Rosemary's Baby (1968) Poster

Plot Keywords

apartment dream
neighbor suicide
paranoia pregnancy
baby laundry
drugged drink woman in a bikini
female protagonist new year's eve
reference to shakespeare's hamlet name change
second opinion demonic cult
cradle herb
blindness pain
scrabble apartment building
betrayal fake commercial
für elise mousse
fake suicide marriage
taxi stage actor
murder thinness
old man paranormal phenomena
religion meat
old woman falling from height
tannis root man undressing
drugged basement
hallucination heavily pregnant mother
loss of eyesight woman in labor
mutant baby supernatural horror
1960s curse
reference to satan closet
landlord queens new york city
mother son relationship expectant mother
bookstore telephone call
convent school obstetrician
new york city vitamin
redecorating record player
catholic woman in jeopardy
giving birth vatican
pope sacrifice
laundry room charm
pendant struck blind
raped by a demon commercial
pretending to leave shower
actor peep hole
demon spawn audition
cult film good versus evil
new home punctuation in title
rape scratching partner during sex
newborn son devil worship
supernatural power supernatural rape
herbalist nightmare
problem pregnancy catholic church
odd neighbor catholic school
housewife herb garden
haircut mislaid trust
knife devil
fireplace incubus
eating disorder blood
birth bad guy wins
moving in woman bound nude spread eagle
sexual imagery satanism
ship liver
knitting hypodermic needle
nursery playing scrabble
lapsed catholic incantation
drugged food anagram
mind game reference to vidal sassoon
pair of evil eyes cemetery
spell breast milk
female in a shower antichrist
pregnant woman in jeopardy bare breasts
witchcraft apostrophe in title
writer acting
butcher knife pregnant wife
christmas shea stadium queens new york city
blind man priest
female nudity body painting
argument satanic cult
evil child stage acting
nun complot
catholic priest demon rape
mass hanging up without saying goodbye
wanting a baby trying to get pregnant
bare chested male coven
inquisition female star appears nude
elevator motherhood
contemporary setting lucky charm
childbirth dinner
discovering one is pregnant pretending to take a pill
catholic hospital demonic possession
occult psychic power
weird pregnancy doctor
superstition menstruation
husband wife relationship christian
sickness party
spit in the face murdered before giving protagonist information
necklace reference to william shakespeare
telephone box nickname
pretending to take medicine based on novel
character name in title

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