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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

Ben's hammering is always out of sync.
When Ben kills the first two zombies by the truck, there is an audio mismatch between his blows and the impact sounds.
When Harry and Tom first enter from the cellar, Tom yells "Don't shoot! We're from town!" We hear him say "We're from town" but his lips never move.
The sound coming from the phone when Barbara (and later Ben) try to dial for help does not resemble any known telephone company signaling from the time, particularly anything from the kind of small-scale, electromechanical switching equipment that a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania would be served by.
When Ben is tell Barbara the story of about the zombies chasing the gas truck, his mouth does not match most of the words he is saying.
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Boom mic visible 

When the characters are first arguing about whether to stay upstairs or hide in the cellar, the shadow of the boom mic is clearly visible across Ben in one shot.

Character error 

Ben contradicts himself all through the story he tells Barbara about the gasoline truck. First he says he had just gotten into a truck he found to listen to the radio when this happened. But then he says that when the gas truck came by it was all he could do to miss it - inferring he was driving. He also says that it was "screaming by" and that zombies were chasing it on foot and keeping up - but all the zombies we've seen can be out run by even Barbara. He also says that the truck was on fire during this chase and there were zombies hanging onto the truck yet we've seen that the only thing that scares zombies is fire.
At about 24 minutes, when the wood is being nailed in place to secure the house, the nails used are far too small to have any significant effect.


The live television remotes all seem to be taking place in daylight, although it's supposed to be the middle of the night when they're being aired.
When Johnny gets out of his car he throws his driving gloves onto the dashboard, but a little later he takes them out of his pocket and puts them on.
The headlights of the truck, smashed in an earlier scene by a zombie, are intact during Ben, Judy, and Tom's attempted escape.
When the first zombie gets to the house where Barbara is hiding, it's still daylight. Moments later it appears to be the middle of the night.
The torch (table leg) jumps from the chair outside to the character's hand and back again between shots when the chair is put outside.
While Harry and Ben are fighting for the rifle, the door to the main room, near the basement door, opens and shuts between cuts.
Before Tom tries to convince Judy to leave, his left sleeve in cleanly torn, like someone has cut it cleanly away with scissors. In subsequent shots it turns to messily torn and then intact when he leaves for the trek to the gas pump.
As Ben informs Barbara that the house is secure and all windows have been sealed up, a plain, uncovered, unsecured window is visible right behind him.
Ben finds a pair of shoes and puts them on Barbara's feet, but in the very next shot where she's sitting on the couch, she is not wearing shoes nor are they any in the shot with her.
When he first appears, the cemetery zombie's coat is open and unbuttoned. During the fight with Johnny and in subsequent scenes, two of the buttons are fastened. Would a zombie button up his coat?
When the cemetery zombie first appears, he is approaching from behind Johnny and Barbara. When he finally grabs Barbara he is coming from in front of them.
We see Ben pouring lighter fluid on a chair inside the house , planning to drag it outside and set it ablaze to ward off the zombies. In the very next scene he goes outside , and the chair is already on the front porch.
When Tom, Judy, and Ben set out to gas up the truck, the original cemetery zombie menaces Ben, who sets his jacket on fire. However, when that zombie eventually breaks down the house's front door (with Johnny's help), his suit is in perfect, unburnt condition.
As Ben wraps a table leg in curtain and lights it in the fireplace, an open window is visible in the background through which it's shown to be the middle of the day.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Ben is bent over a ghoul he just killed in the woods, you can see a hand waving the character away from the body and out of the scene.
Light stand visible behind Barbara as she helps Ben board up the door soon after he arrives.
When Barbara rounds the corner of the farmhouse while searching for an entrance, someone is visible side-stepping away from the alley and crouching behind some bushes and posts of a shed.
As soon Barbara walks into the farmhouse, there is a crew's hand in the shot before the stuffed animals if you pause the right moment.
After Ben has struck one of the zombies outside the house to the ground, a cube of material, probably wood, is thrown next to the zombie's head, which Ben hits with the tire iron.
At the beginning when Barbara and Johnny are approaching the correct grave site a figure in black jumps behind a large headstone behind them.
When Johnny is teasing Barbra in the cemetery, he runs away as the first zombie approaches. He stops and looks back at her, and just as he stops, someone ducks into the trees in the background.
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Errors in geography 

In the opening scene, Johnny tells Barbara that they have a "three-hour drive" ahead of them to return home to Pittsburgh. However, later in the film when the TV broadcast is listing local rescue stations, all of the town names given are located in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Factual errors 

Tom tells Ben that he and Judy were on their way to the lake to go swimming. The events are taking place in late April. It would be far too cold for swimming in Pennsylvania at that time of year.
Sheriff McClellan has large shells on his belt, which would not possibly fit in the rifle he is carrying.

Revealing mistakes 

The first time we see the dead body at the top of the stairs, the face has been eaten away. Later when the body is being dragged away, the rug conveniently covers the face but for a split second we are able to see the face and it is clearly normal.
When Barbara runs the car into the tree, it is already dented before the impact (see trivia).
When Barbara is told not to look at the defeated zombie that tried to attack her, his eyes are moving to look at her.
When Ben is nailing wooden boards to the door, small numbers can be seen on them. These were written on the backs of the boards so they could be removed and replaced in between shots, preserving continuity. Some numbers are visible because some of the boards were nailed on backwards.
When Ben tackles the second zombie by the truck, he pins it to the ground right underneath him and starts beating it with a tire iron. You can see that to avoid actor injury, Ben is hammering the zombie at least 5 inches away from the zombie's head.
When Ben creates a torch out of one of the table legs and is about to push the chair outside and light it in front of the zombies, he opens the door and for a split second you can see it is daylight outside, but it cuts back to nighttime in the next shot when he gets outside.
During the body-eating scene, one of the zombies can be seen looking at the camera for just a split second before taking a bite out of the 'human flesh'.
When Tom, Judy and Ben are going to the gas pump, there is one shot where it is clearly day (or at least dawn), even though the scene takes place in the middle of the night.
It becomes a plot point that the farmhouse's cellar only has one entrance, which leads into the living room area. But early in the film when Barbara approaches the farmhouse, an outdoor cellar entrance can be noticed.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

In the end of the movie, when the 'patrol' shoots one of the zombies, you hear gunshots and you don't see them shoot until after the sound.


When Ben is killed, the shooter is armed with an Ithaca 12-gauge shotgun but Ben is hit by a single small caliber rifle bullet.


Near the end of the film, there is a male and female zombie that are walking in an open field with a posse group right behind them that begins to shoot at them, but a few minutes later, the same exact male zombie is shot wandering near a couple of trees.

Revealing mistakes 

When the ghouls are eating the charred remains of Tom and Judy, burnt cuts along the edges of the bones can be seen indicating that the meat used in filming was cut with a high-speed saw frequently found in a butcher's shop.

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