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As we arrive at the water's edge during the opening sequence, there are white boats docked at the shore.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

After Landon sets up his tiny American flag, Taylor lets out a howling laugh, but in the shot his teeth are clenched.

Character error 

The astronauts find a plant which they declare their first "life" seen on the planet. They are oblivious to the grassy ridge behind them, seen when they are squatting. Scientist Dodge's first reaction to the "life" is to tear it up for no reason, something no sensible, ethical person would do.
Taylor smokes in his spaceship in the opening scene. Because of the nature of oxygen and atmosphere within a spaceship, this is an extremely foolish thing to do.


The stump Dr. Zaius is tied to changes shape twice.
Several of the outside shots of the spacecraft show the outer hatch removed long before Taylor orders it to be blown.
The font Taylor writes the "My name is Taylor" note on is drastically different from that he later writes notes for Zira and Cornelius in while in their home.
When Taylor is stripped in the "hearing" scene, it is supposedly because his clothing stinks, in long shot he is left holding the stinking clothing up to his chest which doesn't make sense as the clothing would still stink, but in close shots he is not holding his clothing to his chest, implying that he is nude, and then when he freaks out and they hold him down he is clad in his original outfit again as if he had never been stripped.
When the astronauts awaken and Taylor stands to find Stuart dead her hands are on her chest but in the next shot they are at her sides.
At the beginning of the film, when Taylor and his crew are trekking out of the Forbidden Zone, Taylor's backpack disappears and reappears between shots.
Taylor's hands switch from hanging down to holding the net around his neck and back between shots.
After Taylor jumps into the water from the sinking spacecraft, his hair is soaking wet as he comes up to the surface, yet in the very next shot, as he's swimming toward the life raft, his hair is dry.
When Nova is being taken away, a lot of water is sprayed into the cage. In the next wide shot no water can be seen in the cage or over the floor were it would spill over on to.
As Taylor shaves himself on the beach in the last scenes, we can see he has cut himself in several places on the left side of his face. During his close-ups in the subsequent cave scene, there are no cuts visible.
When the astronauts walk up a sandy hill, a single astronaut is shown walking uphill from behind, yet there are two sets of footprints side by side.
When Taylor is in the cell, the burn mark on his right shoulder looks almost healed in one shot whereas in the next shot it is black.
When Lucius comes to liberate Taylor, he clobbers Julius whose cigar falls out of his mouth. The next shot shows it back in his mouth.
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On the walk from the spaceship, Taylor is smoking a cigar and puts it into his mouth with his left hand. When seen from the back he lowers his right hand from his mouth.
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After the astronauts run from the rocks and stop to rest, Landon is sitting in the sun or in the shade of a rock, depending on the camera angle.
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The strap on Taylor's rifle while pointing it at Dr. Zaius while outside the cave in the Forbidden Zone.
When Taylor and Landon are discussing Lieutenant Stewart, their hair is alternately (not) being blown by the wind.

Crew or equipment visible 

The shadow of the camera is visible on the wall as Taylor goes down the spiral stairs in the "human museum".
Early in the movie during the establishing shots when the crew are marching through the desert through to the Forbidden Zone, a panoramic shot of the surrounding canyons shows a man next to an automobile in the distance.

Factual errors 

In the opening crash sequence water is seen flooding into the space ship under tremendous pressure. The crew compartment is the part in the air and since the ship is "floating" half in half out there would not be that kind of water pressure.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Just before the spacecraft sinks, all the power goes out, and the crew abandon ship. Taylor takes a final look at the stopped clock, frozen in the last moment it recorded, as clocks do in real life.

Plot holes 

They conclude that no life is possible here. But the air is breathable, temperatures are congenial and water is not hurting them. They forgot to check these while checking the soil.
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Revealing mistakes 

Actors' lips and teeth can be seen behind the ape make-up at several points, giving the apes two rows of teeth. One example is Dr. Zaius in his first scene.
When Taylor is shooting back at the cave, the rifle is clearly shown to have no magazine (i.e. its not loaded).
During the horseback ride into the forbidden zone, you can see tracks in the sand where a horse has been ridden though several times already.
While being hunted, many humans dive prematurely either before they get to the net or even before the net goes up.
When Dodge blows the hatch, the windows fly out into the water, then in the next scene, inside the spaceship, the windows are still in place.
The exposed skin of the actors' neck can be seen beneath the ape masks in a few scenes where the actors suddenly turn their heads. Such as when Buck is questioning the order to release Taylor and when Cornelius is arguing on the beach at the end.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.


In the original (later edited out by the studios after the first release) when Taylor falls by the Statue of Liberty an Ocean Liner can be clearly seen on the horizon.


When we first see the dead woman Stewart, her arms are bent with her hands across her chest. When the chamber begins to flood, her arms are now extended straight down at her sides.

Errors in geography 

At the end, Taylor discovers the wreckage of the Statue of Liberty and earlier a map Cornelius shows Taylor is obviously southern New York with Long Island to the east. But where the astronauts crash is obviously in the American southwest - too far to walk on the three day supply of food and water they have. Even in the event of an atomic war, the geography would not change around New York to mesas and plateaus.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

The sunshine on the Statue of Liberty shows that the she is facing west, not east as in reality. This turnaround is the result of a cataclysm.

Revealing mistakes 

"Stuffed" humans in the ape history museum, including Taylor's companion Dodge, can clearly be seen to move as Taylor walks past them.

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