriac.
20 Oct. 1970
To Get Through the Night
A psychiatrist discovers he is the victim of a fatal form of sclerosis.
27 Oct. 1970
Daisy in the Shadows
The mother of a mentally handicapped child is forced to realize that she must allow the child to live with foster parents.
10 Nov. 1970
Scientist Rick Rivera suffers from the physical and psychological after-effects of ingesting hallucinogenic drugs during a trip to Mexico. It is up to Welby to help Rivera cope and force him off the drugs.
17 Nov. 1970
The Girl from Rainbow Beach
Just before her marriage, a young woman discovers she is a victim of a form of leprosy.
24 Nov. 1970
Aura to a New Tomorrow
A young epileptic's effort to hide his affliction endangers his life.
1 Dec. 1970
Sounding Brass
A proud young father refuses to bring his supposedly mentally challenged son to a free clinic for treatment.
8 Dec. 1970
To Carry the Sun in a Golden Cup
Dr. Welby suspects a young nurse is suffering from a hereditary muscular disease.
15 Dec. 1970
All the Golden Dandelions Are Gone
A father with mononucleosis endangers his life by not following Welby's advice.
22 Dec. 1970
Brave on a Mountain Top
Dr. Welby urges a young American Indian with emphysema to return to the clean air of the reservation.
5 Jan. 1971
Another Buckle for Wesley Hill
A man who prided himself on his physical condition and active life must come to terms with the fact that his illness will eventually mean the complete loss of his independence.
19 Jan. 1971
False Spring
Kiley falls for a married woman who has been diagnosed with tuberculosis, after realizing that the woman's husband is emotionally distant with her. Getting the man to come to terms with his wife's condition and realize the seriousness of her condition uncovers some deep-seated secrets of his past.
26 Jan. 1971
A Passing of Torches
A former teacher who is dying and a confused medical student complicate efforts to honor the educator.
2 Feb. 1971
A Woman's Place
Dr. Welby tries to help an alcoholic orthopedic surgeon.
16 Feb. 1971
A Spanish Saying I Made Up
Dr. Welby's nurse Consuelo falls in love with a rich man with old-fashioned principles.
23 Feb. 1971
Despite repeated warnings by Kiley and Welby, a young woman insists on surgery to cure her paralysis. When the doctors stand firm, she sues them for malpractice, hoping to proceed with the surgery. Instead, secrets about her strained relationship with her estranged father rise to the surface.
2 Mar. 1971
Don't Kid a Kidder
Problems occur after Dr. Welby helps a blind woman arrange plastic surgery for her big-eared son.
9 Mar. 1971
Elegy for a Mad Dog
A rabid dog belonging to a mentally challenged teen-aged boy bites Welby.
16 Mar. 1971
The Contract
Dr. Welby becomes involved in a strained marriage when he assists the wife of a musician who becomes ill on a flight to Los Angeles.
23 Mar. 1971
The Windfall
A young girl develops an ulcer because she feels her rich parents don't love her.
30 Mar. 1971
The House of Alquist
Dr. Welby urges a young woman to break with her despotic father and marry the man she loves.

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