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Season 7

9 Sep. 1975
Tomorrow May Never Come
Kiley falls in love with the new public relations director at Lang Memorial.
16 Sep. 1975
The Fruitfulness of Mrs. Steffie Rhodes
Dealing with meager means, a woman expecting quintuplets due to fertility treatments is berated by a disapproving landlord, harassed by the media and besieged by companies wanting to benefit from the woman's circumstances.
23 Sep. 1975
The Lie
Janet's former boyfriend, Eric Brandon, returns to LA and sees Welby about a possible recurrence of his skin cancer. When surgery is called for, Brandon deliberately doesn't tell Welby of a recent stroke, which could endanger his life.
30 Sep. 1975
The Covenant
Welby faces a lawsuit when he gives a woman a blood transfusion in order to save her life even though he knows the procedure is against her religious beliefs.
7 Oct. 1975
The Double-Edged Razor
A teenage girl suffers a mild stroke during a high school exam and Kiley is concerned that even though initial tests come back normal there is something seriously wrong with the girl.
14 Oct. 1975
To Live Another Day
A Jewish boy named Simon, who is suffering from a series of illnesses, longs to recover in time for his Bar Mitzvah. But his parents quarrel over whether he should go through with the ceremony, complicating his recovery.
21 Oct. 1975
An End and a Beginning
An autistic young man complicates Kiley's wedding preparations.
28 Oct. 1975
The Tidal Wave
The Kileys' seemingly amicable plumber suffers from a series of uncontrolled violent outbursts, and it's up to Kiley and Welby to find out why and prescribe treatment ... before the man kills someone.
4 Nov. 1975
The Strange Behavior of Paul Kelland
A structural engineer develops severe mood swings and alternating periods of insomnia and drowsiness causing deep concern for his wife as well as Welby and Kiley.
11 Nov. 1975
Calculated Risk
Welby's joy at his daughter's return from South America is tempered by the realization that his son-in-law may be suffering from a serious heart problem.
18 Nov. 1975
Killers of Dreams
Five years after losing one of her kidneys to disease, a young woman suffers a relapse and the possibility of losing her other one. This causes worries that her illness may destroy her career and force her to cancel her upcoming wedding.
2 Dec. 1975
The Medea Factor
A deeply introverted young boy arrives at an orphanage and there is no indication of who he is or where he came from. Just as the head nun starts making some progress she becomes critically ill and has to be isolated in the hospital.
16 Dec. 1975
Go Ahead and Cry
Consuelo faces difficult decisions after a diagnosis of fibroid tumors.
6 Jan. 1976
Strike Two!
Welby and Kiley endeavor to help a once-promising baseball player rebuild his life after alcohol misuse ends his career.
13 Jan. 1976
How Do You Know What Hurts Me?
June is a Vegas dancer who has become very ill from a botched silicone breast implant. The moral of the story is to go to a reputable plastic surgeon for a proper silicone implant procedure.
20 Jan. 1976
Prisoner of the Island Cell: Part 1
A teen-aged "Brittle Diabetic" struggles to maintain control of her health. Welby and Kiley refer her to a promising young doctor with problems of his own. Part 1 of 2.
27 Jan. 1976
Prisoner of the Island Cell: Part 2
A teen-aged "Brittle Diabetic" struggles to maintain control of her health. Welby and Kiley refer her to a promising young doctor with problems of his own. Part 2 of 2.
17 Feb. 1976
The Highest Mountain
Immense Pressure builds for Steve when Dr. Welby is away, and He has a fight with Janet. He must climb "The Highest Mountain."
24 Feb. 1976
To Trump an Ace
A pilot suffers what seems to be an asthma attack while flying the Kileys to Mexico. Further testing is needed to get proper diagnosis. The pilot is stubborn and delays testing. He fears he will lose his license and his livelihood.
2 Mar. 1976
All Passions Spent
Thirteen years ago, Kiley' college roommate, Vince Dager married Steve's girlfriend, Susan. When Vince suffers a severe heart attack, Kiley agrees to take the case but his presence appears o be hindering the recovery.
27 Apr. 1976
Aspects of Love
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4 May 1976
Vanity Case
Paul Moran is ready to propose to Welby's daughter but the hospitalization of his ex-wife for severe headaches threatens to put a hitch in the plans.

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