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Season 4

22 Sep. 1972
Hawaii Bound
Everyone in the family is excited when Mike tells them that his company is sending him to Honolulu for a business trip, and he is able to bring them all along all expenses paid. Their vacation starts off well as they take in the many sights of Oahu. But things start to change when the boys accompany Mike to the construction site. There, Bobby finds a small tiki idol, which he decides he will keep as a good luck charm. What Bobby is unaware of is that one of the construction workers, old Mr. Hanalei, a traditional native islander, earlier saw the idol, and recognized ...
29 Sep. 1972
Pass the Tabu
After bad luck continues to befall the family, the Brady boys set out to learn about the ancient tiki. They learn the tiki is tabu and must be discarded at an ancient burial ground.
6 Oct. 1972
The Tiki Caves
As instructed by old Mr. Hanalei, Greg, Peter and Bobby go to the ancient burial caves to return what they believe is the bad luck tiki idol to appease the Hawaiian gods. The boys are in for a bit more potential bad luck as they are unaware that they are being shadowed by a mysterious and solitary man, who will resort to anything to get rid of the boys so that they can't or won't report what they've seen in the caves. Meanwhile the girls, who know what the boys are up to, have to decide what to do when the boys are gone longer than they should have been. Once Mike and...
13 Oct. 1972
Today, I Am a Freshman
It's the first day of the new school year, and many of the kids aren't looking forward to going back. It's an especially bad day for Marcia, who is scared of her first day in high school. She's afraid she'll be a nobody being a freshman, especially as she'll be attending a different school than most of her friends. On Mike's urging, Greg offers to be her guide through her initial days at Westdale High. Greg's job is not made any easier by Marcia's preconceived notions about the way she should act as a high schooler. Marcia ultimately takes her parent's advice of ...
20 Oct. 1972
Cyrano de Brady
Peter falls head over heels in love with Jan's new classmate and friend, Kerry Hathaway. It takes all of Peter's efforts just for Kerry to remember which Brady brother he is. And once she does remember who he is, Peter is completely tongue tied around her. Everything he tries to woo her results in disaster. Not knowing the words to use, Peter asks Greg if he would consider being his Cyrano de Bergerac by standing behind the bushes at Kerry's house feeding Peter with the words he should say to Kerry. The words do impress Kerry, but she ends up falling for the one who ...
27 Oct. 1972
Fright Night
Jan and Cindy are awaken in the middle of the night, scared by mysterious sounds that seem to be emanating from the attic and the vision of what looks like a ghostly apparition outside their window. Investigating, Mike and Carol discover the window in the attic open, the noise from the wind causing a creaking rocking chair to rock, and that there is nothing in the trees outside. What they are initially unaware of is that the cause of all this commotion was the boys - Peter masquerading as the apparition - who wanted to scare the girls. Ultimately Marcia believes the ...
3 Nov. 1972
The Show Must Go On??
Greg and Marcia recruit their parents to participate in the upcoming Family Frolics Night at school.
10 Nov. 1972
Jan, the Only Child
Jan feels that her siblings don't treat her with respect, almost like she is invisible, that she has to line up after all five of her siblings have finished using something first, or that she has no privacy to be able to do what she really wants to do. She makes a rash comment that she wished she was an only child. After thinking about it, she admits that she truly does wish it was true. She even doesn't want to attend the upcoming charity hoedown as a member of the family, where the eight were going to be a square for the square dancing. Her parents won't force her ...
17 Nov. 1972
Career Fever
Mike is excited to read in Greg's class composition that he wants to become an architect, just like his good old dad. What Mike is unaware of is that Greg only wrote that because he didn't and doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. Greg doesn't have the heart to tell his father that he really doesn't want to be an architect, so he devises a plan that he hopes will make his father dissuade him from entering the profession. His plan doesn't have quite the reaction from Mike that Greg had hoped. The plan and the reaction are the result of both sides not ...
24 Nov. 1972
Goodbye, Alice, Hello
An incident between Peter, Greg and a Frisbee inside the house leads to an antique lamp in Mike's den being broken. Alice is aware of the boys breaking the lamp, which Greg and Peter try to repair without their parent's knowledge. As such, the boys ask Alice to keep their secret from their parents, which she vows to do. But when Carol discovers the lamp has been broken, Alice is caught between her vow to the boys and the fact that she has never lied to Carol. As such, Alice feels like she has no choice but to tell the truth to Carol. Subsequently, Carol asks Alice a ...
8 Dec. 1972
Greg's Triangle
Jennifer Nichols, a student at Westdale High, is forthright in her pursuit of Greg, who quickly falls under her seductive charms. Jennifer and "Greggy", as she calls him, have a surfing date on the weekend. He is so preoccupied by thoughts of Jennifer that Greg forgets about a previous doubles golfing engagement that day with Mike and another father-son duo, leaving Mike to scramble for a last minute replacement. Mike's wannabe alternate for Greg isn't quite who he was expecting or hoping. After Mike and Carol meet Jennifer, they can tell that behind her sweet ...
22 Dec. 1972
Everyone Can't Be George Washington
Peter is trying out for the part of George Washington, the lead, in the school's play on the American Revolution. Peter is dismayed that he instead gets the secondary but much more demanding role of the adversary, Benedict Arnold. Peter really wanted the heroic lead, and as such contemplates dropping out of the production. Carol is able to convince him that getting this role is indeed an honor, and that he has never quit anything before. But will he feel the same way when his friends start ribbing him for playing the part of a traitor? Meanwhile, Jan gets the position...
5 Jan. 1973
Love and the Older Man
Marcia is walking around in a daze following her visit to the dentist. It's because she's in love, namely with their regular dentist's new associate, Dr. Stanley Vogel. Marcia gets the idea that she could become Mrs. Dr. Vogel from Jan, who reads in one of her teen magazines that women who marry men ten to twelve years older are in more stable relationships. What she doesn't know is that he is already married with a child. Marcia's thoughts about Dr. Vogel make her lose sight of more appropriate males her own age that are interested in her. Complications ensue when a ...
12 Jan. 1973
Law and Disorder
Bobby is losing all his friends. The reason?: in his new role as safety monitor at school, he has to snitch on his friends if they break the rules. He didn't even want the job, but since no one volunteered, the teacher chose him. As such, his parents convince him that he should be the best safety monitor that he can be. So he decides to report every single violation he sees, big or small, and even if it involves a family member. In that vein, Bobby self-appoints himself as safety monitor at home, writing a report to his parents on every rule broken around the house, ...
19 Jan. 1973
Greg Gets Grounded
After doing Bobby a favor of driving him to the pet store to buy a frog for the frog jumping contest which has a $25 first prize, Greg is rewarded for his efforts by getting grounded - no use of the car for one week - as Bobby tells his parents of Greg almost getting into a car accident purely out of his own carelessness. Greg is annoyed enough about Bobby blabbing on him and being grounded in and of itself, but he is more depressed about the repercussions on his dating life, as there is no way he can now pick up the concert tickets for his already promised date with ...
26 Jan. 1973
Amateur Nite
The kids want to buy Mike and Carol an engraved silver tray as their anniversary gift, but Jan goofs up on paying for the tray. To fix the mistake, Jan convinces her siblings to audition for an amateur talent show.
2 Feb. 1973
Bobby's Hero
Bobby becomes obsessed with Jesse James. Mike and Carol don't approve of his new hero, and try to find a way to convince him that James was nothing but a "mean, dirty killer."
9 Feb. 1973
The Subject Was Noses
Marcia is in seventh heaven when the school's star football player, Doug Simpson, asks her out for a date for this Saturday. After she accepts, she remembers that she already has a date for Saturday night with a nice but somewhat plain boy named Charley, who adores her. As she would rather go out with Doug, she uses the advice given to her by Greg. He says that to get out of a date, she should use the non-committal statement, "something suddenly came up", which is what she tells a dejected but understanding Charley. She's happy that she managed not to hurt Charley and...
23 Feb. 1973
How to Succeed in Business?
An elated Peter has just been offered his first job, working for Mr. Martinelli at the bike shop on weekends. As it's his first job, Mike advises him to be prompt, hard working and loyal. Peter ends up selling his parents on the idea of getting bikes for themselves, and he is a diligent worker. However, he is not a "business" oriented worker, as he is slow in getting the jobs done, and does maintenance that doesn't need to be done nor was requested. And Peter doesn't pick up on Mr. Martinelli's hints to get the job done quicker. As such, Mr. Martinelli has no choice ...
2 Mar. 1973
The Great Earring Caper
Carol lends Marcia her favorite earrings, which are family heirlooms. Although she is told explicitly not to touch them, Cindy can't help but try them on when Marcia isn't around. When called by her mother, Cindy hides the earrings in a towel on the bathroom counter. When finished dealing with her mother, Cindy returns to the bathroom to find the earrings are gone. The one person Cindy confides in is Peter, who is learning how to be a detective akin to Sherlock Holmes and who she thinks can help her locate the earrings without anyone else finding out what they're ...
9 Mar. 1973
You're Never Too Old
Carol's Kentucky grandmother, Connie Hutchins, who is young in spirit and body and who has a modern sensibility, decides at the last minute to make a visit. It is bad timing if only because Mike and Carol have previous engagements, leaving Grandma largely with the kids. But Marcia and Jan in particular think they have a better way for their great-grandmother to spend their time while in town. As Great-grandma has never remarried, the girls think that they have the perfect person with who she should meet and fall in love with: their great-grandfather, retired judge ...
16 Mar. 1973
You Can't Win 'Em All
Bobby and Cindy have been chosen to take the test for their respective grades to see which four students will represent Clinton Grammar School at the upcoming "Question the Kids" television quiz show. Humble Cindy asks for help studying from everyone in her family as she believes only hard work will yield positive results. Right before the exam, Cindy, despite her constant studying, states that she can only do her best and hopes that is enough to be chosen. Bobby, however, gets an extreme case of swelled head, he who believes he's a cinch to be chosen. As such he ...
23 Mar. 1973
A Room at the Top
Greg and Marcia fight over who gets to convert the attic into his or her personal room.

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