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Alternate Versions

There are three different versions: The American release, a 360 minute film in two parts (dubbed in English). The Russian release, a series of four films totaling 403 minutes (see also Vojna i mir I: Andrei Bolkonsky (1965), Vojna i mir II: Natasha Rostova (1966), Vojna i mir III: 1812 god (1967) and Vojna i mir IV: Pierre Bezukhov (1967)). Most reviews (including Leonard Maltin's) list this film's running time as 507 minutes; this is a mistake due to the longer lengths of 70mm prints.
The 35 mm print from Seagull Films is the version shown in American theaters. Running time: Part 1a=110min. Part 1b=37min. Part2=86min. Part3=83min. Part4=98min. Total running time for the 35mm film is 414min (intermissions not included)
The film was produced by Mosfilm. Their current website lists running times of 255 minutes for parts one and two combined; 104 minutes for part 3; and 125 minutes for part 4; a total of 484 minutes. They also say that it was "restored" in 1988, which may mean (they don't explain) that in that year it was trimmed of perhaps some ideological additions which were demanded of the director when he originally filmed it. The DVD put out by the Russian Cinema Council (RusCiCo) is 403 minutes, and is currently the longest version out there, and the only one in the correct aspect ratio.
In addition to their multi-tape release, Kultur Video released this film on a single VHS tape (recorded at extended play). This version is English dubbed, pan and scanned, and edited into a single feature with no intermissions or recaps. The running time of this one-tape version is 358 minutes.

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