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Season 4

19 Sep. 1972
Five Days in the Death of Sgt. Brown: Part II
Sgt. Ed Brown decides to go through with the surgical procedure that will hopefully restore mobility to his legs. The procedure involves the a process where his nerves will be reconnected in a procedure invented by Dr. Ritter as well as an infusion of polypeptides administered by Dr. Paul Hunter. However, a complication arises when the daughter of Dr. Ritter, the man who will be performing the surgery, is kidnapped by someone who was hired by the person who wants to see Ed dead. Also, Chief Ironside has flashbacks to the events surrounding his own paralysis and ...
26 Sep. 1972
Is This Operation Necessary?
Dr. Hunter is alone in his suspicions that a highly respected surgeon is making risky choices during operations. Dr. Craig is distracted by the financial end of running a hospital to give the matter his full attention and a life threatening case escalates the situation.
3 Oct. 1972
A Nation of Human Pincushions
Arthur Gravis (Carl Reiner) advances acupuncture as a treatment, while Ira Goldberg worries about the cost of medical care.
10 Oct. 1972
Time Bomb in the Chest
Dr. Frank Stedman is a cardiac specialist who himself has a heart attack.
17 Oct. 1972
A Standard of Manhood
A man suffering from impotence learns that a brain tumor is the cause. The benign tumor is successfully removed, but that does not solve the impotence or the emotional problems between him and his wife.
24 Oct. 1972
A Substitute Womb
Julie Garner is a pregnant, thirty-something wife who longs for a child. But a heart condition means any pregnancy may result in her death. Drs. Hunter and (Belasco?) present the couple with an alternative: Would Mrs. Garner be willing to allow them to transplant her present embryo into another woman's uterus? Mrs. Garner nominates her kid sister to be the surrogate, and the operation is a success. But, in short order, the sisters fall out.
31 Oct. 1972
A Very Strange Triangle
Dr. Cohen is interested in a relationship with Valerie, a nurse, unaware that she is already in one with a woman named Eleanor. Valerie starts seeing a psychiatrist to help her deal with her feelings. Professionally Dr. Cohen tries to find out why a young woman was admitted due to a drug overdose.
14 Nov. 1972
A Quality of Fear
Dr. Hunter interacts with cancer patients with different attitudes toward their disease which are not always commensurate with the patients' prognoses while dealing with medical professionals not always in alignment with the doctor.
28 Nov. 1972
An Inalienable Right to Die
Janice, a TV reporter, incurs permanent paralysis during a speedboat accident. Facing a future she finds hopeless, the quality of her life and medical care is debated by her husband, her doctor, and a hospital review board. The ultimate decision though belongs to Janice.
5 Dec. 1972
A Purge of Madness
Harry Burke has violent psychotic episodes and the doctors want to perform psycho surgery.
12 Dec. 1972
End Theme
A recording artist goes into a depression, and decides to fight it by taking amphetamines to perform to his own satisfaction. He then refuses to take the lithium medication Hunter subscribed for him.
19 Dec. 1972
The Velvet Prison
Marcus, a hemophiliac, requires an appendectomy and falls under the care if Dr. Hunter. The doctor learns the disease has led to his father being estranged and his mother overprotective, so he becomes over involved to give Marcus a bit of normality.
2 Jan. 1973
A Terminal Career
A new female doctor as issues commutating with her patients.
9 Jan. 1973
Tightrope to Tomorrow
Four candidates experiencing chest pains undergo stringent tests for a bold new heart procedure to relieve their pain: Coronary bypass surgery.
16 Jan. 1973
The Night Crawler
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4 May 1973
And Other Springs I May Not See
Fallon discovers an alienated young girl she rescues from auto accident is pregnant and the girl's remarried mother aggressively seeks an abortion despite the girl's insistence on keeping the baby.

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