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Auditing The King
bkoganbing10 January 2009
Speedway finds Elvis Presley cast as a stock car driver and some of the big names of that sport in 1968 make an appearance in the film. He also gets to co-star with Nancy Sinatra, daughter of another singing icon of the previous generation. They make some nice music together although none of the songs from this score really became hits.

Who could blame Elvis and his friend and manager Bill Bixby for thinking Nancy was just another NASCAR groupie hanging around the track as she does. But Nancy's on a mission, she works for the IRS and Bill Bixby as Elvis's manager has filed a most creative return.

Gale Gordon has never seen one like it and of course Presley and Bixby get called in for an audit. To satisfy Uncle Sam, Gordon appoints Nancy as his new financial manager. But Elvis has other creditors thanks to Bixby. Bill's got that old addiction to slow horses and fast women. If I had been the King I'd have kicked Bixby's arse around the Daytona track three times for good measure. Personally I think Elvis showed great restraint in not strangling him.

Racing fans will certainly love this film and in that group, I'm sure the King has a loyal following. But for me, I have to say I've never seen done in any film a song tribute to the Internal Revenue Service. While waiting to be audited, Elvis, Bixby and the rest of the people in the waiting room sing He's Your Uncle And Not Your Dad about the great privilege it is to pay taxes here in the USA. Of course once Elvis and Bixby are through with Gordon, they're singing a different tune. The number was like something out How To Succeed In Business

Speedway is a pleasant enough film and Elvis's still loyal legion of fans should like it.
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Elvis You Can Drive My Car
Retroman4029 July 2007
Typical Elvis movie of the period. A kind hearted stock day driving Elvis is quick on and off the track. This movie is a must see for any modern day NASCAR fan not so much for the action, but for vintage scenes from Charlotte Motor Speedway (now Lowe's Motor Speedway). Note the lap times compared to today...wow.

The gadgetry in his trailer is classic. Gale Gordon is excellent as a senior IRS investigator. Bill Bixby is hilarious as Elvis' sidekick. Sadly, there really wasn't enough chemistry with Nancy Sinatra.

The film is, of course, safe to view with the whole family with nothing more than some cartoon-like fight scenes. Not Elvis' best effort, but a good, lighthearted enjoyable film.
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Speedway (1968) **
JoeKarlosi15 August 2004
SPEEDWAY is just another in the long line of '60s Elvis vehicles, and kind of lightweight at that. It takes awhile to go anywhere, but not that you go into these flicks expecting high art or anything. Presley is a kind-hearted race car driver who gets an unwelcome visit from tax investigator Nancy Sinatra, looking to nail him for unpaid dollars he's earned while racing around the track. Gale Gordon (Lucy's Mr. Mooney himself) is on hand as her no-nonsense boss. Elvis was actually pretty good at comedy, and he shares some funny moments with Bill Bixby, who plays his conniving manager/buddy. Two good songs this go-round are "Let Yourself Go" (sung by The King) and Nancy Sinatra's sexy rendition of "Your Groovy Self". ** out of ****
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Fast and Sexy
bootsR4walkin11 August 2004
SPEEDWAY, Elvis and Nancy Sinatra tackle the fast pace of the Charlotte Speedway and light up the screen.

Nancy looks fantastic with her blonde hair and those incredible eyes that melt you. Elvis is Elvis, what can you say.

NOTE: Nancy is the only person to ever have a song included on an Elvis Presley soundtrack.

YOUR GROOVY SELF is fun and the attitude lively.

Gale Gordon adds to the cast as does Bill Bixby.

Fast cars, groovy times and lots of songs.

The children in this movie are adorable.

True entertainment for Elvis and Nancy fans alike.

Grab the pop corn and snuggle up!
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Pretty entertaining
SanteeFats26 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
An entertaining, funny movie. Elvis uses his childhood friend, played very well by Bill Bixby, as his manager. Bixby is an extremely irresponsible one who gets Elvis in trouble with the IRS. Here is where Nancy Sinatra comes in as the IRS agent responsible for seeing he makes restitution for the $145K that he owes. That is a huge amount for 1968. (My parents bought a four bedroom house that year for $20.5K) At first Nancy is all business but since this an Elvis movie she softens up and they fall in love. There are a lot of girls and songs as is too be expected. I found this to be a pretty nice movie and definitely one the better Elvis ones. As most know he did make a couple of dogs!!!
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Great Elvis Movie
tdk7228 January 2011
Strengths: Elvis Presley and Bill Bixby turn in stellar performances.

Weaknesses: Script and Nancy Sinatra My thoughts: Elvis is magical on the screen as always and I thought Bixby turned in a great performance too. I was only put off by the lousy acting of Nancy Sinatra who seemed annoyed with even being in the film if you ask me. The script was not the best and thus the movie was a little quirky without a clear plot. It does seem as though the whole movie was centered around throwing a few big names in the pot with an average script and expecting phenomenal results. No matter as the movie is easily carried by Elvis. he is as charismatic as ever and even with the lousy script turns the movie into an entertaining venue. You just have to love Elvis to enjoy the movie and fans everywhere will. I recently watched this movie again from my library and was thoroughly entertained.
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Attractive star leads in a peppy, pretty, but peaked Presley vehicle.
Poseidon-316 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The King completed this final entry in a series of strictly formulaic, virtually cookie-cutter musical movies before shifting gears (a little!) into more varied fare. Here he is cast (as he was several times prior) as a race car driver, this time stock cars. He's highly successful at it, so it comes as a surprise when he realizes he owes the government a large sum of back taxes! It turns out his manager buddy Bixby hasn't exactly been handling his finances with the best of care. On hand to investigate Presley and to facilitate a budget for him to live on is frosty, but attractive, Sinatra. He finds little luck in getting her to release his own purse strings, but does make some degree of headway in the romance department, but not without some misunderstandings. Presley looks great and sports a couple of iconic looking jackets with white racing stripes on them. He's in good voice, too, and manages decent chemistry with his female love interest. Sinatra performs a solo (and is the only artist who ever had his or her solo included on an original Presley soundtrack album), but otherwise just has a little bit to sing in one of his numbers. An actual duet between the two would have been terrific to see and hear. Sinatra's clothes range from far out to strangely dowdy and viewers will marvel at her interestingly highlighted hair. Bixby is quite over the top and has hair problems of his own. It's lightened to a rather icky shade. Gordon, best known for his TV work with Lucille Ball, plays Sinatra's boss and has little to work with, though he does appear in a production number at the IRS office. Other cast members include Schallert as a hard up, widowed friend of Presley's who has five very young daughters and an underused Hagen as a rival racer. Ponce, a supporting player on TV's "Hawaiian Eye," appears as comic relief in the pit crew. A few real-life stock car racers appear very briefly as themselves. There's also an eye-catching diner, run by Ballantine, in which guests are served in converted cars. The typical assembly of butt-swinging, vividly attired dancers is also present. It's the typical undemanding, fluffy, contrived type of film that simultaneously made Elvis and sent his film career into the toilet. Everything is clean, colorful and pretty which, looking back at it from today, is refreshing. It's just a shame that it's also awfully predictable, plodding and pedestrian as well.
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Elvis' "buddy" movie
dannyrm17 August 2002
This is one of my favorite Elvis movies. I don't really like auto racing and I didn't care for Nancy Sinatra, but what I did like is the relationship and chemistry between Elvis and Bill Bixby. It's the closest thing to a buddy movie that Elvis made. As far as romance, there are other Elvis movies that are much better, particularly Viva Las Vegas.
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Another predictable formula quickie
Dave from Ottawa15 April 2012
Most of the movies Elvis made for director Norman Taurog of MGM from '65-'68 have little to recommend them and this is a prime example / offender.

Elvis plays a NASCAR driver with unpaid taxes and Nancy Sinatra is his IRS watchdog / love interest. There is a big race coming up. No points for guessing the rest. Yawn. There is a decent song and dance number set in the waiting room at the IRS building (really!!) and some very good racing action. NASCAR stars such as Buddy Baker and Richard Petty did the driving and it looks very real, at least until we see Elvis in close up in front of an obvious rear projection screen. Man, I hate those things.

Elvis and Nancy have about 5% of the on-screen chemistry Elvis and Ann- Margret had in Viva Las Vegas and the songs are about 5% as good. Watch that one instead. It's even about racing, too, but road racing rather than NASCAR, so I guess this one is supposed to be different... Not awful, really, but about as formulaic, derivative and forgettable as Elvis' movie output ever got.
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A classic Elvis flic.
drk199611 March 2004
A classic Elvis movie. Elvis sings a song, Elvis gets in a jam, Elvis sings a song, Elvis wins the girl, Elvis sings a song. Today, people may view these types of film boring, but it is classic Americana. The blue racing jacket, with the white stripes is so 60s. In fact, the jacket is currently displayed in the Hard Rock Cafe in Houston, Texas. It is over the booth that I always sit in when I eat there. A great treat for an Elvis fan. Such notable performers as Bill Bixby, Nancy Sinatra, Gale Gordon, William Schallert, and Carl Ballentine make this film fun for anyone and everyuone who is a fan of classic 60s movies. Add the fact of some Elvis songs, and you can go wrong. I recommend this film to everyone. It is not Elvis' best movie, but certainly in the top ten.
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