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Complete lineup of Mumbai Film Festival 2014

Complete lineup of Mumbai Film Festival 2014
The 16th edition of the Mumbai Film Festival announced its line-up in a press conference today.

Here is the complete list of films which will be screened at the festival:-

International Competition


Dir.: Zeresenay Berhane Mehari (Ethiopia / 2014 / Col / 99)

History of Fear (Historia del miedo)

Dir.: Benjamin Naishtat (Argentina-France-Germany-Qatar-Uruguay / 2014 / Col / 79)

With Others (Ba Digaran)

Dir.: Nasser Zamiri (Iran / 2014 / Col / 85)

The Tree (Drevo)

Dir.: Sonja Prosenc (Slovenia / 2014 / Col / 90)

Next to Her (At li layla)

Dir.: Asaf Korman (Israel / 2014 / Col / 90)


Dir.: Alex Sampayo (Spain / 2014 / Col / 87)


Dir.: Raphaël Neal (France / 2014 / Col / 81)


Dir.: Chaitanya Tamhane (India (Marathi-Gujarati-English-Hindi) / 2014 / Col / 116)


Dir.: Sudabeh Mortezai (Austria / 2014 / Col / 98)

India Gold Competition 2014

The Fort (Killa)

Dir.: Avinash Arun (India (Marathi) / 2014 / Col / 107)

Unto the Dusk

Dir.: Sajin Baabu (India (Malayalam) / 2014 / Col / 118)

Names Unknown (Perariyathavar)

Dir.: Dr. Biju (India (Malayalam) / 2014 / Col / 110)

Buddha In a Traffic Jam

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The most expensive film ever?

Not quite but it’s up there. Finally after years of development and labor problems and losing a director, the two part film version of the The Hobbit will soon begin production directed by Peter Jackson and sources are saying that it will be one of the most expensive films ever made with a total production cost approaching $500 million.

Thought that’s a staggering sum it, doesn’t make make it the most expensive film ever made. Both the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, which were shot back-to- back, cost an estimated $450 million combined for both films and Spider Man 3 cost Sony Pictures a reported $500 million to make.

But the still the king of all expensive films still is the 8 hour long Russian film version of Tolstoy’s War and Peace directed by Sergei Bondarchuk (and which by the way is a really good film) which took 5 years to shoot released in the U.
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Russia's most expensive movie Burnt by the Sun 2 goes flop

Burnt by the Sun 2 (Утомлённые Солнцем 2) is a continuation of Oscar-awarded (Best Foreign Language Film in 1994) movie Burnt by the Sun, directed by Nikita Mikhalkov. It's a WW2 epic of the same director with a budget of 55 million dollars, that makes it the most expensive Russian film ever since Soviet times (Ussr had several times more expensive movies, for example War and peace is the most expensive movie in the history of Earth, it's budget was 700 millions calculated in modern dollars). The sequel was divided into 2 parts: Burnt by the Sun 2: Exodus and Burnt by the Sun 3: The Citadel. It is scheduled to compete for the Palme d'Or at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

For the first week the movie gathered only less than 4 millions in box-office. I see 2 reasons for it:

1. Russians don't like historical movies as a genre. All Russian recent historical movies were commercially unsuccessful, except
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Vyacheslav Tikhonov obituary

Russian actor best known for his role as Bolkonsky in the epic War and Peace

The supremely handsome Russian actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov, who has died aged 81, seemed born to play Prince Andrei Bolkonsky in Sergei Bondarchuk's magnificent War and Peace (1967), in which he carried off the difficult task of gaining sympathy for Tolstoy's melancholy, sardonic, aloof aristocrat.

According to the critic Roger Ebert: "All of the actors look a little larger, nobler and more heroic than life … perhaps Tikhonov comes closest with his chiselled face." The four-part, eight-hour, 70mm, $100m epic was deservedly awarded the Oscar for best foreign language film in 1969, and Tikhonov was feted wherever it was shown.

Before War and Peace, Tikhonov had appeared in a dozen films since his debut in Sergei Gerasimov's The Young Guard (1948), which was among the better socialist realist films of the period. He played a passionate youth, one
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Berlinale to host 70mm film retrospective

Berlinale to host 70mm film retrospective
Cologne, Germany -- The Berlin International Film Festival is going epic for 2009, with a retrospective devoted to the wide-screen panoramic images of 70mm filmmaking.

The Berlin festival will screen 22 films shot in the format, including "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962), "Patton" (1970) and Sergei Bondarchuk's "War and Peace" (1967).

The Retrospective program also will include a series of lectures to accompany the films. The 59th Berlinale runs Feb. 5-15.
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'Company' breaks Russia all-time b.o. mark

'Company' breaks Russia all-time b.o. mark
MOSCOW -- Russia's latest blockbuster action movie -- 9th Company, an Afghan war adventure based on a true story -- has broken domestic boxoffice records by taking in $9 million in the first six days since its release last week, distributors Gemini Film International said Thursday. Directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk, whose father, Sergei, was famed for his 1960s epics War and Peace and Waterloo, 9th Company (9-ya Rota) was released on 412 prints and drew 2.4 million viewers in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus between Sept. 29 and Oct. 5, a Gemini spokesman said. The third major Russian blockbuster to be released in the past 15 months, 9th Company beat the first-week figures for the previous record-holders: fantasy horror movie Night Watch, which was released in July 2004 and made $5.3 million in its first week, and costume drama Turkish Gambit, which pulled in $6 million in its first week when it opened in March.

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