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Season: 1 | 2
Year: 1969 | 1970

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Why Do You Want to Be a Doctor?

12 July 1969
Michael Upton attends an interview at St. Swithin's and much to his surprise gets in. One his first day he meets fellow first year medical student Duncan Waring and Dick Stuart Clark who is taking the first year for the fifth time. After a rambling introduction by the Dean, Upton and Waring are sent to see Stebings by Professor Loftus. He gives them a frozen arm but due to some deliberate misdirection by Paul Collier, they end up upsetting some women patients and then being caught by a policeman outside who fortunately for them faints. The arm is eventually stored for safe keeping by Stuart Clark at the back of the pub.

Season 1, Episode 2: Settling In

19 July 1969
Michael Upton is trying to move into his room and receives a few visitors. Dick Stuart Clark tries flogging him some old books that Duncan Waring ends up buying. He also leaves him a plastic skeleton on approval which later gets burnt. Dave Briddock makes his first appearance in the series as does Huw Edwards. Later on there is supposed to be a dance at the bar. Most of the lads get drunk and start hassling Alice. Michael jumps in to rescue her and they go to his room so she can dry off. Jealous that he might pull, his friends leave various unsuitable items around his room and then hide in the room next door. At first Alice wants to leave but then she and Michael work out what is going on and make suitable noises to fool the boys next door into thinking they are getting it on.

Season 1, Episode 3: It's All Go...

26 July 1969
Michael Upton is cajoled into getting someone to quiz him and Duncan Waring. He is supposed to ask a junior Doctor and ends up asking Professor Loftus. Needless to say they both fail hopelessly and are told to come back at five. Upton is put off by all the food in the canteen and so he and Waring go to the pub and drink three pints of an extra strength cider by the name of appleyard. They return St. Swithin's completely trolled and stumble into a few rooms they shouldn't be in before eventually arriving at their class. Professor Pearson gets them to take part in an experiment on his oxygen machine. Waring messes around drunkenly whilst poor old Upton has to run up and down the stairs a few times. He is not on the machine long before collapsing. They return to the pub where they run into Loftus who orders himself a pint of appleyard cider claiming it a drink for real men.

Barry Evans ... Michael Upton
Robin Nedwell ... Duncan Waring
Geoffrey Davies ... Dick Stuart-Clark
Peter Greene ... Young Doctor
Ernest Clark ... Professor Geoffrey Loftus
Ursula Barclay ... Janet

Andrew Jack ... Smoothie
Edna Doré ... First Woman Server
Rose Howlett ... Second Woman Server
Grace Newcombe ... Third Woman Server
Winifred Braemar ... Fourth Woman Server
Ruth Harrison ... Cashier
Patrick Connor ... Barman
Joy Stewart ... Physiotherapist
Diana Johnson ... Nervous Lady
Arnold Peters ... Physician
Martin Miller ... Professor Pearson

Season 1, Episode 4: Peace and Quiet

2 August 1969
Michael Upton is fed up with various noises distracting him so decides to find a new room. He moves his stuff into one and resists the advances of the rather fit girl who let him the room for some reason. Her mother arrives home finds a skeleton in Michael's new room and think he is trying to murder his daughter. He doesn't even enter the next house he goes to see due to an extremely camp gentleman who answers the door. He is put off the third room due to the dead body of the previous occupant still being in the bed. He takes the rather spacious fourth room he visits for only two pound a week. After he moves in he finds it has also been let to Duncan Waring, Dick Stuart-Clark, Huw Evans, Dave Briddock and the latter's girlfriend Helga. As if that wasn't crowded enough Helga's cousin turns up to stay for two weeks.

Season 1, Episode 5: The Students Are Revolting!

9 August 1969
A photo of Michael on a magazine cover appears to show him at a protest and the dean is angry with him. However Professor Loftus points out that this is a picture taken in New York and anyway Michael was having tea with him at the time. Some student activists turn up looking for new recruits to their cause and Professor Loftus has the police called. However he is having car trouble and is outside with the protesters when the police arrive and he gets arrested with them. Michael and his colleagues then protest until the professor is released.

Season 1, Episode 6: Rallying Round...

16 August 1969
Michael Upton wants some peace and quiet to study (again) but is cajoled into taking part in a car rally. He is partnered with the mega posh Fiona who doesn't seem that concerned about making a quick start. They stop off to visit her sister and brother-in-law. As the weather is so bad they stay the night. Fiona's sister is heavily pregnant and about to give birth. Michael sends Fiona out to get the doctor as he doesn't think he can cope. She takes half an hour getting ready and making some tea before Michael can get her to leave. He practices delivering a baby by using a teddy bear and the space between the bars on a wooden chair. When it is time for him to help he faints. On the drive back from the doctors Fiona is seen and followed by Duncan Waring and many other fellow students. They arrive back at the house to find the baby has been safely delivered and go down stairs to drink some champagne. It turns out that the baby was delivered by Mr. Cook the gardener.

Season 1, Episode 7: If in Doubt - Cut It Out!

23 August 1969
Michael and his colleagues are attending a lecture on the appendix by the boring Dr. Crowfoot, so boring they change the hands on the clock to get out early. Unfortunately when Michael gets appendicitis, who should be operating on him but the myopic, clumsy Crowfoot! After the operation he believes he may have left a contact lens inside Michael but manages to retrieve it from his patient's pyjama pocket.

Season 1, Episode 8: The War of the Mascots

30 August 1969
When Muriel, St. Swithins' gorilla mascot, is stolen by Highcross, a rival medical school, Michael and company steal the Highcross mascot but the Dean is not amused and says he will discipline the lads unless they beat Highcross at an upcoming rugby match. Paul Collier, however, manages to find a way to divert the opposition and steal Muriel back...though she does disappear again.

Season 1, Episode 9: Getting the Bird

6 September 1969
Tired of his lack of success with women, Michael goes on a date with a supposedly hot nurse nicknamed Rigor Mortis but, after an uneventful evening where he tries without any luck, to get her drunk, he comes to see how she got the name. Duncan admits to having proposed to girl-friend Frances when drunk and his friends have to supply him with an escape route, namely proposing to several other nurses.

Barry Evans ... Michael Upton
George Layton ... Paul Collier

Martin Shaw ... Huw Evans
Geoffrey Davies ... Dick Stuart-Clark
Robert Tayman ... 1st Medic
Michael MacKenzie ... 2nd Medic (as Michael Mackenzie)
Simon Cuff ... Dave Briddock

Yutte Stensgaard ... Helga
Martin Aubrey ... 3rd Medic
Robin Nedwell ... Duncan Waring

Angharad Rees ... Frances

Ric Young ... Chinese Student (as Eric Young)
Belinda Caren ... Yvonne

Mike Grady ... 4th Medic (as Michael Grady)
Helen Fraser ... Rigor Mortis
Cunitia Knight ... Anthea
Penelope Goddard ... Mary

Season 1, Episode 10: The Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Casino

13 September 1969
To earn some money the boys turn their flat into a casino but are visited by The Boss and Malcolm, two heavies who force them to shut down their enterprise. Michael and Duncan then hope to gain extra cash by getting jobs at the casino owned by The Boss and, when the Dean and Professor Loftus come to the casino and the police raid it, they have to get them out undetected.

Season 1, Episode 11: Keep It Clean!

19 September 1969
The ward annual entertainment show is due and the Dean wants it to be good, clean fun. Mike's brother Terry, a very camp ballet dancer, takes charge, recruiting three Christian boys to sing 'We Three Kings' and two female ballet dancers, both of whom do their stuff for the patients. However, the show is stolen by Duncan and company in drag performing saucy songs and the patients tell the - unknowing - Dean that they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Season 1, Episode 12: All for Love....

26 September 1969
Michael falls for a girl called Valerie, only to discover that she is Professor Loftus's daughter. Whilst Mrs. Loftus is civil to Upton, her husband is less so and the point is made that if they get married he should renounce medicine as one doctor in the family is enough. Though Michael does consider this, it's Valerie who breaks with him...and is soon after seen dating fellow medic Huw.

Season 1, Episode 13: Pass or Fail

3 October 1969
Whilst the boys enjoy themselves at a local club reality starts to bite with the fact that their exams are only a fortnight away and no manner of excuses can alter the fact that if they want to get qualified they will have to act in a responsible fashion - the more so as Professor Loftus has cancelled his proposed trip to Australia and will be breathing down their necks all the way.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: It's All in the Little Blue Book

10 April 1970
The boys return for their second year, Michael's father having given him a stethoscope and a little blue book in which to write down cases, though it gets stolen. The students are dismayed to find that Professor Loftus will be teaching them for a second year running. He orders Michael to examine Miss Walker, a girl with a lump on her breast, who turns out to be ticklish despite Upton's efforts to warm his hands. After Miss Walker has gone Loftus orders Michael to strip so he can be examined by the others.

Season 2, Episode 2: What Seems to Be the Trouble?

17 April 1970
The students are let loose on a ward where each is assigned a patient whom they must assess with a report by mid-day. Michael ends up with Mr. Drobnic, a Slav with no English, who manages to elude Michael in his electric wheelchair. Michael thinks he's caught up with him only to find he's ended up with a pregnant woman whilst his patient is carried off in an ambulance.

Season 2, Episode 3: Take Off Your Clothes... and Hide

24 April 1970
The lads visit a Soho strip club where the star attraction is Rita, who comes on in a traffic warden uniform before peeling for her art. When she collapses she is taken to St. Swithins where she becomes a centre of attraction as a patient. Once cured she considers taking up nursing but isn't very good so she makes a compromise by using a nurse's uniform in her strip act.

Season 2, Episode 4: Nice Bodywork - Lovely Finish

1 May 1970
Without a car to take the lads to a rugby match in Cambridge, Collier invests in a hearse, which he parks outside the mortuary. Two orderlies load a coffin onto it and the lads drive off unaware of their cargo. The police, alerted by the mortuary attendant, give chase and Collier drives the hearse to some woods where the coffin is revealed to contain a curious poacher. After the match the coffin is returned.

Barry Evans ... Michael Upton
Robin Nedwell ... Duncan Waring
George Layton ... Paul Collier
Ernest Clark ... Professor Loftus

Nicholas Smith ... Mortuary Keeper
Neil Wilson ... Hearse Driver
Bert Simms ... First Old Man
Wally Patch ... Second Old Man
Kenneth Thornett ... Policeman (as Keneth Thornett)
Charles Workman ... Poacher

Season 2, Episode 5: Look Into My Eyes

8 May 1970
Waring volunteers to be hypnotized in a class by Dr. Towers but is actually faking it. Later Upton does successfully hypnotize him, getting him to mark at the mention of the word Dog. This annoys Towers, in whose class this happens. Waring dozes off and starts sleep-walking, ending up on the roof. The others get him down and take him to Towers, who gets him out of his trance but in the meantime Upton has hypnotized himself.

Season 2, Episode 6: Put Your Hand on That

15 May 1970
Upton and Waring have been chosen to observe Loftus on a two week residency in surgery but Upton is terrified and has a nightmare about an operation. When his friends reveal his phobia to the professor, a plan is hatched whereby Upton is made to assist Loftus in a crisis to perform an emergency operation on Waring. After Loftus has told him that as a young student he also had a morbid fear of operations, Upton sees that it was all a trick for his benefit but it has cured his phobia.

Season 2, Episode 7: The Royal Visit

22 May 1970
A Royal couple are to visit and unveil a plaque, commemorating the opening of a new ward. Anti-Monarchists Collier and Hooley, an Irish medic, steal the plaque and replace it with a toilet seat cover. Upton and Waring save the day by retrieving the plaque and replacing it but, as it is unveiled it is seen to be upside down - and then falls off the wall.

Season 2, Episode 8: If You Can Help Somebody... Don't!

29 May 1970
When Professor Loftus discharges elderly Mrs. Brown, claiming there is nothing wrong with her medically, Upton takes pity on her and visits to see if she is all right. In fact she is a very manipulative woman who, from time to time, pretends to be ill in order to prevent her daughter Margery from leaving home. Upton dates Margery but she is too much under her mother's thumb to leave her for a life of her own.

Season 2, Episode 9: Hot Off the Presses

5 June 1970
Upton is put forward to edit the medical student magazine 'Tonic'. Ingrid, the glamorous girl-friend of medic Dave Briddock, is the cover-girl and there is even a centrefold. It is a huge success - 4000 copies being printed and sold all over London, including in Parliament. Professor Loftus, however, is displeased and demands the withdrawal of every copy, which costs Upton and his friends. However Ingrid has been signed up to pose for 'Plaything' magazine as a result so she and Briddock will foot the bill.

Season 2, Episode 10: A Stitch in Time

12 June 1970
Though no good at first aid Upton and Waring spend a fortnight in casualty. A shop-keeper who was injured in a robbery is brought in by a policeman. Later another man, with an injured ear, arrives and Upton perceives that this is the robber. He runs away but returns later, threatening Upton and Professor Loftus, who has also come in as a patient, with a knife. They are to stitch his ear but they stitch it to a pillow and he is eventually knocked out by the policeman using the enormous bandage that the students have wound around his arm.

Season 2, Episode 11: May the Best Man...

19 June 1970
Michael chats up Jenny at a party, unaware that she is dating Danny Hooley. The lads fall out and to make things worse they must work in the lab as a trio all week. Michael tries to swap shifts to ease matters but ends up kissing Jenny - leading to another fight. They take her out to dinner but fight again as nobody can agree on what to order. Eventually she gives them both up for another man.

Season 2, Episode 12: Doctor on the Box

26 June 1970
A cameras crew is to make a television documentary at St. Swithins and Professor Loftus asks Michael and Dick Stuart-Clark to appear. The other medics are riled and try to sabotage the show, such as Danny Hooley pretending to be an elderly female patient. The crew also capture Loftus and Dick disagreeing over a diagnosis and some very rowdy behaviour in the student bar. It is ultimately revealed when everybody watches the show that its point was to highlight failings in the N.H.S. but Professor Loftus has had enough and wants it switched off.

Season 2, Episode 13: Finals

3 July 1970
It's time for the lads to take their qualifying exams and Michael is so anxious to stay awake for them he takes pep pills - which turn out to be sleeping pills. Thus he falls asleep on the bus on his way to the exam and misses his stop. He flags down a motor-cyclist, who gives him a lift to the hospital and has a heart attack in the car park. Michael saves his life but misses the exam. Professor Loftus is extremely angry until the motor-cyclist comes forward to explain what happened - and Michael qualifies with the others.
Robin Nedwell ... Duncan Waring

Barry Evans ... Michael Upton

Jonathan Lynn ... Danny Hooley
Geoffrey Davies ... Dick Stuart-Clark
George Layton ... Paul Collier
Simon Cuff ... Dave Briddock
Jeanne Mockford ... 1st. Pregnant Lady
Guy Slater ... Young Examiner
Sidney Vivian ... College Officer
Ernest Clark ... Professor Loftus

John Phillips ... Sir Hartley Maynard
Johnnie Clayton ... Mr. Bradford
Bert Palmer ... Deaf Patient
George Merritt ... Deaf Examiner
Glen Whitter ... Bus Conductor

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