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2 Jan. 1970
Father of the Year
Marcia wants to nominate Mike for "Father of the Year." But she wants to keep it a secret, which means she'll have to break family rules to get it done. If she's caught, Mike will punish her--which is exactly what happens.
9 Jan. 1970
54-40 and Fight
Since the boys and girls cannot decide on a mutually satisfactory prize, they hold a contest to determine who gets all of the family's combined trading stamps.
16 Jan. 1970
Mike's Horror-Scope
Mike worries over a newspaper horoscope, which predicts that a strange woman will enter his life. That woman is a fussy perfume heiress, his firm's latest client who wants her perfume factory impossibly designed to her specifications.
23 Jan. 1970
The Undergraduate
Greg's math grades begin to suffer, at the same time he develops a huge crush on someone named "Linda" ... who turns out to be his math teacher.
30 Jan. 1970
Tiger! Tiger!
The Bradys comb the neighborhood in search of runaway dog Tiger.
6 Feb. 1970
The Big Sprain
Alice is confident that she can handle all the housework while Carol is away tending to her hypochondriac Aunt Mary. Alice's assertion quickly exceeds her capabilities when she trips over some of the kids' toys and sprains her ankle. As Alice is told by her doctor to stay off of her ankle, Mike and the kids are left to do the housework, which scares Alice, who believes she will have to clean up whatever mess they make. Despite a plan of who is to do what, each individual's capabilities to do the necessary work and a narrow view of accomplishing his/her own task leads ...
13 Feb. 1970
Brace Yourself
Marcia has to wear braces on her teeth for a short period. The effect of the braces on Marcia is more devastating than Carol first anticipates, as Marcia, who is now self-conscious about her looks, believes she's ugly to the world. On their parents' urging, the kids try to treat Marcia like the braces are nothing out of the ordinary, but their curiosity sometimes gets the better of them instead. But Marcia's perception of herself she feels is supported by Alan Anthony, who was supposed to be her date to the upcoming dance but who cancels. Although he states that he ...
20 Feb. 1970
The Hero
Peter's ego grows wild after he saves a little girl from being crushed by a tumbling wall at the local toy store, and is honored by the newspaper.
27 Feb. 1970
The Possible Dream
Cindy accidentally mixes in Marcia's diary with other books for a book drive. Marcia immediately freaks out, because she's worried that someone else will read it and learn about her secret crush on TV star Desi Arnaz Jr.
6 Mar. 1970
To Move or Not to Move
The kids are at each others' throats. The basic cause of the problem is that the house is seemingly too small with six kids sharing two bedrooms and one bathroom, two of the three doors to which are often locked when the bathroom isn't in use. Mike and Carol have previously talked about buying a larger house, but they haven't seen one they either both like or can afford. That changes when Mike places an offer on a house they have previously admired that has just come on the market. At the same time, strange noises seem to be emanating from their own house. Mike, who ...
13 Mar. 1970
The Grass Is Always Greener
Both Mike and Carol are complaining about how difficult their typical gender role parenting is in comparison to the other. Mike is practicing baseball with the boys, while Carol is helping Marcia obtain her guide merit badges while keeping Jan and Cindy equally preoccupied. As Mike and Carol are in an impasse in their discussion about whose job is harder, Alice comes up with a solution to break the impasse to which they both agree: next weekend, switch roles, where Mike helps Marcia with her cooking badge, while Carol helps the boys with the art of bunting. Although ...
20 Mar. 1970
Lost Locket, Found Locket
Jan gets a locket from a secret admirer. As the family try to determine who anonymously sent the locket, they're momentarily distracted when Jan loses the locket (after the clasp becomes loose and it falls off her).
25 Sep. 1970
The Dropout
After a visit from Don Drysdale, Greg lets his obsession with becoming a Major League Baseball pitcher get to his head. But he eventually learns the hard way that he's not the star he thinks he is.
2 Oct. 1970
The Babysitters
Greg and Marcia are left in charge of babysitting their younger siblings for the first time, but Cindy's sniffles cast a pall on Mike and Carol's planned night at the theater.
9 Oct. 1970
The Slumber Caper
The famous tale of Marcia's first house party, which almost doesn't happen after she is accused of scrawling an unflattering picture of her teacher in class. Marcia's brothers conspire to ruin the party, with the predictable result.
16 Oct. 1970
The Un-Underground Movie
For an American history class project, Greg enlists his family to create a documentary about the First Thanksgiving.
23 Oct. 1970
Going, Going... Steady
Marcia goes gaa-gaa over her first steady boyfriend, nerdy insect collector Harvey Klinger. Things progress so quickly they decide to start thinking about their future, leading Mike to subtly intervene.
30 Oct. 1970
Call Me Irresponsible
Greg learns about responsibility when he gets his first job as courier for the architectural firm where Mike is employed.
6 Nov. 1970
The Treasure of Sierra Avenue
Greg, Peter and Bobby are playing football alone in a vacant lot when Bobby finds a wallet without any identification it in, but a lot of large bills. After taking it home, Greg finds that the wallet contains exactly $1,100. The three first argue about who gets to keep the money, and following that argument the boys have a fight with the girls about whether they will share the money with them, which the boys refuse to do. It may be a moot point if the owner of the wallet comes forward. Mike suggests turning the wallet over the police, but Mike still places an ad in ...
13 Nov. 1970
A Fistful of Reasons
A teary eyed Cindy ultimately tells her parents why she's been crying and why she didn't want to talk about it: the kids at school, but particularly an older boy named Buddy Hinton, have been cruelly teasing her about sounding like a baby because she lisps. Her parents tell her that she'll outgrow the lisp, but that practicing tongue twisters might help. Later, when Buddy's teasing continues, Peter comes to her rescue. But Buddy wants to get into a fight with Peter, who refuses in part because Buddy's bigger than him. So now Buddy is picking on two Bradys, who he ...
20 Nov. 1970
The Not-So-Ugly Duckling
Jan's first crush on classmate Clark Tyson is unrequited. Discouraged and in a fit of ego, she "invents" a boyfriend named George Glass. Now, the rest of her family wants to meet George.
4 Dec. 1970
The Tattle-Tale
Cindy learns a lesson about discretion when she annoys her siblings because of her tattling, then causes a misunderstanding that nearly results in the breakup of Sam and Alice.
11 Dec. 1970
What Goes Up...
Bobby develops a fear of heights after falling out of a tree.
18 Dec. 1970
Confessions, Confessions
While Peter is packing for an upcoming camping trip to which he is really looking forward, his brothers convince him to toss the basketball around their room, using their wastepaper basket as a hoop. They decide to do this despite their mother telling them not to play ball in the house, as they figure she won't know since she isn't home. Peter's first shot ends up breaking Carol's favorite vase instead. Besides the boys, the girls know about the incident, all six who vow to keep quiet while the boys try to glue the vase back together. Their secret will be kept until ...

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