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Season 3

26 Sep. 1971
The Invasion of Kevin Ireland
Kevin Ireland loses his executive position suddenly. He has such a renowned reputation that it should be easy for him to find another high-paying position. His (trophy) wife is loyal and supportive. He keeps getting verbals offers but then the jobs fall through. I don't remember if he hired the lawyers to help him find out why. Eventually he learns that there is a mistake in the record that makes it look like he is a criminal. He ends up living in a hovel with roaches. His wife leaves him after having had one-too-many encounters with roaches. He eventually find out ...
28 Nov. 1971
By Reason of Insanity
Young Miles Parker, years after being kidnapped as a child, vows revenge on the man he believes is guilty. He is arrested after holding the man hostage, leading his lawyers to plead his obsession is a form of insanity.
12 Dec. 1971
Justice Is a Sometime Thing
The team agrees to defend for free an innocent Latino youth who is being pressured to accept a plea deal but they must find his companion and like witness to the crime who is an undocumented girl who has fled back to Mexico.
26 Dec. 1971
The Letter of the Law
The attorneys are shocked when one of their mentors, a highly respected attorney and legal scholar now terminally ill, summons them to his home, along with six other people whom he once successfully defended in murder trials. He announces that one of the six was actually guilty of the crime, though he doesn't say which one, and that he intends to make that person pay now for their crime.
9 Jan. 1972
The Long Morning After: Part 1
Neil's friend Maggie comes to him, claiming she found a dead woman under suspicious circumstances. When Maggie herself dies, Neil suspects a retired general behind it all.
16 Jan. 1972
The Long Morning After: Part 2
Neil's investigation of two women's deaths seem to involve a retired general. A wealthy new wife and the man's estranged daughter may provide the answer but a hit man's arrival changes everything.
30 Jan. 1972
In Sudden Darkness
Lauren Hazelwood claims she murdered her father but can not remember doing it. Nicholls and Darrell take the case.
13 Feb. 1972
Lisa, I Hardly Knew You
Neil Darrell is to marry Lisa Lambert, former girlfriend of Neil's old college roommate Lennie Harmon. Lisa apparently commits suicide on their wedding day by a drug overdose.

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