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Author: gordon-287 from United States
25 August 2011

To the other reviewers here, I would add:

Cons: The dialog is contrived, the acting is poor, and the story is sophomoric. This all adds up to "hokey" as an apt description for this movie that must have escaped as opposed to being released. It's a miracle that Boone was even able to get Blondell and Miles to be in it. They must have needed to pay some bills.

There was one scene in which the goons hired by the bad guy beat him up next to a phone booth, and the police arrive not more than five seconds after he hits the ground! How's that for response by our boys in blue? What this adds up to is a hokey film, so save your time (and money if you thought of buying the DVD).

Pros: The scenery is nice. A lot has changed in the 40+ years since the filming of this movie, but those who have been to Kailua-Kona will recognize some of the views along Alii Drive.

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Some pretty scenery, one good character performance, and dat's all folks.

Author: mark.waltz from United States
6 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's the potential for at least an entertaining thriller in this Hawaiian set action drama, but unfortunately, mostly unlikable characters line the tepid screenplay. Richard Boone may be alright as a second lead or villain, but as a hero, he's totally unappealing. He's a boatman whose illegitimate daughter reaches out to him in a drug-induced state and leads him on a pointless chase to find her killer. This leads him to brassy Joan Blondell (as the sister of a pal who bequeaths him half interest in his fishing boat) and old flame Vera Miles, as well as some stereotypical natives and a gay villain so unlikable that gay audience members were most likely hissing him at the few theaters that this probably played at.

There are some enlightening moments, particularly Blondell's admission that she's spent 30 years crying over a bottle which explains her initial hard demeanor. You know that underneath this blowzy dame lies a huge heart, and when she breaks down and smiles, it is the rising of the sun. Miles, also playing a recovering alcoholic, seems like she's slumming, a socialite whose past with Boone doesn't warrant re-exploring. He's actually quite verbally abusive to her, so it makes no sense that she would see anything in him unless she's in the market for further self-destruction. As for the gay villain, he's so flamboyantly evil, leading Boone on a final chase with prissy taunts that make Jack Cassidy and his pink poodle in "The Eiger Sanction" seem like Jack LaLane in comparison.

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Author: moonspinner55 from las vegas, nv
25 August 2011

Cheapjack theatrical production, filmed on Hawaiian locales, is underwritten and over-directed, with a camp-psychedelic opening that matches nothing else in the picture! Richard Boone plays a transportation skipper in Honolulu, searching for the persons responsible for making his estranged daughter a junkie and then dumping her body in the drink. Since the viewer is made well aware of what happened to the unfortunate girl, this amateur-detective melodrama offers not a hint mystery, only 'local color' and some stray brutality (and a gay-bitch villain). Executive produced by Boone, from John D. MacDonald's story (the uncredited "Bimini Gal"), though resembling nothing more than a failed TV-pilot. Supporting cast is extremely weak, with Kent Smith particularly tough to accept as a bearded tavern owner in a hep straw hat. * from ****

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Perhaps the worst film I've ever seen

Author: JCR-4 from Rome
11 February 2004

Just happened to wake up at 3am last night and went to watch satellite TV to try and get back to sleep and this came on. This film was so bad that it was compelling viewing and as a result I couldn't get back to sleep!

A quite poor script, and dreadful acting by ALL concerned, but worst of all was the plot which has been explained by previous posters so I won't repeat it here. The film attempts to potray emotion and dignity and utterly fails - not even the funeral of one of the main characters made you care. The characters are completely devoid of any depth or meaning, and you really don't give a damn about what happens to any of them.

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Joseph Lashelle

Author: boblipton from New York City
26 August 2011

This unsold pilot screams "Bad 1960s TV" from the short-skirted, beehive-haired go-go dancers to the music track, which sounds like a collection of stings pulled out of the library for the NBC Mystery Movies ("Columbo", "MacCloud" and "MacMillan and Wife"). It probably was proposed for the package. Based on these criteria, you shouldn't bother.

However the main cast goes through its paces as if they are doing something real and the Director of Photography, Joseph Lashelle, offers us many a dazzling image shot in gorgeous Technicolor. Is the sky anywhere that brilliant a blue? My advice is to turn off the sound and enjoy the pretty pictures.

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Relentlessly bad.

Author: yeltzmanmatt from Birmingham, England
14 February 2015

A man tries to bring the people responsible for his daughters death to justice.

Kona Coast starts badly and just gets worse. Underpinning the whole sorry mess is Richard Boone a thoroughly unlikeable lead who spends a fair proportion of the movie dressed in an alarming yellow jacket and shorts. I have rarely seen as shockingly bad a lead performance as the one dished up by Boone in this film.

An incredibly lousy script, pathetic dialogue, an appalling soundtrack and shockingly lame unbelievable characters are just a few of the flaws hurled at the poor unsuspecting viewer.

I've seen a lot of films and rarely give a film 1/10 but this mess has absolutely no redeeming qualities at all. How I managed to sit through the full running time is anyone's guess. How this appalling garbage currently has a rating of 4.9 (76 votes) is a cause for concern.


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I've loved a man since you! I even married him! And then he killed himself!

Author: sol1218 from brooklyn NY
26 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***SPOILERS*** Beautiful Hawaiian photography doesn't hide the fact that the film "Kona Coast" is a dud or coconut with the coconut juice drained out of it. Richard Boone is the salty hard drinking and living Sam "The Man" Moran who takes it, life, as it comes without as much as complaining about how both good or bad it is. That's until his estranged teenage daughter Dee, Gloria Nakea, is found washed up on the rocks dead of a drug overdose. Even though Dee had no use for him, he deserted her and her mother when she was an infant, Sam made it his business to track down the drug dealer who doped her up and make him pay what what he did.

The story gets a bit lost when Sam's fishing boat is set on fire by playboy and drug pusher Kayder's, Steve Ihnat, thugs with his good friend Charlie Lightfoot, Chips Rafferty, ending up on his death bed in trying to put the flames out. Sam is given Charlie's own fishing boat the Kamai by his former alcoholic wife Kittibelle, Joan Blondell, to use as he wants until his damaged boat is repaired. We then have Sam spends almost the next half hour of running time,in the movie, to both wait for the near dead Charlie, who refuses to stay dead, to finally kick off and then give him a grand Hawaiian send-off at sea with about 20 of Charlie's friends being invited. If anything this great and boring event added enough time to the movie to qualify it to be, by being over 60 minutes in length, a made TV movie not a 45 minute episode, with commercials cut out, of Hawaii 5 O'.

Sam meanwhile gets battered around by Kaydea's goons to keep him from finding out the truth about not only who killed his daughter Dee but who's the top drug pusher on the island, Kaydea, and why he's immune from the local police. It's either because he's paying them off or their so stupid that they couldn't find a haystack in a needle instead the other way around. We do get a glimpse of Sam's shoddy past when he runs into at a local Kona bar an old flame of his Melissa Hyde, Vera Miles. Messila we learn is a recovering alcoholic who was brought back to sobriety at Kittibelle's free alcohol rehabilitation center on the island that's one of it's biggest tourist, who make up eh majority of those in it, attractions. Again were treated to what a heel Sam is by Missila digging up his past which is about as interesting as watching a blinding snowstorm in the Arctic Circle in total darkness!

***SPOILERS*** Finally and mercifully the movie comes to an end with the big shown-down between Sam "The Man" Moran & friends and the Kayder bumbling drug gang at the big rumble in the pineapple patch on and along the Kona Coast. As you would have expected Kayder and his boys were no match against Sam & Co. who ended up making pineapple preserve out of them. As well as making it possible with no worlds left for Sam & conquer, or roast pork and pineapples to eat, for the movie to finally come to an end.

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