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Season 2

25 Sep. 1970
The Dropout
After a visit from Don Drysdale, Greg lets his obsession with becoming a Major League Baseball pitcher get to his head. But he eventually learns the hard way that he's not the star he thinks he is.
2 Oct. 1970
The Babysitters
Greg and Marcia are left in charge of babysitting their younger siblings for the first time, but Cindy's sniffles cast a pall on Mike and Carol's planned night at the theater.
9 Oct. 1970
The Slumber Caper
The famous tale of Marcia's first house party, which almost doesn't happen after she is accused of scrawling an unflattering picture of her teacher in class. Marcia's brothers conspire to ruin the party, with the predictable result.
16 Oct. 1970
The Un-Underground Movie
For an American history class project, Greg enlists his family to create a documentary about the First Thanksgiving.
23 Oct. 1970
Going, Going... Steady
Marcia goes gaa-gaa over her first steady boyfriend, nerdy insect collector Harvey Klinger. Things progress so quickly they decide to start thinking about their future, leading Mike to subtly intervene.
30 Oct. 1970
Call Me Irresponsible
Mike gets Greg an after-school job at the architectural firm where he works, but Greg loses his job on the first day after making a very costly error.
6 Nov. 1970
The Treasure of Sierra Avenue
The boys find a wallet with $1,100 in it and no identification. The boys want the money for themselves, the girls want the boys to split the money with them, but Mike turns to the police to help the owner find the wallet.
13 Nov. 1970
A Fistful of Reasons
School bully Buddy Hinton makes fun of Cindy for her lisp and then gives Peter a black eye for trying to defend her. When Mike and Carol can't get Buddy's parents to listen to reason, Mike encourages Peter to defend himself and fight back.
20 Nov. 1970
The Not-So-Ugly Duckling
Jan is crushed because her crush is more interested in Marcia than herself. The family plans a surprise party to cheer her up, but she creates a fake boyfriend, "George Glass," to cheer herself up.
4 Dec. 1970
The Tattle-Tale
Everyone is mad at Cindy because she is a tattle-tale, but she doesn't learn her lesson until her tattling accidentally gets Alice in trouble with Sam the Butcher.
11 Dec. 1970
What Goes Up...
Bobby develops a fear of heights after falling out of a tree.
18 Dec. 1970
Confessions, Confessions
While Peter is packing for an upcoming camping trip to which he is really looking forward, his brothers convince him to toss the basketball around their room, using their wastepaper basket as a hoop. They decide to do this despite their mother telling them not to play ball in the house, as they figure she won't know since she isn't home. Peter's first shot ends up breaking Carol's favorite vase instead. Besides the boys, the girls know about the incident, all six who vow to keep quiet while the boys try to glue the vase back together. Their secret will be kept until ...
1 Jan. 1971
The Impractical Joker
Jan annoys the family with a series of innocent practical jokes. One of them nearly goes too far, however, when she sets Greg's pet mouse loose and musophobic Alice (having seen the little critter running around) calls the exterminator.
8 Jan. 1971
Where There's Smoke
Greg gets caught with cigarettes in his school jacket. He's been caught smoking once before (and quit immediately). Therefore, nobody believes him when he truthfully says they're not his.
15 Jan. 1971
Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?
Jan thinks she is being shunned at school because of her blonde hair. So, she buys a black wig and plans to show off her new hairdo at a party.
22 Jan. 1971
The Drummer Boy
Peter, Jan and Cindy have all been accepted into the school's glee club, which results in two divergent stories in the Brady house. On one side, Bobby is depressed since he wasn't chosen along with his siblings. Mike and Carol want to encourage Bobby to explore other possible musical avenues, such as through the school's music program. They may regret doing so after Bobby makes his choice of instrument, and after they have made everyone in the house support Bobby at all cost in this endeavor, no matter how painful (to their ears) it may be. On the other side, Peter is...
29 Jan. 1971
Coming Out Party
An innocent tale about the time the Bradys were invited to spend a Sunday afternoon on Mr. Phillips' boat - that is, if Cindy and Carol can get over tonsillitis and Carol can keep her big mouth shut!
5 Feb. 1971
Our Son, the Man
Since he's now in high school albeit a freshman, Greg sees himself as a man, but doesn't feel like one at home with all his brothers and sisters around not giving him any privacy. He feels he's too old to go on the family camp out this upcoming weekend, but more importantly he wants his own bedroom. After Mike and Carol discuss the issue, Mike, not without a fight, relinquishes his den as a bedroom for Greg. While Greg makes a big deal about his new bedroom and his associated status as a man in the house, his brothers and sisters pay him little attention much to his ...
12 Feb. 1971
The Liberation of Marcia Brady
It isn't until a local news reporter shows up at the school with a microphone asking about young women's thoughts on the issue that Marcia even thinks about women's liberation. She states on camera that she, as a female, should have at least the same opportunities as males. She regrets doing so immediately after the microphone is put away, but decides to fight for those statements when she is later mocked by especially Greg after the piece airs on the evening news, and after Greg issues her an informal challenge to prove that she can do anything boys can. In answer to...
19 Feb. 1971
Lights Out
A terrified Cindy is having trouble sleeping with the lights off as she is scared of a magic trick she saw at a friend's party. The "disappearing lady" disappeared and Cindy, who ran off since she was too frightened, didn't see the lady reappear. Peter, on the other hand, was so excited by the magic act that he wants to audition for the school's vaudeville show as a magician. Mike believes that Peter's want can help Cindy by showing her how magic is really performed. Peter even asks an excited Cindy to be his assistant for the show. But when it comes time to rehearse ...
26 Feb. 1971
The Winner
When Cindy brings home a trophy for her jacks playing ability at the playground, everyone in her family is happy for her except Bobby, who comes to the quick realization that all of his brothers and sisters have now won trophies and he hasn't. When he finally tells his parents what is bothering him, they encourage him to find an activity that he's good at and stick to it and a trophy is bound to come. Bobby's dreams of winning and his ability in activity after activity seems not to mesh. Bobby thinks he's found his trophy winning activity when he enters a magazine ...
5 Mar. 1971
Double Parked
The Bradys learn that their favorite neighborhood park has been condemned, to make way for a new courthouse. Imagine their surprise when Mike is the architect for the courthouse.
12 Mar. 1971
Alice's September Song
Alice's old high school boyfriend, Mark Millard comes to town to court her. He eventually presents her with a shady financial offer, which makes Carol and Mike suspicious.
26 Mar. 1971
Tell It Like It Is
Mike finds Carol in his den in the middle of the night writing something she refuses to discuss at this time. Mike respects her privacy. It isn't until Mike catches Carol having lunch with a Mr. Delafield - who both Mike and Carol met at a party a week earlier - that he finds out what Carol's been writing. Mr. Delafield is the editor of Tomorrow's Woman magazine. Carol, based on a casual discussion at that party, was encouraged by him to submit an article to the magazine about their family. After word spreads within the house of the article, the whole family is behind...

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