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Episode List



18 Jan. 1972
Episode #4.87
The cast of Broadway's "Godspell".
19 Jan. 1972
Episode #4.88
A discussion about celibacy with Reverend Hans Kung, Reverend Avery Dulles, Monsignor Eugene Clark, Dr. Arthur Meisel and Dr. Lester Fehmi.
27 Jan. 1972
Episode #4.93
Third anniversary of the Broadway play "Hair" with cast.
31 Jan. 1972
Episode #4.95
David's guest is Bangladesh leader Sheik Mujibur Rahman.
4 Feb. 1972
Episode #4.99
David's guests are Pakistan Ambassador Zahir Farocoul and the former administrator of the Howard Hughes empire Robert Maheu and his lawyer Morton Galane.
21 Feb. 1972
Episode #4.110
David Frost is in Londonderry and Belfast, Northern Ireland where he talks with separate groups of Catholics and Protestants about the current situation there.
24 Feb. 1972
Episode #4.113
A ninety minute salute to the film "Cabaret" with its stars and director.
25 Feb. 1972
Episode #4.114
A debate on Capital punishment with former prisoners, policemen, a professor of criminology, representatives from the Correction Offices Benevolent Association and the Committee to Abolish Legalized Murder.
2 Mar. 1972
Episode #4.118
Raymond McNally and Radu Florescu discuss the Dracula legend.
14 Mar. 1972
Episode #4.126
A tribute to daytime television, David Frost interviews several actors and creators of soap operas.