Night of the Living Dead (1968) Poster

Plot Keywords

house farmhouse
basement venus
satellite barricade
night zombie
nasa grave
flesh eating zombie living dead
truck radio
radiation panic
gasoline cemetery
siege psychotronic
drive in classic first part
zombie apocalypse creature feature
1960s man with glasses
woman slaps a man night of the living dead
man punching a woman hit with a tire iron
headshot zombie survival
woman slaps man venus the planet
topless female nudity tire iron
severed hand search and destroy
reference to nasa radiation made monster
professor planet venus
mutation mutated
mutant creature mutant
man punches woman intestines
hysterical female hit on the head with a tire iron
head shot guts
german shepherd exposed breast
explorer satellite expert
explanation doctor
burned alive breasts
blood and guts black man white woman relationship
black gloves bitten on the arm
bitten arm bare breasts
alsatian zombification
zombie violence zombie bite
zombie attack trowel
series part of series
part of a series nonperson
non person horror art
graveyard first of series
death cult film
art horror amorality
african american man undead
mindless eating flesh eating zombies
camera shot of feet foot closeup
female stockinged feet pantyhose
female rear nudity survival horror
watching tv tv news
shot to death shot between the eyes
quarrel mother daughter relationship
husband wife relationship fruit cellar
father daughter relationship death of brother
cremation black man
controversy remade
horror movie remade ends with death
contemporary setting reference to boris karloff
tragic event seminal
rural setting nudity
low budget film director also cinematographer
stabbed to death sole black character dies cliche
midnight movie one night
blood blood splatter
no survivors patricide
entrails cult
african american television
shot in the head shot in the chest
severed arm running out of gas
power struggle police
pickup truck personality conflict
national guard nail
kerosene hammer
gun gore
gardening tool car accident
cult director washington d.c.
torch television reporter
stabbing scene during end credits
police chief person on fire
murder molotov cocktail
matricide marriage
loss of brother injured child
helicopter fight
female nudity farm
face slap exploding car
cellar brother sister relationship
bonfire bludgeoning
walking dead ghoul
zombie child survival
eaten alive cannibalism
pennsylvania independent film
surprise ending

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