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Totally in love with this movie!
Anitracape29 October 2004
This movie is very under-rated! The cast is outstanding, with Oskar Werner at his best; the love-story sweet and mellow; and the beautiful music and scenery complete the heart and soul of this sweet tear-jerker. The story of an affair between a pompous orchestra conductor and a naive reporter, it will lead you through the destruction of lives from true love that came too late. It will make you laugh and cry and, perhaps, leave with a soulful remembrance of a long-lost love. Once frequently shown, it seems to have disappeared--except in fans' memories, who now wait and hope it will be released on DVD, along with a soundtrack CD. Age of this film should not be a deterrent. This is definitely a must-see for anyone who loves a good love-story! This and other soundtracks may be purchased from for $20.
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Absolutely an unappreciated gem of a movie
jaygannett9 March 2005
I first saw this movie in 1968 when I was 19 years old. It struck me then (as it still does) as a very poignant story. Interestingly, it somewhat paralleled events in my own life at the time. As a consequence I found myself taking on the movie as my own. I even went and bought the soundtrack which is just beautiful. The mix of excerpts of classical pieces along with Georges Delerue's score transports me every time I hear it. I also have a copy of the movie I made from a television presentation some years ago. Interestingly, it still holds up very well today. The contrasts in both character and personality among the three main players makes for some wonderful emotional moments that highlight this age-old situation.
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Undiscovered masterpiece
lampton20 June 1999
Interlude is an amazing piece of work. Expertly cast and directed, with a fantastic central performance from the late Oskar Werner, it is undoubtedly an undiscovered masterpiece and one in which should be much better known than the multiplex crap which usually fills the cinema screen.
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Underrated movie
AndyJagusiak20 April 2003
One of the most underrated movies I've ever seen. I saw it once on cable and when I saw it in the guide again, I set my alarm so I could get up in the middle of the night to tape it. I did not trust my timer for this one. Musical score is excellent. I have to agree with some of the other comments here on the acting. Moreover, the London setting circa the 60's gives it a very distinguished aura of nobility, romance, and culture.
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Tortured Tear-Jerker With A Solid Cast
Michael Bragg29 June 2005
"Interlude" completely caught me off guard! Finding this film was a mistake, albeit a very happy mistake. I obtained a copy of this very rare film by sheer accident. I actually had requested a copy of the 1957 Hollywood version directed by melodrama maestro Douglas Sirk. But when this British version arrived I decided to give it a try and I was immediately sucked in by the sheer scope of its romance and truly phenomenal lead stars.

This 1960s version stars Barbara Ferris and Oskar Werner as tortured lovers who must cope with the looming presence of Werner's wife and two young children. Ferris, as the sweet and innocent newspaper reporter, and Werner, as a temperamental and famed conductor, exude an overwrought chemistry and truly make you want to see them together in light of his oblivious family.

Set to a moving theme that rivals that of the famous song from "Love Story", "Interlude" is a rare gem just waiting to be rediscovered. The direction is sensitive and romantic, yet provides moments of unabashed melodrama and scope. One of the movie's most climactic moments is choreographed to a classic piece that Werner is conducting. The ending honestly left me with a lump in my throat, just waiting for more. This is what a romantic drama is supposed to be about.
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Impossible to ignore this film, yet that's what's happened.
Grant737 July 2003
Globally respected as among the top actors in cinema history (but sadly split in audience between his German language and English language films), there are too few available in English to us who want them all! The Austrian Werner, I understand was among his own worst enemies due to his drinking and fights with producers and directors, and died a sad shell of himself rehearsing for a low budget live appearance on the continent.

But what he gave us! This film is not only NOT an exception, but maybe his finest performance in a film where he was the top star and in the most scenes [unlike his other great English language roles, Spy, and Ship, and F451 (where Julie has the big part)]. Certain critics found him wooden and "method-y" in this--what a crock. I am very much in the market for a copy of this--it NEVER plays in California, even on late night TV. The sound track, and the orchestral scenes are matchless. Your heart will stop a few times--can't spoil that for you! I hope I live long enough to have a copy! Notice the agreement among all these (above) IMDB comments??? It's because all is true. If I were to continue, the superlatives would be boring (and endless). & John Cleese as an unknown, presaging exactly what MPFC was about to bring the world--he basically ad libs his (bit) go-fer role, saying he and his mates have an idea for comedy satire movies!!! But Oskar Werner. I'll stop now.
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Oh,how I love this movie!
Bucs19607 February 2002
This is a film that few people even know exists. That is very sad because, if you want romance, tears and passion, it's all wrapped up in this neat little package. The story is told as a flashback of times gone by when the illicit love of the two main characters burned bright. Oskar Werner is absolutely wonderful as the symphony conductor who captures the heart and soul of Barbara Ferris, playing a magazine reporter. He is perfect for the part, suave, temperamental and beautiful to look at. Barbara Ferris is less suited to her role. She is not very attractive, too thin, and does not seem the type that would attract this worldly and famous man. However, as the love affair hits its stride, you tend to overlook her shortcomings and get caught up in the heat of the liaison. The stunning Virginia Maskell as the understanding wife is perfectly cast; unfortunately she died at an early age and we can only wonder how brightly her star would have shone. You will be swept away by the atmosphere of pure romance in this film. It is simply passionate! Trying to find it on tape is another matter. Search for's worth it!
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One of the best movie about love and marriage.
denis.desaulniers22 November 2000
I agree with John Wilson that this is an undiscovered masterpiece. I have an old VHS copy. A famous music conductor is interviewed by a blonde journalist which looks at him by big blue adoring eyes. He has a brief, but very romantic espace in the English countryside with her. The best scene of the movie is when his wife, beautiful, intelligent and superbly played by Virginia Maskell, asks her husband to meet his new love. They meet at a restaurant. Futile talking for a few seconds. Then Antonia asks Sally if she loves music. Sally hesitates for a moment then utters: "I like music." Antonia looks at her husband for a few seconds, and the look is worth one hundred pages; she gets up and leaves, saying to her husband:"You can have the divorce. We have to talk about the children." After this pivotal scene, the film ends with Stefan meeting Sally a few years later. He had retrieved his senses and quitted the bimbo for the diamond. I wish that this movie is available in DVD. It has not aged a bit.
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hotmblma15 November 2004
I saw this movie 35 years ago for a total of 5 times and I bought the vinyl LP for the beautiful classical music.

Years later, I watched it again on TV but didn't have a chance to tape it. It's a lovely movie and it's so sad that a treasure-forever DVD is not available.

Please, please, some company out there (Criterion perhaps!), please consider do a remaster on this movie and give us fans of the 'Interlude' something that we can treasure for the rest of our lives.
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I finally got a copy of this movie and wouldn't mind sharing.
acetan881 December 2001
This is the movie I took my wife to on our first date 32 years ago and I've been looking for it forever. Just got it through eBay today and I just feel great. Not only that this is a great movie, the theme song by Timi Yuro is a great tune also.
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