Planet of the Apes (1968) Poster

Plot Keywords

ape planet
astronaut escape
trial future
brain surgery death
chimpanzee friend
desert mute
scientist man forced to strip
religion nude swimming
search holding hands
attempted escape gun
murder villain
screaming first of series
dystopia hiding
cave animal in title
aunt hairy chest
domination paper
male rear nudity bare chested male
nephew tied up
wound post apocalypse
male nudity dead man
stranded dead woman
cornfield chase
character's point of view camera shot shaving
space exploration human in cage
vivisection corpse
time travel friendship
paper airplane map
doll throwing
crash landing ladder
violence heroine
talking animal love
rescue future time travel
inflatable life raft loincloth
journey water
lifting person in air satire
hero loss of friend
beard horse
stolen clothes horse riding
40th century forbidden zone
space travel foreign language adaptation
lake artifact
scarecrow forced to strip
statue of liberty skinny dipping
lover explosion
basket kissing
lobotomy planet of the apes
earth waterfall
orangutan denied to speak
plant laughing
class differences science runs amok
writing in the sand barefoot
american flag cane
pistol beach
death of woman spacecraft
gorilla swimming
prologue sole black character dies cliche
ape man weapon
cryogenics net
rifle flag
hunter fire
torch caged human
museum danger
shootout science
cult film black horse
captive caught in a net
life raft creationism
hunting relative
racism blockbuster
inflatable boat first part
evolution death of friend
based on book based on novel
surprise ending

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